Anupama 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Consoles A Disheartened Anupama

Anupama 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama collapses in hospital waiting Anuj’s ICU room. Vanraj holds her. Samar gets inspector’s call informing him that they caught goons who snatched Anu and Anuj’s belongings and injured them. Samar panics and asks where are they now. Inspector says he doesn’t know. Bapuji hears his conversation followed by GK. They both say nothing will happen to them as they both are with each other. Anu breaks down explaining what happened and says Anuj cannot see her in pain, he waited for her for 26 years, but now he is part of her life; what if something happens to him, he expressed his love for her in front of everyone, but she couldn’t. He consoles her and says nothing will happen to Anuj, thinks her words reveal that Anuj is more than a friend for her now. He says only good will happen to Anuj.

Anu watches Anuj from glass door. Vanraj first-aids her forehead injury and asks if its paining. She says a lot like she is losing life. Samar requests inspector to find his mummy and Anuj as they are not reachable, hopes they are fine. Toshu sees him crying and asks what happened. Samar says Anuj and Anu are missing, they had gone for sight seeing outside Ahmedabad and were attacked by goons. Toshu asks how does he know. Samar says inspector informed him. Toshu asks why didn’t he inform him before. Samar says he doesn’t like mummy. Toshu says he has differences with mummy, but he is her son.

Doctor informs Vanraj and Anu that patient’s condition is very critical and he may need surgery, so they should finish all the formalities beforehand and sign consent form. Anu asks what kind of papers are they. Vanraj says consent form and reminds she signed one during Bapuji’s surgery. Anu vents out her frustration at hospital and says they should take Anuj to some other hospital. Vanraj controls her and says she should sign the papers as he cannot and cannot call GK here; there may not be a necessity of surgery if god wills, but as a precaution she should sign the form. She signs consent form looking at Anuj. Kal Ho Na Ho.. song plays in the background.

Vanraj calls Samar and informs him that they are in City Hospital, Anu is fine, but Anuj’s condition is critical. Baa feels guilty for cursing Anuj and prays for his life. Kinjal comforts her and says brain surgeries are risky, she need not worry as Vanraj is with Anu. Kavya hears that and panics thinking if something happens to Anuj, Vanraj will bring Anu back here. She remembers Vanraj demanding divorce and thinks why did he go there acting good, if he is planning a game. Samar with Bapuji, GK, and Toshu rushes to hospital. GK cries seeing Anuj’s condition and prays god not to show this kind of situation to any parents. Baa tells Kinjal that thei4 5 fingers unite when in trouble, Toshu is stubborn like her, but loves his mother. Kinjal says Anuj needs their prayers. Bapuji consoles GK. Vanraj seeing Samar crying consoles him that his friend will be fine soon. Samar says Anuj saved his and mummy’s life and now himself is struggling for life. Toshu consoles Anu.

Precap: Kinjal confronts Kinjal, Pakhi, and Nandini that V is playing a big game. Nandini warns her to keep her dirty thinking in her mind itself. Anuj’s condition deteriorates.

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  1. Is Vanraj really playing a big game…..

  2. Seems vanraj is playing a game. Aleast knw its clear that anu luvs anuj, so perfect jst hope he recovers so they be 2gether

    1. I have never seen Vanraj playing any game until now, he is egoistic and hot headed but the at the same time he values love, family and trust. He understands the pain when trust is broken. He has lost Anupama’s trust as the life partner at least this time he wont break Anupama’s trust as a friend or at least as a human?
      Anuj loved Anupama beyond imagination, and Kavya also love Vanraj with same zeal.
      Anuj’s pain in love extracted the best of him.
      Kavya’s pain in love may turn her evil.
      Now Vanraj is the only person who is responsible for this mess and he is the only person who can save or destroy this situation. He must reciprocate Kavya’s love back, make her feel secured else the only plotter in this show [the Kavya] has the ability to ruin everything.

    2. You have never seen Vanraj playing game?

      Seriously I live in a society where cheating on your wife, bringing your gf as a friend to your wife, sl*t shaming ex wife so that her motivation to move forward breaks is not considered as playing games

      For me it is worse than playing games

      This is fiction… Writers can change a character anytime

      But in real life people like Vanraj don’t change

      So if the viewers are suspecting a game plan that’s because it only makes sense

    3. U don’t get the point u r so dumb.

    4. Plain true.

    5. When people cheat, flirt, stalk or even fall in love, are all these a part of game plan? These look impulsive to me rather than any game plan.
      Vanraj and Kavya are actually warning not to play with sentiments. No one know how it will impact whom. Anupama seemed bonded, but she got disconnected. Kavya seemed free spirited and she got attached!
      Somehow I understand Kavya, when my ex started avoiding me I was that revengeful towards his entire family, was thinking to put them behind bars, whole day I was thinking, panning, plotting and crying all in vein. If I would have forcibly married him, I must have become worse than Kavya, we need a loving environment to thrive. Insecurities, lack of understanding, lack of love can drive anyone crazy.
      As of now I have seen Baa and Vanraj egoistic fools whose actions harm themselves more.
      Only one person have the ability to plan, plot and execute is Kavya with help of Rakhi.
      Both Kavya and Rakhi seems jealous of Anupama as their love Vanraj and Kinjal are glued to Anupama.
      May be I am wrong when I see a chance of improvement for all, which of course can go negative because of selfishness, ego and lack of understanding to become detrimental.

    6. No impulse lasts for 9 year

    7. For 9 years he didn’t just manipulate Anupama but Kavya also
      That is game plan
      Not impulse

    8. Hmm, may be… Yes its tough for egoistic and selfish people to change, may be councelling and strong messages can change them. But our society tolerates men for being womanizer or women wrecker. We have to give strong messages against it via our shows. But in our shows like Bhagyalakshmi, whole family allows emotional torture of women. People think its ok to play with emotions like that. One never know which flame can burn what.

  3. Vanraj is a evil character and he’s using Anupama for his evil deeei. Anupama ofcourse is a idiot

    1. Your nightmare

      U r more of a idiot

  4. Is there a chance that Anu won’t be able to confess
    And there would be whole new set of episodes after a month or so for her confession part?
    Anyway Vanraj could be planning something
    But if not then writers are diluting present villains to make way for a new stronger antagonist
    Let’s see

  5. Ok…so how did anupama magically fall for anuj?she always stated that anuj is a friend and when bapuji and others told her twice or thrice to accept anuj…she started feeling like that!!I mean…seriously?
    I think anupama and anuj need more time to develop. Their relationship needs to get more stronger. All this while, it was only shah family drama and very little MaAn scenes. Ig, directors need to show more if their chemistry so that their bond becomes stronger.

    1. They got more time… They worked together and spent time, supported each other but we couldn’t see it coz the screen time was taken by the great shah family members
      They chose to show us that instead of how Anu n Anuj came close
      Only scenes with background music is all they could come up to show how they came close

    2. Amulya after Anu witnessed Anuj’s love for her in so many incidents n she is not touched? She had been treated badly for 26yrs frm her husband n his family n someone came along tat showered so much love wouldn’t she be touched? If not then she is hard hearted!! With Anu’s character she will be touches by Anuj’s love for her n falls for him😁

  6. I hope Anu expresses her feelings, if she is not in love then she can at least express that she is falling in love. Yes, I would have loved to see Anu and Anuj story go slow and sweet. But I think the new entry played by Aneri Vanjani is coming and try and create a drift. Like Anuj said that when you feel something you should express it the same time. As you never know what will happen tomorrow. Anupamaa is kinda regretting the fact she could not tell Anuj about the way she feels now. And top it off he has become an important part in her life and that it feels like her life is going away. Just like anuj said Anu is his life, so is Anuj to Anu. You know when you meet someone we call that fate, beinging a friend was a choice but falling in love is out of her and his control.. Anu can fall in love anytime even 3 months or 5 years even a week. When it is there it is there and there is no changing it. Anu needed acceptence from everyone so that she could open up to Anuj. But Anu should take Anuj’s advice there is nothing like the present to express herself. This time he was near to go and the next time fully gone. Anu just realized that while she was counting the stars in the sky she almost lost the moon which provides the stars light.

    And Vanraj if he is planning something, then Anu will not spare him for sure nor will the family. Anuj won’t let anything happen and for sure vanraj won’t win.

    1. Lichu exactly!!

  7. Mahaan Anupama is going to be the cause of a big ruin of Anuj which is going to come through Vanraj and that will be done through the great Mahaan only. The serial tries to prove that all good souls in the world should necessarily be idiots and home loving…Fantastic Message!

  8. @Lichu, you have said it all. It takes just a moment for someone to realise they have fallen in love. In this case, the love has gradually grown from the school reunion party, to doing business together, going on trips, family functions.
    Even if you don’t feel love for a man and all he does to you, your kids and family is good. Just good all the time. Then the love will just come out on it’s own. Bcs you will keep on thinking about his good qualities. For Anupama they have shown us times without number how she kept comparing Vanraj and Anuj. For example, when Anuj first took her on a flight. She remembered how Vanraj was about to go on a trip and she told him her childhood dream. Vanraj told her down. And insulted her on top of it.
    Moreover Anupama just need a little push or encouragement, of which her friend, Samar and Babuji have done the work
    In fact, if Anupama don’t confess her love this time, then she’s a coward and ungrateful person. Please don’t make her a person who does not reciprocate love.
    If Vanraj is the one who sent goons to injure this good man this bad way, upto nearly loosing his life, then he should never be forgiven.

  9. Anu with anuj, Vanraj with kavya, toshu with Kinjal, samar with nandini, ba with bapuji, let’s get on with our lives.

  10. Did vanaraj caust the attack on Anuj and acting innocent

    1. Absolutely not

    2. Yes, I think he’s got a Grand in it, and what exactly has Anu signed without reading?
      I think she’s signed company papers that will give Vanraj power over Anuj’s company and leave him poor!

  11. Somewhere in the gossip I read that Vanraj and Toshu are trying to break Anuj and Anupama relation. Moreover, second gossip was Aneri helps Vanraj in business. God knows, all that I wish is let shah have their own matters solved among themselves and let Anuj and Anupama live alone.

  12. My own is Anuj’s should not just die,

    1. No update for today?

  13. Don’t worry guys, Anupama will marry Vanraj after about 300 episodes as she will.get to know that Vanraj is suffering from cancer. Then the series will end. That’s the track in Sreemoyee which is going to end in the next 7 days.

    1. what??!! are the makers crazy… such a *****

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