Anuama FF – AnuRaj gets to know about Anirudh’s love Ep: 8

Kavya: Ok,you can go with your baby…..(In a sarcastic voice)

Kavya gets angry and goes away

Devika: Don’t worry we will bring her arrogance down.

Anirudh(Laughing): I can’t imagine she being my wife

Devika: First let’s make her confess her love towards you,then we will decide.

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Anirudh: But how?She is so adamant. She won’t confess  that easily.

Devika: Just wait and watch. Vanraj jiju,Anu, and I are there for you.

Anirudh: Thank you so much!

Devika: By the way when did you start liking her?

Anirudh: The day we met.  I felt special talking to her. Her style of talking is very different,it may be because I was admiring her.

DEvika: Then, was it purposely that you pored the drink on her gown?

Anirudh(Laughing):It was an accident. Actually I was searching for her all around and didn’t find her. After that I just heard a voice of accusation.

Devika started laughing out loud.

Scene back in Vanraj’s house.

Vanraj: Let’s go out.Even Maa is not at home.

Anu: Okay.. I will change and come.

Vanraj: Come fast.Don’t take the whole day to get ready. We have to leave before maa comes.

Anu(angrily): You are the one who takes an hour to dress up.I just take 10 minutes.

Vanraj:Arey baaba, I was just joking.You look cute when you get angry. Okey leave it and come fast

Anu goes to get ready while Vanraj convince Dadi.

Dadi: You need not ask me for taking your wife with you. I will tell Leela. Don’t worry about that.

Hashmukh: haa…Maa is right.Don’t worry about it. Go and enjoy with Anu. She have not even stepped out of the kitchen due to your mother’s rude behavior.

Dadi: She needs a change.

Anupama gets ready and comes down.They both go out to have coffee.

They see Devika and Anirudh out there and get suspicious

Vanraj: What is going on??

Anirudh: Just chatting with Devika.

Anupama: Just chatting??

Anupama and Vanraj start teasing them thinking that they are dating each other.

Anirudh: No we are not dating each other. Seriously!!

Devika(Mocking):He is dating someone else!

Vanraj(Surprised):Who??you??Whose is it Devika??

Devika: Its none other than our Viya….

Anu (Surprised):What?????

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Vanraj:Who is Viya??

Anu:Viya is Kavya yaar..

Vanraj: What?????? Kavyaa????


Vanraj: Seriously?Why didn’t you tell me?

Anirudh:I never realized it in the beginning.

Anu: Does she love you??

Devika: She is getting possessed when I go close to him.

Anu(Mocking): Symptoms…….

Anu and Devika laugh together

Vanraj: We don’t understand all these ladies jokes!!

Anirudh(laughing):I understood

Vanraj: Ohooo..So I am out??

Anupama: Arey buddhu….Kavya is showing the symptoms of her love towards Anni…

Vanraj:Ohh..Like that…

Anirudh: Why are you still like this?(mocking Vanraj)

Vanraj:I will talk to Kavya!

Anirudh(mockingly): No need.. We want to be together.If you talk she will never look at me again!

Vanraj:Was that funny??As usual your comedy is pathetic!

Anirudh:Thank you!!

They plan together

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