Anuama FF – Anupama is in a fix Ep: 33

Days pass by…

Toshu’s exam were about start.He was preaparing for his last semester exams. He wanted to put forward his marriage proposal before his family.He mustered all the courage but when he saw his father’s face he lost all the courage.He decided not to tell anything in front of him.So he went to the kitchen and talked to his mother about his marriage.

Anu: Ask paapa Toshu…He is the one who decides everything.I am ready for anything. I will support you and Kinju in any situation,but I can’t take decision like that.It will be like backstabbing you father.

Toshu: Mummy..can you please tell him this,I am afraid of him.

Anu: Why are you afraid of him? He is more like a friend to all the three of you.He won’t tell anything or won’t shout at you unless and until there is any pressure on him or when he is stressed.

Toshu: No mummy its not that he will shout at me.He will think that I am just focusing on Kinjal. I am saying this because her parents are looking for a groom for her.

Anu: Didn’t she tell her parents about you?

Toshu: She told her parents about me.Her mother was supporting her but her father rejected blindly and started searching for a groom.

Anu: Why did he reject you? Is it because we are people from a middle class family?Or is it because we are not as rich as they are?

Toshu: I don’t know maa!I just know that her father is not interested in our marriage.

Anu: You do one thing.Now you study and score in your exams.I will tell your paapa about this.

Anu didn’t want to tell this to Vanraj because he was already stressed out.She didn’t know what to do.She goes to Leela.

Anu: Baa can I ask you 1 thing?

Leela: Haa!ask.

Anu: How can you convince a person for a wedding?

Leela: Are you going to get married again?(mocking)

Anu: No baa….I was just asking you

Leela: No..There’s something!

Anu: Baa.I don’t know what to do!

Leela: What happened?

Anu is thinking whether she should say it or not.

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