Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 8

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Keep the love coming ,people.I know last episode was less than satisfactory but please, bear with me.This one , I promise,will be good.

Akira P.O.V:
People on this Earth have so many problems..So,so,many. And by many problems,I mean many..Some are worried about getting children,some worried about not getting them..Some worried about disease,others worried about money.Some about death,loss,global warming and climate change.
And in the midst of all these people, I am worried.
A lot…
What the heck am I going to wear for the function?
Something that is suitable to the occasion demanding it.Some neat, along the lines of casual-chic…Something,not defeating the purpose,but still not being ,coming across as needy.
Bingo….My pure white top,going along with my jean almost till my thigh and flat heels,I decided.Earrings-those stone ones with a pearl at the end. Watch,the flowery one with stones in it and the omnipresent bracelet in one hand.
Maybe my fashion sense was bleh.
Maybe,I didn’t get enough accessories before coming to OM.
Well, who cares?
My all white avatar,reminded me of the rasgulla.Rasgullas are my favourite,any day.This Rasgulla was particularly tasty,maybe because of the person who made it or maybe because of the way,he made it.Like they say,Food comes with the taste and aroma of the person who makes it.Om, though particularly argumentative with me,was a good sort.A long shot from the boys who I saw in college,either flirting , or too immersed in studying,too irresponsible or protesting all the time.One could guess what kind of a person he was 5 minutes into his walking to any room.He was a calm,collected guy,confused about relationships,the working of the world,of a solemn,sombre nature but warm and kind at the same time.His deep eyes were mirrors exuding his pure personality.He was the exact type of guy who you would be proud to bring home,introduce to parents,get married to.He had only one problem,though.His sad,solemn nature,was a façade.She felt that the actual Omkara would be a mixture of warmth,enthusiasm and happiness.
He was pure husband material.
Shit!Did I just think that…Then somehow,I was reminded of his bonding with his brothers.Suddenly,I felt incomplete.I craved for every ounce of love that could come my way.He had all of it.I had no family,only my mother..He had a large,warm family.I felt incomplete and worthless. My mind drifted back into that vision again.

Girl 1: Didi, I’m very hungry .The chappathi that they gave us is so hard and my teeth hurts,didi..
Girl 2 : Don’t worry, Chutki.This time the milk was ok,no?Next time the chappathi will also be okay.
Girl 1 : No didi,It is always this way. Did you know a mummy and papa have come to our orphanage today?
Girl 2 : Really! How good it must be to have a mummy , papa,no?They will take care of us, give us good food,will make us go to school,will help us study,will take us out.
Girl 1 : Didi,I hope both of us get a mummy and papa. Does everyone wait for their mummy, papa in this orphanage like us?
Girl 2 : No,chutki. They have their own mummy and papa.
Girl 1 : Did our mummy and papa leave us or were we born this way?
Girl 2 : Our mummy ,papa left us.

Suddenly,three people come there.One the person in charge of the orphanage,a man and a woman.The man nodded,pointing to Chutki.
(She doesn’t understand the following part since she was too small then)
Man: This one will be just fine.The other girl is way too old to fit into my plans.
Woman: Dear, I beg you,let’s take them together.I think they are sisters.
Man: Nope,Arnav Chadda,takes one decision,only once.Mr.Deshpande do you hear me?
Man 2 : Yes,sir.
Suddenly,a lady worker there dragged Chutki away. Her didi, being older understood what was happening.
Girl 2 : Chutki….Don’t go..Don’t go…
Girl 1 : Didi…Didi…

She resisted the lady worker holding on to her,with all her might.But the sturdy woman,took her to a dark room and locked her up.The child screamed the whole night ,the in charge of the orphanage,tired of her screams, beat her up,till she fainted,due to pain,due to the fear of the dark.
The Child feared she would never see her sister again.
That was what had exactly happened.

Akira’s POV:
It is amazing how your memories always catch up,no matter how much ever you ran away from them. But she could not think of it now. For all she knew,this could be an escapist fantasy,due to her ADOPTED dad’s lack of affecton.
She took out her mobile phone, plugged on the headphone and started singing a sad song.
How long can one run from one’s own memories?The song came out loud,very beautiful,but so full of pain.
It was not long before the song ended and she closed her mouth to control her loud wailing.
The tears flowed,she fiercely wiped them away,till her cheeks hurt .In all of this,two hands on her shoulder graduated to wiping the tears in her eyes.
Om: I know we just fought, you may not have a good opinion of me, but I’m a good listener. You can tell me your problem.I and pain share a deep connection.
She leaned in to him, cried her heart out,burying her face into his shoulders.Then it struck her.
She immediately stiffened.

Akira: Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi,I’m very sorry that I crossed all limits of demeanour in a manner befitting a guest.I apologize to you for the same.The action was not intentionally done and was committed in a moment of fleeting turmoil. Forgive me,thank you for your concern but I’m perfectly happy to handle it all by myself.
She left after this little speech.
To say Om was shocked was an understatement.
He was a mixture of shock and confusion.So confused, that he bought his hands together to clap at the end of her speech.
But of one thing, he was sure of. The nature she showed outside was a façade.Inside was a myriad of sadness,anger,maturity well before the correct time.
Except the argumentative part,of course. She would remain that way ,happy or sad.
Only today he had noticed,that her brown eyes were deep.They showed a craving for love,family,to be needed and understood.
The same feelings he too had. Only today,he had noticed that her hair,was the same type as his,though a little longer.
Why was he thinking about her so much?

Akira was in her trademark ensemble. Shivaay wore a formal shirt and a pant.Om,his usual self,Rudra in dark blue,a departure from his usually screaming outfits.The girls were at their comfortable best.
Classy and Elegant.
Akira surely was a person he wouldn’t mind figuring out, thought Om.
Rudra : Akira didi is so pretty om,no??
Om: Classy and Elegant.
Shivaay: Fhat the Wuck!
Rudra: I told you!

Before Om could respond,Shivaay’s eyes caught a person just entering the crowded room.Wearing Danglers,ponytail,he could see nothing else but her dark blue top and her jean.Not clearly seeing the face,he just saw the way she moved.
No two people in the world could move that way.
That surely was her.
He would not leave her today.
But then everyone sat down.
Akira’s speech had just begun.
He too did.
He just had to make sure she didn’t see him.
Shivaay felt happy,emotional,sad,choked , angry,excited at the same time.
The same variety of emotions he felt when he always saw her.
The person he loved with all his mind,body,heart and soul.
The only person who had thrown his life out of gear.
The one who was actually a part of him.
His Annika.

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  4. Ooh wow what a suspence if i am not wrong akira is anikas sister .
    I have 1 request plz change akiras name if you dont have any problem

    1. Shubhadra

      Keep guessing till the next episode,Hriday…I have no problem changing he name…But please suggest me a replacement..??

  5. Sisters’ reunion !! Wow. That’s a nice twist now. Loved it

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      Thank you Mansi… This twist too has a meaning,Mansi… I’m sure you will like that too…????

  6. Shivika

    Superbbbb…….u nailed it……loved it to the core

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      1. U r awsm writer dr…….uff just luv wid ur ff..

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    so sweet! so painfully sweet, for om and akira, so awesome sweet for shivika 😀
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    Beautiful!! Om and Akira moments were moving. The children’s conversation in the orphanage, broke my heart? Waiting for Shivaay to meet Annika again.

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Diya di!!How dramatic I’m going to make shivaay Annika meeting is something

    2. Shubhadra

      Thank you Diya di!!How dramatic I’m going to make shivaay Annika meeting is something I don’t know…???

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