Anjana Sa Pyaar (pyaar kab, kisse aur kese hojaye kya pata!!) (Part-3)

Jeevika pov


I was busy reading one of my books and eating a vegetable roll that i brought from home for my lunch. As i avoid going to places where most of the college crowd hangout.One of those places is cafeteria, i have been there once or twice since i joined this college eight months ago.

I finished my roll, closed my book and started to pick up my things before exiting the library.

I exited the backroom and wished the librarian goodbye.Then went to the ladies washroom before going to the class .

I was washing my hands when one of the queenbees entered the washroom and started applying makeup. I mean don’t judge me but why do some girls apply so much makeup in this hot weather when i can’t even put my lipgloss for more than hour.

After she completed putting her Second layer of lipstick.She looked at me in the mirror and started making weird faces at me.

And at that time i noticed that i was staring at her and she was talking to me.

Girl: Hey you! stalker girl.
Girl:Are u deaf or something? I was calling u for last 2 minutes and u are just staring at me.
Jeevika: I.. I was…..
(she cut me in between)
Girl: Whatever..just pass me those tissue papers and leave.

I passed her some tissue papers and rushed out of the washroom.
I don’t want to see her again… …
She seems to be a villain material….

But unfortunately i didn’t knew that it was not the last time that i will see her…..

She is going to make my life a living hell….. ..

(To be continued)….

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