Anita Raaj returns to the sets of Choti Sarrdaarni

Actress Anita Raaj, who is known for her role of Kulwant Singh in the popular tv show Choti Sarrdaarni is now back on the show. The actress recently joined the cast to reprise her role of Kulwant. In an interview with ETimes TV she talked about it and shared, “I’ve missed playing Kulwant Kaur and the show more than anyone else did. The character is very close to my heart and I’m glad to know that the audience also missed me. The moment Nimrit and I met on the sets we did not leave each other for 10 minutes. We were inseparable. I was in touch with Nimrit in the last 2 months even when I was not a part of the show. The bond is unbreakable and it is going to stay like that forever. When she joined the show, I remember she was very raw, new and now she has become such a good actress. She has grown so much as an actress. I’ve always been in touch with her and the mother-daughter bond that people see onscreen will always be there, I want it to be the same way. I am looking forward to working with Sehar,”

She adds, “I’ve been born and brought up in Mumbai but we never spoke Punjabi in our household. Having said that, when you are Punjabi, you get that accent automatically. Luckily, the actors who played my sons Bittu and Rana, Avinash Rekhi, are all Punjabi. I got all the help from my actors to get that language right. I have always lived in Mumbai, so I was not aware of that accurate accent. I know how to speak Punjabi but they all helped me. Even Dolly Minhas ji, who has worked in Punjabi movies also, helped me. They are from the core of Punjab and they helped me. The credit goes to my onscreen kids.”

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  2. Kulwant Kaur and Meher had no mother daughter bond in the past! I used to feel irked and awful whenever kulwant wanted to hug meher in the past. With seher she might become less tense as they don’t a bitterness in their relation. I was so disappointed when makers gave her, Dolly momsy, Harleen and Robbie a free pass. Not even a proper apology to the people who they had been hurting since long. CS messed up big time.

  3. Whilst Anita Raj will be making a welcome comeback as Kulwant Kaur again, this will be in a very different context now. Post leap, the story is very different and the show is now unrecognisable as anything resembling the original CS. It is unlikely that previous viewers will now start watching solely on the basis of KK’s comeback alone. TRP is also unlikely to be affected. Many people also think that bringing KK back was a rather desperate move by the writers as the post leap did not succeed as they expected. Udaariyaan has long surpassed CS as the most popular show on Colors.

    1. Hi @AJ how are you doing this days? Yes, bringing her back is their desparte move noting less and I am 101% sure of it. And I think she came back because she needed it to stay on the market! No matter how good you are, the industry, is Stil very difficult to get a role which she liked and I remember her saying in an interview after she left that she loved playing kk and looking forward to be able to portraits in such kind of avatar! Which I think she played her excellent, I have to admit that she was too tense for my taste. I used to compare her with my mom, thinking what would my mother do if I were in Meher place and how I would react.

  4. Joke. Nonsense story. Anita don’t try to become smart… you ccan’t save this disgusting makers and this show.

  5. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Wonderful ji wonderful😍😍🥰🥰

  6. @Ayni; Hello there! If your mom is anything like KK, there would be a lot of fun in your house for sure! Anyway, I noticed from some reviews that Bitu and Rana were back in todays (29th Oct) episode and decided to have a sneak peek. Well, after a so called leap of 20 years, they have not aged by even a day! Have they been hibernating for 20 years? This is very unimpressive as the makers should at least have tried and make them look 20 years older. Very unconvincing. Them playing ‘uncles’ of Nimrit etc lack’s any credibility. At least KK has aged. CS is looking like a joke now.

  7. Also, I know Bitu, Rana and even KK are looking for a new role, but getting them back into CS is a bit over the top. The word ‘desperation’ springs to mind.

    1. 🤣😀That’s what they call it, a mixed amnesia in CS. Maybe bitu and Rana have taken some evergreen pills or had memory loss which stopped them growing old…? 🙄🤔 By the way @AJ, which year they are in cs?

  8. @Ayni: If there are some hibernation pills to make people to go to sleep for 20 years and wake up the same age, they must have taken them.
    The so called ‘leap’ was from anywhere to 16-20 years, though comparing the age difference of the children in old CS and the ‘grown up’ versions, it is clearly 20 years minimum.
    Granted, Bitu and Rana are only playing brief cameo roles, but at least the makers could have made them look 20 years older – very unimpressive.
    These days I watch Udaariyaan as nothing to watch in CS though I do check out tellyupdates for CS.

    1. @AJ, after the disappointment of CS I watch no shows. CS was my one and only so,and thanks to makers they ruined it. So I watch the old episodes again and again.

    2. Ayni.I am also in same situation. I missed everyone including you, Radhika . All of us were very friendly in written update page. 😭😭😭 I am very sad. I didn’t watch any show after cs/ I mean death of meharab. I still in great shock when I remember these things . My only show was cs. Makers ruined it completely forever without any reason. I am watching old episodes again and again like you. I am happy about Avinesh’s new show but I am unable to get over this end. It is very sad. I hope god never forgive to these disgusting makers for this.

    3. Cs, it was so painful for us original CS fans to bid adieu suddenly and brutally and still suffering from the outcome. Me too very much happy Avinesh Rekhi for his new project and hope he may succeed in this avatar too, because he deserves it. I Miss everyone from our forum and our discussion.🙏

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