Anidita – Love or fire? (Part 6) Will I forget her?

Thank you! Somnath expressed his gratitude. Yeah yeah no problem bhaiyya.. The girl interrupted. As usual she was late for her music class. She took her right hand and took a look to the watch for time.. Hey ram! I have to go I have to go.. sorry bye bye..

She ran from there like with a speed of cheetah. Somnath was in an anagram. He was smiling whenever he thinks about the girl. He went inside but the fun fact that Anirudh Dada is still in his flood of thoughts. And now thakumaa is giving a bhagavad geeta speech think how a big speech? He went to the stage snatched the mic and said Thank you Ms. Thakumaa now pls have your seat. He gave it to the host. He was back to his stage.

Dada Dada Shashwati was disturbing. Dada utho na? Anirudh Dada?? Somnath was really irked than Anirudh. Kya hua Shaswati? Dada is not getting up. His eyes is closed and his body is warm. She said. What? He checked it yup! It was a high fever. Kaka kaka. He called kaka.Aree what happened? Kaka asked.

Aree kaka dada has a high fever. We should take him home.

What? Let me check. Oh yeah lets go home. They were going home. Nothing will happen to dada. I will take care. Somnath thought. Is Anirudh fine?

  1. Nice πŸ‘πŸ»
    Post soon

    1. Zeo

      Yup sure!

  2. Amazing!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•β£
    But try to give a long update!

    1. Zeo

      Yes A bit lazy to give but will give a big oneπŸ˜€

  3. I felt that the episode is very short and not giving a clear picture of events. Pls write it long. Keep writing and all the best

    1. Zeo

      Thank [email protected] for suggesting I will surely write a big one❀

  4. Srishti @

    Nice episode, Please upload next part soon.

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