And the winner of Bigg Boss Season 14 is… Rubina Dilaik !!!


After almost 150 days of isolation from the outside world, numerous fights, and arguments. After giving their blood sweat and tears to countless tasks, finally, Rubina Dilaik became the winner of Bigg Boss 14.

The episode started with performances from the housemates. Ritesh Deshmukh entered the house to prank Rakhi as she was expecting her Ritesh to meet her at the finale. Ritesh came with the task. The task was for the ones who were ready to accept 14 Lakh and leave the show. Both Rakhi and Nikki pressed the buzzer but Rakhi was fast enough to leave the show with 14 Lakh.

After Rakhi’s exit, Salman announced the name of the second contestant to leave the house. Surprisingly Aly received fewer votes than Nikki and has to leave the house.

Apart from the co-contestants some other guests like Nora Fatehi, Dharmendra, and Dharmesh also graced the stage with their presence.

Finally, the winner was announced. Rubina Dilaik was visibly on the top of the world to win the title of winner of Bigg Boss 14. Rubina was the last confirmed member of the house and fought her way to winning the show.



  1. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  2. Where all the Rubina fans going to put their face because when Salman asked her to thank her fans she did not do so! At first she thanked her family but when Salman prompted her to look into the camera and thank her fans, she did not say a word! Shows how evil she is and she showed her true worth today. All you Rubina fans who bullied and trolled the fans of other contestants on this platform look so foolish and ridiculous now. She did not thank her fans as she did not win by votes because she was the fixed winner by colours. Thank God we no longer have to watch how boring she is and how dominating she is. Not forgetting her awful evil laugh. Shame on her. Both Rahul and Nikki contributed more to the show. Rakhi even contributed more.

    1. Lassinvincible

      Rakhi did contribute to the show, but please tell me What Rahul did for the show? He disrespected the show by leaving it mid-way. What else? Proposing Disha, His nepotism comment and what else?
      Fighting with Rubina.
      Rahul lost BiggBoss the day he chose to leave, all by himself.

      And about Rubinah’s fans.. they are not bullies, it’s just that they have low command over their tolerance while dealing with haters and specically,hatered.
      You see, they will never say anything to you if you praise your fav or point out his plus points, but if you are spreading unnecessary hatered about your fav then be ready to loose this debate!
      Even God has haters. Who is Rubina then? She’s just a mortal and who is bound to have haters.
      Stay obsessed with her!

  3. The show is finally over we have a winner who played courageously and consistently to fight her way through some very difficult odds . We saw how the host , Salman Sir regularly picking on her and Abhinav whilst similar or worst errors committed by Rakhi , Arshi and Devoleena and others were conveniently overlooked .
    There are few lessons to be learned from Big Boss 14 . The show is losing its appeal and the producers need to look at the reasons for it . Last year is an ideal example with Covid 19 majority of the people were confined indoors and they were mainly watching and patronising TV programmes yet TRP rating for Big Boss continued to go down . The reasons are obvious the show should avoid some of the mistakes committed , like re-entry of contestants at free will like Vikas Gupta 3 times , Ali , Rahul , Nikki Tamboli and others , appointment of proxies , never heard of in other such reality shows . The producers should avoid showing too many extended fight scenes in the house over trivial matters . Who wants to see such fight scenes on daily basis . This not entertainment .
    Even on the entertainment side Rakhee is not considered a good entertainer by many people . Her language at times is vulgar and cheap and her scenes on depicting Julie were horrible . Her behavior with Abhinav was deplorable and pulling his shorts strings is not acceptable by majority of the viewers . The producers should not rely on Rakhee alone to be the anchor of entertainment , she can let one down badly as she tends to get out of hand very quickly and does not know when to draw the line .
    The other weak point is the Host , Salman Sir , he is of late becoming proud and arrogant . In season 14 he has shown a lot of bias and favoritism which the viewers have disliked . The producers should really think of bringing in a new Host from season 16 onwards otherwise the show is going to go continually downhill .

    1. Yeey ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸผS.V is here youโ€™ve said it all dearโค๏ธ

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