Anamika 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 9th August 2013 Written Update

Saluja family is in the lawn doing Karva Chauth Puja. Chhavi comes to Jeet but just then Anamika makes the clouds cover the moon so that she cannot see the Moon through her sieve. She faints and Jeet gives her water which upsets Anamika. Further Chhavi and Jeet feed sweet to each other which infuriates Jeet and she storms inside in anger. Jeet hands her water and asks her to break her fast but Anamika refuses in anger. Jeet tries to manao her saying how could he come to her in front of his family and hands her the glass. Anamika bewitches the water and asks Jeet to take the first sip, he does so and gives the rest of the water to her which she drinks from his hand, while Chhavi watches from outside. They then hug each other and Chhavi sees that too. When Anamika goes from there, Chhavi follows her and says how low can she stoop and asks her why she played with her life and her marriage while pretending to be her friend. She then questions her how dare she do this to her, and Anamika says that now that she has come to know the truth, let’s come to the point. She then asks her to leave Jeet as Jeet loves Anamika and not Chhavi. She then tells her that Jeet married her under family pressure and was never his and never will be. Chhavi asks Anamika to leave her house. Anamika says, that she might leave the house, but she will never leave Jeet’s life.

Chhavi then questions Jeet about Anamika and how could he cheat on her. She then starts telling how unlucky she has been as she lost her parents, Abhay Singh and now her husband. Jeet says that he has nothing to say to her as he knows that he has done a lot for her family but inspite of that he loved Anamika. he tried to ensure that Chhavi faces no problem, but he could not do that either. he then tells her that she is free to decide whatever she wants and he will accept her decision.

Jeet goes to Anamika and says that we should have told Chhavi the truth earlier itself. Anamika says that she is now feeling scared as she does not think that Chhavi is normal. She says that she is sure that Chhavi has entered this house with a mission. Jeet is confused, but Anamika says that soon the truth will come out. She leaves from there asking Jeet not to tell anything to anyone.

Precap: Saluja family asking Anamika why she is leaving all of a suddem, but Chhavi says that she was missing her home and so she is leaving.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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