Anamika 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Jeet steps back from Anamika seeing her as Chandralekha, but unknown Anamika is confused why he behaved that way. She moves towards him and says that she would take him to a very nice place. Suddenly Jeet remembers everything about Anamika, including the moment when she had herself told him about her being an unsatisfied soul. Anamika asks what happened and Jeet thinks that if he tells her anything, then she would kill him. Anamika holds Jeet’s hands and hugs him but Jeet is scared and feels disgusted as he sees only old Chandralekha. Anamika steps back in confusion and asks what happened. She says that he must be tensed because of Chhavi, but she promise that now Chhavi will never come between them. She holds his hand again, but finds it shaking. Jeet says he is not feeling well and that he

would go and fetch medicine from Ritu mom, but Anamika says that she is taking him to a place where he will get rid of all his pains.

Chhavi returns home and Ritu tells her that Anamika has taken Jeet away. Chhavi says that she had done all the rituals as per Shalaka’s instructions, and if everything goes fine, then Jeet would remember everything. She calls him and Jeet talks smartly as if talking to Balraj Bhaiya. Chhavi confirms if he remembers everything about Anamika, and Jeet smartly confirms it. He keeps the phone in his pocket without disconnecting. Jeet tries to make an excuse that Balraj Bhaiya is calling him home but Anamika insists that its more important to go to the place where she is taking him. Chhavi starts his car, and Jeet tries to ask her if she is taking him to Sangrur but Anamika denies that. She takes a turn into the jungle and Jeet manages to give the directions to Chhavi, but they are not clear. Anamika stops at a place and then hypnotizes her saying she cannot achieve her mission without controlling him.

Chhavi somehow manages to take the correct right turn while Anamika takes her to a cave ans says that behind that door lies the world where noone will be able to separate them. Chhavi follows them and wonders what kind of place is this. She sees Jeet walking with Anamika in a trance. She calls out to him and asks him to stop and not go with her. Anamika says that Jeet would not listen to her and now she is at the doorstep of Chandaal Lok and she would not be able to enter there. She asks Jeet to come with her, but he hesitates. Chhavi realizes that the thing she had brought from the temple on Shalaka’s instructions was stopping him. She throws that on Anamika, but she stops it midway, however some smoke comes out of the broken pieces and traps Anamika, giving Chhavi enough time to take Jeet with her.

Anamika is furious. Outside Jeet wastes time in apologizing to Chhavi but Chhavi says that they don’t have much time as the powers from the stone won’t be able to trap Anamika for long.

Jeet asks Chhavi to go to home, but Chhavi says that not right now as whoever has come to know Anamika’s truth has not survived, and so Jeet will have to pretend to be under Anamika’s spell for some time and they will take Shalaka’s help and he tells her that Shalaka did not kill Rano, instead she had tried to help her. It was Anamika who had killed Rano. Chhavi asks Jeet to trust her and Jeet says that he trusts her. They go to meet Shalaka in prison.

Precap: Shalaka tells Jeet that the only way to get rid of Anamika is his death

Update Credit to: Bournville

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