Anamika 2: Kavya (Episode 1)

Hi guys! I am new to this fanfiction. I keep watching what you all published which inspired me to share what I’ve written. I hope you all like this. And if I do any mistakes in English please forgive me! Well this story is gonna be a sequel of Anamika (in sony tv).

The story starts from where it ended. Chhavi is already four months pregnant and is taking care of the baby that she found on their doorstep. The baby is a girl. One day, Chhavi gives milk to the baby and goes from there. The baby throws the milk down and starts to cry. Listening to this, Chhavi rushes to the baby’s Room and steps on the milk, thrown on the floor. She slips, causing a miscarriage.
Chhavi and Jeet are depressed but seeing the baby they forget everything. From that day, they accept the baby as their own. She becomes Chhavi and Jeet’s life. They named her Kavya.
Chadda, the one who put Kavya on the doorstep, is watching all this and says that all is going according to his plan.
18 years later…

We can see a family, stepping into a new house in Dehradun. A woman around 40 is giving instructions to servants to keep the furniture on their places. A man around 45 is speaking on a phone about his business.
The man: Do whatever you want, but I want the contract at any cost.
The woman: Jeet, stop it! How long will you keep talking on your phone?
Jeet (Hiten Tejwani): Just two minutes, Chhavi (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani).
Jeet has become a successful business man and he thinks that it’s because of Kavya. He thinks she is his lucky charm. Suddenly a boy comes running.
Boy: Papa, Papa! Where is my room?

Jeet: On your left Dabboo.
Dabboo: thanks dad, you are great.
Dabboo alias Dhanraj is no other than Jeet and Chhavi son. He is around 13 years old and he too loves Kavya a lot.
Jeet: Where is my baby doll, Chhavi?
Chhavi: she must be there. Kavya!

Precap: Someone grabs Kavya’s hand and pulls her to the dressing room. Kavya is shocked.

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  1. nice start….

  2. nice start…………….would be waiting for next episode……………..all the best for your ff……………….be happy dear………..

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