Anamika 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 18th April 2013 Written Update

Rano wakes up and finds herselg in the hospital with her hands and legs tied up. she calls out to jeet to untie her, but pratap stops him from going inside. jeet watches her helplessly, and decides to go inside, but just then the doctor comes and stops them. doctor recalls anamika’s attack on her and tells them that though Rano will beg u to take her home and will tell u that she is alright and normal, but you don’t have to give into emotions and be strong. She lies to them that Rano has gone mad to quite a large extent.

Jeet comes to meet her and Rano begs to him that she is not mad, and that the nurse should not give her injection. She begs Jeet to trust her, and she wants to tell him something, but Jeet stops her saying, that does she remember anything at all and that doctor is also saying that she needs treatment, but Rano tries to tell him that a bad spirit is behind all this, but jeet tells her what all she did last night, like attacking Guddi and him, leaving the gas open and attempting suicide. He leaves from there.

Pratap tries to console Jeet. He tells the doctor that Rano is telling him something about some bad spirit, but doctor tells him that she might all say that her reports were normal, because in this condition, patients often weave stories from their imagination.

Doctor goes to meet Rano and she starts asking the doctor what is truth and doctor hands her a folder with her reports, in which a letter is there where she tells Rano everything.

The family is discussing Rano’s condition when Jeet decides to bring her home while in the hospital, Rano is recalling all that has been happening wrong with her. She then sees the pattern of night and understands that whatever happens with her, happens after sunset. So she has to do something within 1 hour as the time was 5 pm. She writes something on the report file left by the doctor which the nurse then takes away.

The nurse gets busy talking with another nurse while sun is about to set, and the doctor is called to another ward but she remembers forgetting her stethoscope in her room where the nurse has in the meanwhile left Rano’s reports. She reads them and moves Rano to some other room and tells her that she wud be staying in this room for tonight and guides the ward boys not to open the doors no matter how much Rano screams and shouts.

Jeet tells the doctor that he wants to take Rano home, but she tells him that he has to absolutely wait till morning.

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