Anamika 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 16th August 2013 Written Update

Patalika lets Chhavi escape as Anamika herself had laid some other plans for her. Chhavi starts looking for Jeet but she sees someone driving away his car. She tries to follow her in her car, but her car does not start and Patalika comes to haunt her again. Chhavi finally manages to start the car, and Patalika laughs.

Saluja family is waiting for Jeet and Chhavi and just then Anamika calls up Pratap and says that she saw Chhavi taking Jeet somewhere in her car and that Jeet was unconscious. Pratap gets worried hearing this and Anamika says that she is following them. Chhavi sees the car parked outside a temple and wonders why Anamika has brought her here and she can’t do black magic here. Chhavi goes up and sees Jeet lying unconscious there. She goes behind a curtain and sees that the God’s statue is not there, only a diya on a black cloth is there. She starts circling Jeet with that Diya in her hand chanting Jai Mata di, but the scene shifts to Saluja family and Anamika seeing it from a distance and to them it appears like a pyre on which Jeet is lying and Chhavi is circling him. The entire family gets scared seeing this. Anamika says she still can’t believe that Chhavi is doing all this and she finally breaks her spell and Chhavi sees what she is doing and drops the diya in horror. The family rushes to help Jeet and Chhavi starts telling about Anamika but nobody believes her and accuses that it’s her who is doing the black magic and not Anamika. Chhavi tries to tell them that it’s Anamika who is doing the black magic and she was trying to help and protect Jeet. But nobody believes her and asks why would Anamika do this. She says that Anamika wants to make Jeet hers, but Anamika in return says why she is saying such lies. No-one believes her and leave from there.

At home, a doctor comes to see Jeet and says that he seems to be in some shock. Chhavi comes home but noone lets her enter the house and Anamika stops her and says that how dare she come here after doing all this. Chhavi says that it’s her house, but Anamika says that noone ruins her house like this. Chhavi says she does not want to talk to her, and that it’s her who is ruining the house. She tries to enter again, but Nani stops her. Chhavi then says that though she did not want to tell all this as she did not want to tarnish Jeet’s image, but now she has to tell the truth and the truth is that Jeet used to visit her in nights and that she was cheating everyone and that Jeet never accepted her as his wife because of hers. But Anamika rebuffs everything and Nani supports her. Chhavi then questions if she did not keep Karva Chauth fast for Jeet, but Anamika denies it and says that if indeed was true, then why did she not tell the whole family all this being Jeet’s wife. Jasleen and Pushpa also support her and say that she is only trying to shift blame on Anamika now that she has been exposed. But Chhavi says that Jeet only can prove her truth. Nani refuses to believe her but Bebe says that let’s give her time till Jeet regains consciousness and tells the truth. She then says to Chhavi that she can’t ignore what she saw with her own eyes and so she needs to wait outside till Jeet regains consciousness. Anamika shuts the door on Chhavi.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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