Anamika 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 11th June 2013 Written Update

Ana explains that this is the last birth of her love and she cannot give up now.
Shaitaan says that she has already lost and despite having 350 years and 17 rebirths of her love, hasn’t yet succeeded.
Ana requests to have another chance. If she has his help then she will do anything to have Jeet in her life.
Shaitaan challenges how Ana can assure that if he gives her another chance she will succeed.
Ana explains that she will take a form which has the right to love… she will become a human.
Shaitaan refuses immediately.
Ana insists that she wants a child to prove her and Jeet’s love.
Shaitaan denies explaining that it is wrong for a spirit to give birth to a human.
Shaitaan warns her of the difficulties of becoming a human and Ana agrees to all of them.
Shaitaan warns that to become a human Ana will have to burn and melt in fire. Until Ana does not face these tortures she can’t become human.
Ana agrees and says she is ready to do anything for the sake of her love.
Shaitaan finally agrees and tells Ana to remember that after becoming human she will have no powers and will only be an everyday human being.

Scene returns to the present where the lady says nobody has ever made such a big sacrifice to earn their love.
Ana asks whether Jeet would like to see what she did for him.
Ana takes a knife and cuts her hand. Blood oozes out.
A black scar is left behind on the lady’s hand.
Anamika says that for the sake of her love for Jeet she erased her identity and power. To earn Jeet, she had to and still has to suffer. She has to bleed the blood of a human that she once drank.
Ana says that she continuously made up reasons for Jeet to be with her and because of the time they spent with each other, Jeet eventually fell for her.
Ana says that today, Jeet loves her and she means everything to him.

Shaitaan says that the time has come for Ana to sacrifice all her powers.
All of Ana’s powers leave her body

The lady says that Ana is now powerless and the only way she can do what she wants is to use black magic. She cannot be in contact with sacred objects. She can go to the temple, but not eat prashaad (flashback scene of Chiku eating the prashaad is shown). She can’t touch any sacred things, such as statues of Gods etc. If she does the same then everyone will find out about her reality. And last but not least, she must not forget the last consequence of becoming a human…

Shaitaan says that she has to reach her aim and conceive the child before the badi aamavasya because it is only until this time that she is a human.

Saluja house:
Jeet is in his room remembering the romantic moments he spent with Anamika.
Jeet calls Ana and says that he loves her and is already missing her.
Ana asks him to repeat that he loves her and Jeet does the same.
Ana tells Jeet she loves him too.
Jeet asks Ana why she isn’t with him if she loves him.
Ana says that she will come… and that if Jeet wanted to stay then he should have. Jeet laughs.
Pratap is calling Jeet hence, he says he’ll call Ana later on.
Pratap tells Jeet a story about about two sports players who were partners on the court and in real life. One day, the girl passed away, leaving her husband.
Pratap says that the sports player stopped playing and his family were very concerned about him and wanted him to find another partner and pursue with the sport again. Pratap asks Jeet whether he thinks that it was right for the family to believe this?
Jeet asks the name of the sports player… Jeet Saluja? Jeet asks Pratap not to worry and assures him that he will pursue his dreams and make a new start.

Anamika’ s house:
Ana explains that Jeet has began to love her and that she will achieve her aim before the badi aamavasya.
Ana puts out a candle, gathers its smoke in a glass and puts a vudoo doll inside.
Ana says that Jeet and her milan is not far off.
Ana remembers her romantic moments with Jeet.
She laughs, evilly.

Precap: Ana calls Jeet and tells him that she can hear the mysterious noises again. Jeet tells her to be careful and that he will arrive in just a few moments. Ana smiles and the lady laughs.

Update Credit to: Kriti

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