An Incomplete Love Story- Characters


-Ananya: Innocent, average looking girl cares a lot for other people even if the other person betrays her. Secret admirer but would love to tell the whole world. She loves to make other comfortable around her.

-Rahul: Gemini personality: Complicated person to understand, stands out of crowd. Like every girl’s dream guy. Loves to make everyone laugh and make fun of his friends. Not a type of person who can you be serious with. Can be like a child and mature at times. Very egoistic and thinks whatever he does is right.

-Tanya: Looks very innocent and cute, talks very sweetly, can easily make friends by using her sweet tongue. selfish and 2 faced. Can go on any height to get what she wants.
-Sana: One of the prettiest girl in the college. Full of attitude but likes to stay within her group of friends.

-Sanjana: The Hindu tamil of the group, innocent and childlike. Loves to have fun
First day of college. Ananya decides to join badminton. Her first day at badminton club. The hall is filled with guys and girls. She is nervous. She finds few girls playing on one court and she decides to join them. Then this 16 yr old boy called Rahul decides to join in, taking Ananya’s racquet. She fell in love with him at first sight. He didn’t seem to notice her much as she wasn’t like other girls.

Days and months passed, she kept on seeing him everywhere in college. At her bus stop, outside her class, in canteen. But she didn’t had guts to talk to him and she never thought she would ever be able to talk to him.

One day Ananya’s close friend Sanjana introduced her to her boyfriend, and with him was Rahul. Her eyes were just surprised, while Rahul’s eyes didn’t get off this beautiful girl Sana. She was very beautiful and Ananya wasn’t. That day she realised he already love some one.
Day by day Ananya and Rahul got close.

They were like best friends. They talked whole day long. She Used to wake up to his good morning message, and sleep with his good night text. She lived her whole life in each moment. Ananya imagined her whole life with him, even her friends thought Rahul loves Ananya back. Rahul treated Ananya in very different way. They shared their deepest secret and during college days they would sit in library. Talking and laughing. Rahul loved talking to Ananya, his day wouldn’t go pass without talking to her. The same thing was with Ananya.

But his eyes were still on Sana’s beauty so for best friend’s sake, she decided to help Rahul talk to Sana. But it backfired as Sana and Rahul were not made for each other. Still this broke her down each day. So Slowly he distanced away from her. Ananya got more and more depressed, her life was fully changing. Many questions raised in her mind as she had no idea why Rahul was doing this.
It was summer term when they didn’t meet each other but talked daily on whatsapp. But not like before. Everything suddenly seemed to became dull. She met him after summer term, where this new character called Tanya came in. Tanya was Rahul’s sister’s friend. Ananya and Tanya were good friends. They talked on whatsapp, were together in college. Ananya would tell everyone about her feelings including to Tanya. She exactly knew how much Ananya loves Rahul.

One day Ananya saw Rahul and Tanya together, she knew Tanya had feelings for Rahul too because the way her behaviour was towards him. So Ananya decided teasing Tanya to get the truth out. And Tanya admitted she loves Rahul way more than Ananya. Ananya was shattered. Not because she loves him too but she backstabbed her. She stopped talking to Tanya.

Many days passed, Tanya and Rahul were always seen together. Ananya had no clue what was going on. Untill she saw them kissing outside the college. For many days she cried a lot, she got very quiet. Her friends motivated her to stay strong. She always had this feeling that Rahul would come to her and tell her that he loves her back. But that didn’t happen. Rahul and Ananya had stopped talking way long back since Tanya came in his life.

College was ending. 1 day before the final exam, Ananya tried to muster some guts and went up to talk to Rahul. Ananya and her best friend and Rahul and Tanya were the only ones there. She tried to ask him why he did this? What had went wrong? What mistake did she do? She was shocked to find out all her friends who she thought were her closest friends had back chatted about her. They made her look like the evil one and selfish one when she was the most selfless one.
She tried to clarify herself but she was too shocked to utter anything. She bursted out crying and ran to the toilet. She couldn’t tolerate her love going away from her like this all because of Tanya.

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