An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -9

The episode starts with dev stopping his car in front of the hospital nd

Sona : dev it will get late by the time so u go back I’ll come by myself

Nd she leaves the car saying as she is in hurry ……………few hrs later

Suman: sorry sona to disturb your special night but as u know that patient health better so we had to

Sona: it’s okay

Suman: anyways I’ll make it up to you in future ….by the way it’s 3 so how will u go back

Sona: I’ll take cab nd go back

Suman: ok but text me when u reach nd also plzz say sorry to dev to that I snatch her bride on the special night from him …..

Nd both laughs while laughing suman sees dev sleeping on chair

Suman: sona isn’t it dev …..look …….awww that’s so sweet yaar I wish if shravan would do such thing

Sona to looks at dev’s lovingly

Sona: why would he do when he already got did more things to convince you for marriage

Suman: now stop teasing me nd go with him

Suman goes away nd sona goes to dev who is sleeping …………..she just stand watch him sleeping when he was about to fall on left side sona holds his face which makes dev wake up nd then she hurriedly stands properly

Dev: is your patient okay now ?

Sona: ya. Nd I told u to go home

Dev: yaa nd I also know since u are a doctor u would be okay going alone in nights but I am not okay ……….so if you are finished with your work can we go

Sona: yes

Both leaves hospital nd by the time they reach sona sleeps in the car so dev holds her in his arms nd goes up stairs slowly …….dev places her in bed nd covers her with the blanket nd also sleeps on the other side of the bed …………….it’s morning dev and sonakshi are sleeping holding eachother closely nd sona wakes up nd smiles seeing him sleeping nd remembering yesterday scenes how she got married nd her nuptial night being spoiled …………….she then slowly removes dev’s hand goes to take a bath ……she gets ready nd goes down where she goes in kitchen nd does her first rasoi rasam nd ishwari comes

Ishwari: arey sonakshi why did u trouble to make this

Sona: what’s the trouble in making it it’s just one dish of sweet only maa

Ishwari: u know how to cook

Sona: actually not so good I only this kheer as it’s maa’s fav nd I cook for her on her every birthday nd other than that I only one two basic things as I come home late night so to not to disturb maa I learned

Ishwari: that’s good but you should rest na as u both came home late night

Sona: you saw us

Ishwari: I  woke up for water nd heard car’s voice nd when I looked it was dev nd you…………but why did you guys went out late night

Sona: there  was emergency at the hospital so I had to hurry nd dev was concern about me so he accompanied

Ishwari: ok that’s good that he accompanied you otherwise I would have been worried

Later dev gets down nd sees sona in saree with all the chuda sindoor nd gets mesmerized which is observed by Vicky who was behind nd goes near him nd says

Vicky: bhai she is your wife now you can watch her from dining table to so u don’t need to stand on stairs

Dev: Vicky……you are dead today

Vicky runs to the dining table so does dev runs behind him too ……….vicky sees sona and hides behind her nd seeing sona dev stops

Vicky: bhabhi you are great finally there is someone who can stop mr. dev dixit

Dev: Vicky

Sona: dev

Dev stops nd seeing this everyone laughs nd sona serves everyone kheer nd breakfast …….ishwari mami nd mamaji gives her shagun .

hope u guys love the episode plzzzzzzzz keep loving and supporting

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Loved when Vicky teases Dev. Sonakshi-Suman part was nice

  2. Lovely episode

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