amrit manthan ff episode 3

the episode starts with nimrit coming towards the patient..tej calls her…he ask what is she doing here she says i was going to meet that patient…i felt she is shivangi…tej after hearing shivangi name he stops nimrit nd himself goes to check patient…..he sees the face nd guess what it is shivangi…tej says shivangi…doctors asks him who is he ….he says she is my wife…what happened to her and when … i thought she betrayed me but….nimrit also sees shivangi…doctors tell him details..nimrit and agam both says they will donate thier kidney…doctors says they will check both thier kidneys….
scene shifts to agam who is lying on the bed nd gain senses nd sees someone holding knife infront of him…the face is shown nd it is none other than bani…and jojo asking her to cut the cake smoothly as it is agam favorite nd we will feed him as soos as he wakes up…agam smiles hearing them…he calls them nd ask for a hug…jojo sweetly adds that usually in movies hero asks hug from heroine then why he is asking hug from them he shouls ask from mama(nimrit)…agam hers this nd laughs that they r his sweet daughters nd he can hug them too…banjo says they were kidding and hugs him…….
scene in the jungle
face of mysterious man is shown nd it is none other than karan…he is talking to his mother to take revenge from nimrit…amrit overhears this and asks them about what revenge,…he says that….to be continued

Precap:karan telling about why he wanted to take revenge…nimrit sees shivangi after she had donated kidney…..

note:guys i m going to change the revenge track as his sister died nothing was clear gonna add a logical reason for his revenge…hope u like it

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