Amrit Manthan 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 9th July 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with the family hands tied waiting in the hall..Yug is shown with someone who recognised him as the one to pick the bag in the hotel…yug made him unconscious and palace karan says that yug will be coming with the waiter then will recognise the culprit.Amrit replies its good you are bringing him here .. all will be cleared Nimrit was never there in that hotel..yug enters with some other guy ..Indu tells him to recognise that person and he points at Nimrit ..All shocked and Yug gives karan the pistol to shoot Nimrit..he points it at her but later diverts it towards Yug..he is perplexed and karan says you are soni’s blackmailer..its because of you she died and i wont spare you..Indu asks him what’s happening.karan replies its true Yug is the culprit and Nimrit is innocent..karan hits Yug with the pistol and still saying he did not do anything..karan tells him he has proved he is the culprit..there was never a waiter .he made this fake story to trap him and he did what a sinner will do..stop that person to come here..karan starts hitting him badly saying he will pay for it..its because of him,he has tortured Nimrit and all this time knowing she is paying for his can she do such she had a chance to kill me with the gun but instead took care of my wound..he keeps hitting him…turn by turn all family hit him ..Nimrit grabs his collar saying because of you Bani lost her father and my deserves this today..last Amrit too slaps him..

Yug is tied up with karan..Tej hitting him..Mahiji tells them to give him to the police..karan says we cant do so as he has Nimrit original DVD and Tej proof of innocence also..karan leaves from there and enters his room..he gets flashback of all the tortures he has done to Nimrit..he feels guilty and gets a knife to give him self-inflicted wound..indu stops him..he pours his heart feeling to his much he is feeling disgusted with they have snatched Nimrit suhaag in their revenge.. karan says i was never a bad guy then how could i do such horrible thing to Nimrit..indu says its not your fault.i asked you to do it for your sister..i’m the sinner..he picks up the gun as he has no right to live..indu snatching the gun from his hand when Nimrit enters the room..karan puts the gun forward asking her to kill him..Nimrit tells him i wont kill you..if i do so nothing will change..the past wont come back..its enough of all this killing now..i hate you both but i understand also you did this as a mother and you as a brother..she puts back the gun in his hand saying it wil take me a lot of time to forget this ..may be i wont forget also and leaves from there..

Kids hugging Tej for saving Nimrit from yug and Amrit too comes there..jojo tells her thank you Mama..she is surprised ..Bani tells jojo not mama but Amrit maasi..jojo replies but Maasi did same as Mama..she saved her from the one who was mama’s enemy so she is Mama..Nimrit asks them to go sleep now but they tells her they will do so later.first they are going to kitchen for chocolates..Nice scene of Tej..Amrit sharing their feelings to them hugging each other..the two kids taunting Yug .how bad he is and Bani says because of you i lost my top it jojo saying her daily soap angry words to him..epi ends..

Precap ..Tej telling the police they have locked yug and opening the door he has disappeared..All shocked where he has gone ..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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