Amrit Manthan 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 9th January 2013 Written Update

Amrit says that she wants Nimrit to take pity so only then their plan will take place. Yug says so much time has gone from Rudra’s beating and they need to do everything after thinking. She says that she won’t let Nimrit be happy, Yug says that he wants Nimrit and that too without anything happening to her. Nimrit is only his. She says that everything will happen and not to worry. Yug says what will she do now as Rudra had told her to either kill Nimrit or yourself. Yug says what will she do? She says what she must do as Nimrit must get trapped in her plan.

She tells Rudra that she has made a decision. Rudra says then do what he had told her. Amrit takes the safety cap off the gun and then puts it near her head. She shoots but there is no bullet! She takes it out and then throws it away. She thinks that she knew there was no bullets in the gun and that’s why she took this risk. Rudra says so sister’s love won. She says no, but hate has won. She says that she doesn’t want any link to Nimrit, whether it be life, or death.

Rudra says that this wasn’t about hate but to see how far Amrit would go for Rudra’s honour. He says that he’ll get Nimrit and everyone else onto the streets. Amrit says that she has no problem. He says that she’ll only have a problem if she too is on the streets. He leaves. Yug says that before his worst enemy and step brother does anything to bring the family to the streets, they should do something. Amrit agrees. She says that she knows exactly what Yug should do.

Next morning, Agam wakes up to see Nimrit not on the bed. She comes out of the bathroom after showering (She looks so pretty here!) and tells him what he should that day and where his clothes are. He doesn’t reply but stares at her. She goes to him and tells him if he’s feeling okay? He pushes her towards him He says that everything seems like a dream. She says that its not and he has to go to work. They have a moment and he ties the string on her blouse whilst she blushes. She runs away saying that food is getting cold.

In the Palace, Rudra is on the phone talking about Monica (Or something). Amrit is besides him. He talks about how he looks at the thing but not the price and gets bored with it afterwards. He touches Amrit’s hair whilst she feels uncomfortable. He ends the call and she asks him, who is Monica? He says something about last night, their relation was highlighted…(I didn’t quite catch what Rudra said, sorry!), something about he has to go meet his friend. He even doesn’t allow Yug to tell him that he has an important meeting. She asks Yug who Monica is, Yug replies perhaps a new girl. She gets angry saying that the game can’t be over this soon! She’s doing all this so that she can make Nimrit repent and cause her pain! She tells Yug if he remembers what she told him to do last night, he nods and leaves.

Tej (in his uniform) is on the phone and tells him mother that everything is fine. Shivangi is sleeping and she wakes up. He tells her how is she feeling? She is about to say something but vomits and leaves. (Am I thinking what I think is happening? ) He tucks her in bed and says that he has to go for an important thing and he’ll get Nimrit over. He finds Sunita and tells her that Shivangi is ill and she smiles and says that obviously this would happen at this time. She says something about how Shivangi is expecting! (I soo knew it! ) Agam comes down saying “Oh hoi!” (). He picks Tej and twirls him saying that he’s going to be an Uncle? They are laughing when Shivangi is behind looking dejected.

Nimrit waiting for a Taxi when Rudra comes past in his car. Flashbacks of the previous night.

Shivangi with the doctor. She happily tells Tej that she’s glad that she’s not pregnant! The doctor says no, but there has to be a reason behind the illness. Shivangi says she doesn’t care about that but is glad that she isn’t going to be a mother this soon. Tej looks upset and walks away when Shivangi is talking to the Doctor. (awww! )

Amrit says she is going to meet Monica when Rudra comes in. He gets the whip and is about to hit her for disobeying him when police come. They say that they are arresting him because they had heard complaints that he is abusing Amrit. Amrit says that nothing such has happened but the police think otherwise as Rudra has a whip in his hand. Rudra has flashbacks about Nimrit before and realises that she did all this. The woman in charge says that maybe Amrit is scared thats why she’s disagreeing. Amrit says that she’s not like those women and she’ll complaint against them for disturbing her. Rudra gets angry and says that listen to her and leave. They leave. (What the hell…) Rudra leaves angrily. Amrit tells Yug that it worked perfectly. Yug had done the complaint so that Nimrit gets framed and it’ll work as Nimrit will think with her heart. After all, she has to save Amrit from the monster that is Rudra and only then will their plan work. She says that Nimrit should know that Yug was the one who made the complaint. Yug is impressed whilst Amrit talks about how Princess Amrit can never lose.

Precap: Yug bumps into someone and he apologises. Nimrit is listening. She says what is Yug doing here?

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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