Amrit Manthan 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 8th January 2013 Written Update

Rudra laughs as the man asks whether he has won? He says yes whilst the man happily takes Amrit away. Nimrit gets angry and takes the man’s hand off Amrit. She says that Amrit is a person, not a thing. Rudra says that he can do whatever as he is Amrit’s Malik. Amrit tells Nimrit to stay away and not to do all these sisterly behaviour. Nimrit says she’s not doing this because she’s her sister but because Amrit is a WOMAN. And a woman shouldn’t be treated like this no matter what. She tells Rudra that if he does anything she will call the police and show everyone how disgusting women are treated. Nimrit tells him that he has two minutes to fix everything otherwise she’ll call. The man who wanted Amrit runs away. Nimrit tells him to take Amrit from all this to her room. Rudra tells Amrit to do what Nimrit says. Everyone leaves. Rudra tells Nimrit to get out whilst Agam says that they don’t have any reason to stay here.

Nimrit is picking the cooking pots when it drops. Agam helps her and tells her that whatever she said was right. They are about to leave when they overhear Amrit tell Rudra that she didn’t mean whatever has happened. She then gets whipped. Nimrit wants to go but Agam stops her. They leave.

At night, Nimrit can’t stop thinking about what has happened. Nimrit walks out of the room and is restless. She imagines Nimrit in black who tells her to stop thinking about it as Amrit is getting what she deserves. Another Nimrit in white says that yes, she’s getting punished but it’s too extreme. Black Nimrit says that Amrit doesn’t even want help so why should they? White Nimrit says that whatever happens to the body, it is the soul that gets hurt. Amrit is stuck and Nimrit should help her. Black Nimrit says no whilst White Nimrit says yes. They both try to say their view whilst the real Nimrit gets restless and shouts NO! The other Nimrit’s disappear.

Rudra is angry thinking about Nimrit and says how can she say this to him? Amrit comes and says angrily that how dare she (Nimrit) say anything against him. She angrily says that she would do anything to her. Rudra holds Amrit and says anything? He gets a gun and gives it to Amrit and tells her to shoot Nimrit. Either shoot Nimrit or shoot yourself.

Nimrit outside when Sunita comes. Nimrit says that she couldn’t sleep whilst Sunita says that she was feeling thirsty. Nimrit says that she should have asked her. Nimrit tells her all about Amrit. Sunita tells Nimrit that she is good natured that she can’t even wish ill on her enemies. She prays that Amrit will soon learn what she is doing is wrong. She talks about how some women leave their husbands but she (Sunita) can’t as her thinking are old. She says that relationships are there to be made not broken. Sunita says that Nimrit should do what she feels is right.

Yug talks to Nimrit’s photo and says that he won’t let anything happen to her. Amrit puts a gun to the photo and Yug says that she won’t dare anything and to just keep to the plan. He shuts the door and says that is she living in this much luxury whilst he follows Rudra saying Sir-ji? He tells her that the plan was that Rudra would do anything in front of beautiful girls, hence why he met Amrit and bought the Palace for her. Yug says that they knew that Rudra would abuse Amrit and therefore Nimrit would come running to her. Which is what happened. But the plan was not to kill Nimrit. He says that nothing can happen to Nimrit. Amrit tells him to relax and that she remembers everything. She says that she is only bearing Rudra’s abuse so that she can give Nimrit even more abuse. She says that no man has no right to do anything to Princess Amrit and it won’t take her two seconds to show Rudra his real place. She is only bearing his beating so that she can see Nimrit’s pity. She is only doing this so that she can show Nimrit her real place and take revenge.


Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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