Amrit Manthan 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1 :

episode starts with Nimrit in the car she was thinking about the incident happened with Tej and she also remembers how did Karan and yug teases her , and she also thinks that any day the equality for the sins come in front and because of amrit di my family is suffering and she keep thinking about this all . then she reach the quarters , while on the other hand , tej says that my honesty is greater thing in me and i will always follow the path of honesty in my entire life , the whole army team was there , than with a swrod they take of the signs of a army man from tej’s shirt and then take off the cap too , while nimrit enters there , everyone was leaving , she gets heart broken seeing tej is suffering in such a bad condition . then tej went with an army officer ..
Bani and Jojo were there and they were conversing with each other about tej , just then amrit enters and then both the girls hugs amrit and amrit said to them that she will bring tej again , and now one can ever say that tej is a traitor , she also promises the same to Jojo , and then she tied the girls in her arms . and she leave from there .. Just then from her front nimrit was coming , both were talking in their hearts , amrit said to herself that nimrit i know you are in some big trouble and i will bring you out from it , while nimrit was saying to herself that how much badly i talked to amrit di but she is still there to protect us and then both take their paths separate and went off .amrit was in the room , yug comes he said to amrit that how much tej looks innocent and he is a traitor , and he tries to put bad feelings in amrit’s heart for tej , but amrit said no , i know tej better than you , and i know there is some one who is doing this all , and i will surely find that person . amrit was speaking in such a way that yug was a bit scare that if his truth comes out then what will happen ..Then Amrit was standing waiting for the order of the army officer , he said to her that tej isn’t wanting to meet her , amrit said to officer that tej is an honest officer and he can never be a traitor and in this bad time he needs to know that his family is with him and so please give me permission to meet him , so the officer said ok , amrit opened the gate and go there . tej said i told him that i doesn’t want to meet anyone , but still you came inside .. you came here to make a joke of me to see how a traitor looks then see , and her turns around ..
amrit opened the lights and said no tej i have not come here for this , but i have come here to help you in this bad time , i know that you are not a traitor and i will surely find out a way to take you out from here , and the tej said ok amrit from now on i will also try my best only because of you and my family and both keeps each others hands in hands ..

Part 2 :

everyone in the palace were standing and just then some people started shouting tej is a traitor , tej is a traitor , and said very bad about him , mahi went to look after them , the men beat hit him very badly , and then nimrit and sunita went to get mahiji back but the men were holding him , so just then everyone heard a noise of pistol , and then it was amrit , everyone looked behind , nimrit got a sigh of relieve and then amrit said that how can you ever say such a thing for tej who even put his life in trouble only for his country and then asked them to leave and they did it so .. then sunita takes mahiji inside , nimrit was goign to amrit and then karan holds her hand and said that say to her that why did she come here and to leave amrit saw that angad was holding nimrit’s hand and whispered something ..
amrit comes inside , nimrit said the same to her what karan told her to say , then amrit said i came here to save my friend’s family , tej is my best friend and here his family stays , and i do not need permission to come here from you and then she gets out from there , yug followed her and said amrit i know i said very wrong about tej and now i do agree with you that there must be someone behind this , he said that amrit i will help you to search for that person , amrit said no , i know who is he . yug gots shock , he asked amrit that who is he ? so she said its angad and she said also that nimrit’s behavior changed with me because of angad only and that is the reason nimrit asked me to leave ..
Yug told all this to amrit , amrit was searching in angad’s room , yug and karan saw her , amrit didn’t found anything , then she went where were dvd’s so karan said to yug that these cds on the cover have my mom , soni and my picture if she sees it there will be a trouble for us , so yug went there and he asked amrit to help her she said ok , and he said to her to look in the other side , then he took the cd and keep it with him , amrit said that maybe that woman know who is angad , so i’ll go now to ask her , yug said no amrit this time the kids need you , you can go tomorrow , amrit leave , karan comes in the room and then yug gave him cd and also told him what amrit said , so karan said i’ll do something fast .. and the episode ends ..

Precap: The kids said to Yug that mama said that there is surprise for us in the breakfast , yug said surprise , just then nimrit comes and she said yes and that surprise will even surprises you , tej comes in , and yug and karan got shocked ..

Update Credit to: Mehak

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