Amrit Manthan 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 30th July 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Karan helping Rajjo brother giving him water to drink..Rajjo arrives there and shocked to see Karan..he tells her its over now and she should surrender herself.she points the pistol at karan…he tells her, he is not afraid of dying ..Rajjo says she wont hesitate to shoot him again..Nimrit comes there and stops Rajjo..she asks the Doctor to check on Rajjo’s brother..Doctor tells Rajjo that she should Thank Nimrit or else her brother would have died without proper treatment..Nimrit asks the Doctor to take Raju with him to the hospital..Rajjo still not ready to surrender herself and escapes from there..

Amrit acting as Rajjo with Yug..she even gets a video of him on her phone as proof that there is a duplicate like her..Amrit instead of saying Raju says Raja my brother..Yug gets suspicious and slaps Amrit..she gets his pistol and points it at him but Yug smartly manages to escape..Karan..Nimrit..Tej arrive there and Amrit relates to them how Yug escaped..How she had proof on her cell but Yug destroyed her phone.Tej takes her phone saying he destroyed your phone but not the memory card..They all happy that now they have proof against Yug and all decide to go to the police station..

Mahiji happy talking to sunitaji that Amrit will be free now..All four in car going to the police station and on other side Yug says he knows what he has to do.Karan injury bleeding and Nimrit does his dressing again.she tells him why he has put his life in danger knowing Rajjo anytime could have shot him..Karan replies i have only one goal in my life to make your life a better one..if i cant do this then wat’s the use of my living…He continues Rajjo is a medium to take away that blame on Amrit .. your sister’s freedom is your happiness thats why i put my life in danger..Nimrit replies i cant express in words how to thank you..karan says no need to say it as i can give my life for your happiness..

At the palace the girls doing cards for Amrit arrival..both cant wait anymore but get a shock seeing Yug in the palace..He calls Nimrit and all four shocked to hear his voice and how he has kept the family hostage..Yug asks them to come back in the palace or else he will shoot everyone..Epi ends on Nimrit worried face..

precap Yug pointing the pistol at sunitaji and to be ready to die..Nimrit..Amrit is shown trying to untie their hands..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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