Amrit Manthan 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with jojo on phone call with Amrit..she is relating to her about the papers her Dad signed because of Nimrit..she tells her its for Angad[karan]..Amrit about to ask her more about it when she gets Tej call on skype..Amrit..Tej convo was a sweet scene as Tej is definitely missing Amrit.he asked her about her ring.Amrit replies she has returned it to Yug as he had put it on her finger without her consent..Tej he asks why she has not eaten yet .Amrit replies she is used to have it with them all.Tej shows her his plate and tells her now they can have their food together.. Then he asks her to come back and Amrit perplexed to hear it from Tej.he tries to cover up his feeling telling her they all love her ..Amrit tells Tej not to ask her much about her work here in mumbai but to do one thing stop Nimrit from doing something wrong..Yug all jealous watching both talking to each other..

Karan coming downstairs with Bani..jojo..Mahiji gives him the property papers ..He acts shocked and says he does not need any property..he needs only his family..Tej gets flashback of what Amrit told him about Nimrit..Tej walks up to karan and takes the papers..he says i agree with karan this property should be for the kids..Nimrit tries to convince Tej that karan is responsible person and will take care of the property..Karan says Tej is right this should be for the kids.Tej agrees and says the matter is settled now..lets have breakfast.

Nimrit thanking God about Tej helping her in the property papers..karan comes in and says i know Tej is your wellwisher.he has always been with you in your bad moments..he continues saying what will happen if he is not here ..Nimrit tells him not to do anything to Tej…he tells her its too late go downstairs someone has come..Nimrit is shocked as the Army guys came to arrest Tej..they accused Tej for being a traitor and having lots of money in his bank account..Nimrit helpless looks on at karan who was watching all this on the stairs..

Karan relaxed on bed when Nimrit enters the room..she asks him why he did this to Tej..They have an argument and Nimrit points a pistol at him and she will kill him for doing this to Tej..Karan replies i did not do it but someone else..Nimrit replies Tej dont have any enemy and karan says he has one.Nimrit asks him who and Yug replies its me.Nimrit shocked and both get in an argument.finally Yug says now we both will destroy your family two sisters will pay for it..the housekeeper comes in to call Nimrit as the girls crying..Nimrit consoles jojo and that nothing will happen to her father..he is not a traitor but has got many medals..she promises to get her father back home.

karan giving a check to yug to start his business..he refuses to take it as karan has already helped him a lot..He continues i know you hate the Malik family and esp Nimrit..i dont know wat’s the reason but we dont praise the enemy but i can tell you Nimrit is a good woman..Karan angrily says she wears a mask of goodness on her face..dont know how many people life she has destroyed..My sister soni died because of her ..karan with soni’s pic when yug takes it from him..he is shocked and karan says she was so sweet ..if she got a little hurt it was hurting me much can i spare the person who has killed her..yug replies dont worry we both will destroy this family..As karan goes away he says Angad sister soni..

precap ..some people shouting about Tej being a traitor..Mahiji tries to stop them but they pushed him ..he falls down with Nimrit helping him to stand up along with karan..outside Amrit with a pistol and the crowd dispersing..Yug tells Amrit i’m sorry i said so much bad thing about Tej..i know he cant do this but i’m sure its someone else who trapped him..i’m with you to look for that person and Amrit replies i know who is he?..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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