Amrit Manthan 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 26th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with karan and Tej freeing amrit from the captivity , karan puts down the breakers because of which light goes away , then tej kept his hand on amrit’s mouth and brought her in a side , then angad comes and says that we must run away from here as soon as possible , then the police puts the breaker and light comes , then the lady police saws that she is holding another police officer’s hand , and the other one said that i thought that u got scared and took hold of my hand , both were laughing like this , the police inspector shouted on them saying amrit has run . and ordered everyone to search for her .

tej and angad took amrit in the house not the palace , and nimrit and everyone thanks god about the plan been finally successful , then they all also conversed about the police searching for amrit every where , and yug will get shock hearing this news and will surely go out to search for her , and that time we will catch him and bring the truth out , then nimrit said that amrit di you must rest , then tej took him in the room , and she lie on bed , she asked tej to sit for some time with her , then both have some nice conversation between them .

yug was giving money to rajjo to take her brother for checkup , while suddenly he got a call and comes to know that amrit has escaped from the prison , then he took the money bag again from rajjo , rajjo said what happened now ? so he informed her saying that amrit has run from the prison and now the police will surely search every where for her , and i don’t want the police to capture you instead of amrit , or else everything will be dismissed .

the police went to search for amrit in the palace , nimrit and everyone acted nicely showing that they are unaware of amrit to run and come here , then nimrit said to inspector that why we will lie to you , and also said that if you don’t trust us then you can surely check the palace , palace doors are opened for you , the inspector ordered the other police men to search for amrit in the whole palace , they come blank hand and said that we can’t find her , then police said to everyone that if amrit tried to contact you , so you should inform us firstly , because helping a prisoner is a worse thing , and they also confirmed from tej and karan that where were they when this all incident took place so tej showed them the party card and said we were in my friend’s party , when the police left , nimrit asked tej that why did he do this ? so tej said don’t worry , i have prepared for this .

yug was in police station and he was talking with the inspector and said that i am sure that amrit will surely be in the palace , the inspector replied that we have search there , so he said that i know but she also knows when she’ll escape from there , you will surely go to search in palace , so she may not have come at that moment , the inspector told him that tej and angad were in a friend’s party at that moment , so he said to him that tej is an army officer , he has lots of sources , so the inspector said that see we are doing our best in our kanooni limits .

tej comes to nimrit and karan and told them that all his men has checked in the city but can’t find amrit and then tej and angad went to search for rajjo and his brother , they got a clue soon that a man saw this person in a park , so angad called tej and asked him to come there , as soon as possible , and they also informed amrit and nimrit about it , an both of them prayed that soon rajjo and his brother will be caught . mahiji comes and tells nimrit and amrit about the posters and news of amrit in the whole city , he showed the posters and also told about the news about her so that they can be more aware of the safety .

tej and karan reach in the hotel and yug saw them searching he went in his room and asked rajjo to pack , a man told them about their room , yug packed everything and they ran , tej and angad saw that the window is opened and that they have ran , yug and rajjo they got in a room , so yug said that amrit should have be dead , yug thought to himself that if rajjo also do anything , she will be caught , so from both sides its my profit

precap : so people running after amrit and they called amrit as rajjo , amrit went in her room and thought that these people think i am rajjo so why not take profit from this thing , as yug did with me i should also do it , maybe anything prove can come in my hand.

Update Credit to: Mehak

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