Amrit Manthan 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 24th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with the judges saying that the Rangoli made by everyone is very pretty & the winner is Nimrit & Jojo .. Nimrit went to have some water , she kept her bag on the table , & drinks water , without picking it up she went as Jojo was calling her .. The misterious person opened Nimrit’s bag & took out Agam’s pic from her locket ..

Then the judges says the next round is that mother have to find out whether the girl is her daughter or not , and a piece of cloth will be tied on the eyes .. They first called Amrit , Amrit find out Bani ..

Now comes the turn of Nimrit , Nimrit kept her hand on Bani so Jojo said to her mama take Bani’s name , only.. don’t need to take me .. Nimrit kissed & hug Bani , Bani said i love you mama , though Amrit was not able to listen anything , but she was getting jealous for Nimrit hugging Bani ..

When the cloth was opened from Nimrit’s eyes , Amrit comes fast & took Bani over her side , & said she is my daughter , Nimrit said that Bani & Jojo both uses the same perfume that’s why i thought it was Jojo ..

The judges said that the second round is won by Amrit , Amrit & Bani clapped each other hand & then Yug congratulates Amrit .. Then it was third round .. In the third round the mothers have to cook Paratha’s with the help of their daughters ..

Amrit was not able to make dough of flour & on the other side Nimrit was doing it perfectly ,
Jojo said to Nimrit that mama look Bad aunty made the flour waterly … Both laugh .. Bani said Amrit Aunty don’t worry , you just make paratha ..

Then every one was cooking paratha’s , Amrit’s paratha was a bit black , as of Amrit has given lots of time for the cook of paratha … Now everyone was serving the paratha’s they eat Nimrit’s paratha & said its so nice .. Amrit was at last .. Yug called her so went , yug changed her paratha from Nimrit’s da dhaba paratha’s , Bani saw it …

Amrit’s paratha was tested ( which Yug gaev her ) So the judges said everyone’s paratha was tasty but Amrit’s paratha was very nice , so the winner is Amrit & Bani , Amrit hold trophy on her hands & showed it to Yug , Yug wished her Best of luck !! Bani left from there
Amrit went in search for her ..

Bani said i have seen that you have cheated , & so that i would be very happy if you have not cheated . i was wanting to win but not with cheating . Amrit went Back . She gave the trophy back to judges & said sorry but my friend Yug has changed my paratha as he was wanting me to win , but my daughter told me cheating is not good ..

Judges looked at each other .. They said well now its a tie , Amrit’s honesty is good but the great taste of the paratha was of Nimrit’s so they will play a round …

Then they were asked some questions about likes & dislikes of their daughter’s . Amrit didn’t answered any question rightly , so Nimrit won the round & Nimrit was announced as the winner … Amrit left with her jealousy .. while the judge announced that there is a second runner up which is Amrit ..

Bani went to Amrit , she said see we got 2nd rank which is also not bad .. amrit hug her ..
Jojo & Nimrit were going , Jojo said Mama where is your bag ? Nimrit said oh i think i have forgotted it on the filter water side , so she went to see it , when she took the bag the zip was opened .. She saw everything was there when she opened the locket Agam’s picture was missing .. She was a bit afraid .

While on the other side it was shown that the misterious person was burning Agam’s photo & the episode ends …

Precap : Jojo comes at Amrit’s house & Bani & Jojo hug each other , Amrit was jealous & angry seeing them together , so Jojo said that Bani didi you promised me to meet .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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