Amrit Manthan 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 15th January 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Nimrit bringing Amrit to hospital..she is taken care of and Nimrit fills in the admission form at the reception a hurry she forgets her purse and cell phone there..Agam calls her and the nurse picks it up..Agam tells her its my wife phone…Nurse tells Agam its the hospital and a woman came with poisoning case..he is worried about Nimrit and that may be Amrit has given her poison..Yug comes there and with his fake acting..he is happy their plan worked..Doctor tells Nimrit they have taken out all the poison from her body but she is still unconscious..Nimrit rushes to her side..Nimrit saying to herself..Agam i hope you will understand me ..i’m sorry i cant let my sister in such state now..i cant see her suffer like this..Amrit wakes up and an emotional convo of both as an emotional fool falling in the trap of her sister and the other smirking as her plan has was such an unrealistic scene..difficult to digest such naiveness of someone who went down a cliff and nearly met death showering so much love on same sister..anyways Amrit gives thumbs up to Yug who is witnessing all this drama..

Doctor gives Nimrit prescription for Amrit’s medecine..Agam comes in hospital and relieved to see Nimrit…He asked her if she fine as he has heard about poison..he asked if Amrit has tried to poison her..He will not spare her..Nimrit holds his hand and takes her to Amrit’s room..she shows her Amrit lying in bed as she has tried to commit suicide..drinking poison..fed up of Rudraksh cruelty..Agam says fine you saved her .yug is with her now lets go from here and starts walking away..Nimrit follows him and tells Agam, Amrit needs her and she cant leave..they have a convo where Agam tries to put sense in Nimrit’s Amrit is shrewd minded and in her every move there is conspiracy..As usual Nimrit obssesion has started..must save my sister and there is no chaal..evil plan of hers in this suicide..finally Agam says i hope i dont regret your decision..Nimrit promises him he wont regret..well time will tell Nimrit who was right and who was wrong..Amrit tells Yug who won Nimrit or Agam..Yug says you won..Amrit tells him Nimrit is right my bad time over and hers starts now..Yug tells her go slowly in your strike at her so as i’m there to support her… in her problem then she will be mine..

Rudraksh calls Yug and Amrit acts like she is scared holding Nimrit’s hand..she consoles her and tells her not to worry your sister is with you..Nimrit tells Yug to pick up his call and tell him the truth..Amrit acts more scared and Nimrit tells Yug to say they had an accident and Amrit is in hospital..

Sunitaji with fever comes downstairs..Agam ..Babli helps her to sit down on the couch..Tej..Shivangi enter the house ..sunitaji tells Agam is it right to let Nimrit there at the hospital..Agam replies he is worried for her..shivangi in anger says Amrit is impossible..instead of living with her family she is staying with that Rudraksh..she has lost her freedom now suicide..Agam says either she is a fool or very smart..he is not getting wat’s really the matter…he dont want to go there also..Tej says i understand if you cant go shivangi can do so..Agam tells shivangi to wait and he brings a recorder..he asks Shivangi to record everything thats happening there..even if she is going out of the room leave her bag there with the recorder on..shivangi is hesitant but Tej asks her do so as when it comes to Amrit..Yug they cant trust them..Ends on shivangi face..

precap..Amrit telling Yug we have gone through so much torture to trap Nimrit.cant you bear a little more..A bag is shown with recorder on and Agam listening with a recorder in hand as Amrit saying its Nimrit herself who has asked us to lie…

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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