Amrit Manthan 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 14th January 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Agam waiting for Nimrit at the dinner table..she enters the house lost in her thought..Agam walks up to her ..he asks her where she has been and he was waiting for her..he tells her lets eat as i’m feeling very hungry..Awww such a sweet husband..he dishes Nimrit first and senses she is disturbed ..Agam asks Nimrit why she is so lost ..something has happenned in the palace.Nimrit replies i dont know..there was sound of broken glasses upstairs and Amrit was shouting loudly..Agam tells her even though something bad has happenned there ..what you think if you wanted to help Amrit would have accepted..Nimrit says No..she has already asked me to stay away from her life..Agam says this is her choice and dont think so much about it..stay away from her..i just fear our happiness dont get destroyed ..Nimrit promises Agam noone will cast a bad spell on our happiness and noone will come between us..

Office scene..

Yug tells Amrit, Agam..Nimrit has come..she asks yug where is the sword i asked you to buy for Rudraksh..she is happy holding the sword in her hand..she asks Yug to give it to Rudraksh and he replies i hope you know wat’s you doing…that rudraksh is already boiling with anger and in trapping Nimrit dont get burn yourself..really both make the perfect scheming pair..the project in charge guy tells Agni one of you should come with me on the site..Madam would have come but her feet is paining ..Nimrit replies in such short notice how its possible..we are here for the meeting then we have to go the dhaba..Amrit eavesdropping their convo and deliberately walked in pain besides Nimrit..she just looked on at Amrit feet..Amrit tells the guy they are partners in this business and if they are having problem in doing their duty talk to far as i know he wants this job to be completed today itself..Agam agrees to go and asks Nimrit to leave as soon as possible as the file is signed..Amrit takes her plan ahead and asks someone to tell Nimrit to meet Rudraksh in his office..

Tejanghi scene..

shivangi doing rehearsal of her acting with Tej..he forgets some lines and shivangi tells him with you i will never rehearsh keep forgetting and i do same also..Tej tells her i’m an army guy not an actor..go and do so with Agni..shivangi replies they have gone to office andTej says i have to go to office to give the report i worked on last night..Shivangi reading her lines when Tej notices its his report papers..Tej gets angry with shivangi for being so careless and he has to write the report again..really seems shivangi obssesion for acting will create rift with time between them..


Rudraksh is happy with Yug for getting the sword..he says this sword is waiting for blood..Nimrit enters his office..he taunts Nimrit about why she is alone..where is the mahila society women..he says noone can do anything to him..Nimrit without fear tells him i did not complained about you there..if i had done so i would not hesitate to tell you about believe me or not i dont care..i’m here to give you this file to sign..Amrit snatches it from her hand and says can go now..she moves on with her plan and tells Rudraksh she has given the transport project to a certain Gill..Rudraksh gets angry and puts the sword on Amrit’s neck..Nimrit is worried ..Finally Rudraksh says i wont do anything to you as i dont mix business and pleasure..Amrit a bit taken aback as she wanted Nimrit to come to her rescue..Rudraksh leaves to meet the one he wanted to give the chopra..Amrit does her drama of being dejected by Rudraksh behaviour..saying to herself come Nimrit and sympathies with me..Nimrit is shown walking towards her and Yug winks at Amrit .. Both thinks they won but Nimrit gets flashback of Agam asking her to leave..she just picks up the file on the floor and gets out of the office..Amrit gets angry as her plan did not work..

Amrit last try to trap Nimrit..

Its really windy outside and Amrit tells Yug i’m playing my last card ..risking my life..i have suffered so much just to ruin Nimrit and get my revenge..its enough now…She asks Yug to go and call Nimrit ..alert me when she is sure dont come here when Nimrit is by my side..before drinking the poison she gets flashback of Nimrit slapping her as Natasha..Agam telling her in anger…our marriage is fake..we dont have any relationship neither by heart nor law..she gets flashback of the scene where Agam holds Nimrit and saying today Agam and Nimrit are one again..she drinks the poison and its reaction starts ..she falls down..Nimrit gets the call and rushes to Amrit rescue..even near death Amrit continues with her fake drama emotionally blackmailing Nimrit..Epi ends on Nimrit worried face.

Precap: Nimrit tells Agam ..Amrit needs me and i cant leave her..Agam replies you are so naive and you do know how much she is her every move there is conspiracy..just wait and watch in this one also there must be her chaal..plan..

Nimrit heart already melted for Amrit. means she gets the upperhand for her next big plan which seems will happen in the lohri festival..Agam asking Nimrit to be cautious just hoping he discovers Amrit..Yug plan before something bad happens to Nimrit and their happiness.

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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