Amrit Manthan 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 11th January 2013 Written Update

Amrit takes Yug to where there is a shooting going on. There, Monica is on the phone talking about how she won’t do any ordinary acting jobs, Yug and Amrit enter her cabin where Amrit threatens her to stay away from Rudra. She cuts Monica’s cheek a little and tells her that if she doesn’t go back to Mumbai then she’ll be killed. Monica runs off leaving Yug telling Amrit what if Rudra finds out? She says that she wants him to find out as then he’ll hit her and so Nimrit would come to help.

Nimrit sees that Agam in the bathroom and steals the towel so that he’ll have to talk to her. He calls out for his mother ( Omg, this is hilarious!) when Nimrit faces him saying “Main Hoon Na” ( God, I can’t stop laughing…the way she said that!) He quickly closes the door. Again calling out “Ma!” He then opens out when Nimrit tells him that she’s been trying to talk to him since yesterday, she tells him that all he has to say is “Nimritji can I have the towel?” He doesn’t say anything but takes it off her. He comes out just wearing the towel () and goes near the wardrobe to put his shirt on and get dressed. (Heh, he got changed quick, one second he’s just got his shirt on, next jeans as well? ). Nimrit tells him about Yug and how he helped Amrit. Agam says even Amrit doesn’t want the help, hence they should stay away. He leaves for Dhaba. Nimrit gets call from Yug to bring file.

Shivangi is folding clothes when Tej says he’ll do it and she not to worry. She apologises to him about last night but he tells her not to worry. He gives her a form for acting school and she gets happy. He says he’s sorry for being hasty and that all he wants is to make her smile. (AW! He’s so sweet!)

Amrit putting make up on when Yug says that Nimrit is coming. She wants Rudra to hurt her when Nimrit arrives and thinks to aggravate him. Rudra comes shouting her name, he asks her whether she went to Monica? She says yes as she can’t bear anyone else with him and asks him to hit her. He takes out the whip but then says no as it seems she’s used to it. He breaks glass whilst Amrit wonders when Nimrit will come. Nimrit comes to give file when she hears Rudra, Yug says that its the usual drama. Rudra makes Amrit walk on glass and she screams. Nimrit is about to go when Agam calls and tells her to get out of the palace as soon as possible, Nimrit leaves dejected. Amrit is shocked to learn that Nimrit left whilst Yug helps her by taking glass out of her feet (This is why I’m still rooting for YugAm jodi!). Amrit says that she will ruin Nimrit by playing a bigger and dangerous game with Yug’s shocked face.

Precap: Amrit drinks poison!

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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