Amrit Manthan 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 10th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Karan tearing his and nimrit’s wedding picture and he also have a look at AgNi wedding photo . Nimrit was seeing this all , then karan took out his suit case and took out all his clothes and then keep them in his suit case and then he had a look in the dress which he gave to nimrit to wear , which was a short dress , then he throws it with very shame look on his face , then the file of the property papers comes in his hand and he remembered how Indu and he tortured nimrit to sign the papers , he tears the papers into pieces and then he zipped his suit case and then he hold it and was leaving , he saw nimrit on the door , then nimrit asked him to wait for 1 minute , then she went and pick up the pic of soni , which was dropped down , she gave it to karan.

Yug was tied with ropes and then Bani was passing through the room , yug said water , water , so bani took some water , went to him and said that mama says that if someone is thirsty so we should fed them water , though they are our enemies .. so she fed water to him , yug tries to mislaid bani , he says that please open my ropes , i will drink water myself and i promise i will say truth to all the family , so bani said , no .. then yug said to her that keep the glass on the bed , she kept the glass , then yug tried to get the glass as he was trying to cut his ropes with broken glass , then karan found the original video of nimrit and also the evidences showing that tej is not a traitor , so he called tej and amrit , both gets a sigh of relief , and then tej calls the police , and told them to come here , amrit went to yug and said that you are going to spent your rest of the life in jail , because we have found the original video and also the evidences , now your game is over yug mehra , everyone was down , police comes , tej said that we have that man who did all this , he is in the room , when they opened the room , yug was not there , everyone was shocked to see this , the officer said that maybe he has escaped from the window , then tej and everyone went to search him , nimrit said that i will get out the car , so amrit said its not useful because i know that he might have punchered the wheels , bani was sitting with nimrit , and jojo was there too , .. then bani said to nimrit that because of yug under we loss our daada , and he escaped , so nimrit says that don’t worry we will find him soon .. Amrit got heard that yug has gone to a hotel , and then they reach there ..

Yug gave money to the owner and said that don’t tell anyone abou myself , tej and amrit went away searching , rajjo , amrit’s duplicate , entered yug’s room , then she checked yug’s bag and got some money and kept with her , she also saw a knife , she hold it up , yug opens his eyes and he was shocked to see her , he ran out , he saw amrit , then he got confused , but later he came to know that she is rajjo , he after wards said to her that will she work for him , he showed amrit’s pic to her and said she is princess amrit , of amritgarh , and if u take her place , you can be rich in nights only ..

Precap : Rajjo is learning name of whole family member’s and she is making mistakes , yug thoughts that can she be like amrit or not

Update Credit to: Mehak

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