Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh threatens Bindiya

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babu telling Jagannath that this is the safe house for Bindiya and he can catch Akhilesh red handed. Kaushalya says we shall find out about her husband to keep villagers’ mouth shut. Sukanya says since bahu left, first Servant came and now this girl. She says she won’t let her daughter’s life be ruined due to them. Babu looks at Bindiya and goes to her. Bindiya fills her maang with sindoor. Babu asks if she has gone mad, asks what is this drama? He reminds her of her promise and says you have promised me that you filled her maang for the safety. He says if I will forget the happenings seeing your sindoor. He says he is Baby’s husband and married her with all the rituals. Bindiya says she has applied sindoor for herself and regarded herself as someone’s wife by heart. Babu says if you asks me to follow them. Bindiya says my husband had left me, don’t stop me from applying sindoor of my name. Baby comes there and asks what are you saying? Bindiya says she was missing her husband, he is not with me. Baby asks her not to waste time for the cheap man, who didn’t take stand for her. Babu feels guilty. She asks her to remove her sindoor and become today’s girls and not vulnerable girl. Bindiya warns her not to wipe her sindoor and asks who gave you this right. She then apologizes and says she accepts if someone backs off from his responsibilities, but I can’t forget my customs. Baby says Babu and you are both same and asks them to follow the customs together. Babu excuses himself.

Rani reads a book. Akhilesh asks her not to study. Rani says she is not of marriageable age. Akhilesh says you are more than 18 and asks her to hug him. He shows nighty and asks her to wear it in night. Rani says I will not wear it. Akhilesh says you have to wear it infront of me. Rani refuses. Akhilesh asks her to wear heavy sarees and jewellery so that they shall think that he is keeping her well. He shows her gun and asks her to wear nighty. Rani goes to wear it.

Babu feels guilty and thinks he can’t tell Baby. He thinks he didn’t do anything as Bindiya herself held his hand and filled her maang. He finds Chacha ji coming to terrace and eating sweets. He tells him that he is very distressed. Chacha ji suggests him to talk and handle the situation maturely. Babu decides to tell Amma and baby about Bindiya.

Kaushalya tells the work to be done and tells that she shall not do any mistake. She asks her to nod her head. Baby nods her head. Kaushalya asks her to move her veil. Baby refuses and says she can’t show to anyone, rather than her husband.

Akhilesh tells Sukanya that they didn’t give him dowry, but kept Servant at home. He asks if Baby knows about her husband. Akhilesh thinks Babu is clever, brought Bindiya here. Bindiya asks Baby why she is holding the cowdung this way and tells that people worships it here. She asks if her parents didn’t teach her. Babu tells Bindiya that Jalebi is not having parents and shows her how to make cow dung. Bindiya says owner is teaching the Servant nicely. He says we shall tell bindiya. Baby says no. She tells that she came here to learn. Babu says he will teach her and thinks to tell her the truth at the right time. Bindiya comes to Babu and Baby’s room and looks at her own sindoor. Akhilesh pulls her out and asks what churan did Babu make you eat that you changed your loyalty. Bindiya says I didn’t take your name and will not go against you. Akhilesh says if you take my name then I will kill you. He asks her who is your husband, seeing sindoor in her maang. Babu teaches Baby how to make cow dung cakes. Baby smiles and looks at him. He sees Sukanya and goes. Sukanya appreciates jalebi for making nice cow dung cakes. Bindiya tells Akhilesh that he has nothing to do with her sindoor. Akhilesh asks what is the secret? Bindiya runs away.

Precap: Bindiya comes to Babu and hugs him, asking him to save her. Babu pushes Akhilesh. Sukanya asks Kaushalya to punish Babu for insulting her damad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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