Amita Ka Amit 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 28th June 2013 Written Update

Amit is sitting confusedly thinking about what his friends told him (he looks cute…actually it was his time to look cute today…I loved every bit of him ). Batuk teases him. Looking at you it looks as if you have been told that you only have 6 months to live. Both friends laugh heartily. Sanjay adds that he has got the most dangerous illness. Amit is still confused. Is it actually what you both are hinting at? It cannot be as I am going to US. Batuk says, so the people going there aren’t supposed to fall in love? Is there some kind of special announcement for boarding? His friends laugh. Amit tells them to cut all this nonsense. I am going there in order to stay away from her. I booked my tickets a long time back. I have browsed and listed all the Indian restaurants, from where I can get my favourite kadhi-rice, where are the temples which I can visit everything. So how can love happen now? You both are mad. They in turn call him mad. Batuk tells him that when love happens everything else goes down the drain. Why are you bent on taking the same route do something different? Amit points out that he too is talking like Amita. batuk again pulls his legs. Now you will feel everyone is speaking like her only. This is exactly what happens in love.

Amit is driving. Amit and Sanjay’s words ring in his ears. You are in love. Now you will feel everyone is speaking like Amita only. He is smiling ear to ear. He recalls Amita’s words about him not trying on specs or t-shirt. You look like a maths teacher wearing your specs. You should also try on some t-shirts to look cool. He recalls all the happy sweet moments of them of Lonavala as Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai plays. He is smiling broadly and keeps looking at himself in the rear view mirror.
He is walking on the pedestrian enjoying the weather, rain and living his new found love with all his heart. He is literally jumping up and down with joy (wowieee). He prays in Church and walks barefoot. He is checking himself in someone else’s car’s mirror when the guy lowers the window and gives him a thumps up.

Ammu comes in her room. She finds someone standing in the room. She calls aloud to him who is standing there. The guy is standing with his back towards her wearing a t-shirt and jeans (yayy yayy!). He walks up to her. ammu looks at him shocked while he smiles. She watches him from top to toe. He asks her about his new look. She gives non-interested answers….it’s good. Looking at her reaction he feels surprised. You dint notice that I’m not wearing lenses. She sternly tells him that you look similar to me. Humans don’t change just by changing clothes. He doesn’t understand it. She replies angrily. What do you want me to say that you are looking very good, handsome, smart and romantic just like a hero? Why do you want to change your looks all of a sudden? Yes, maybe you are trying to habituate yourself with the American lifestyle. It is good though. She leaves from there in a huff.
He speaks to himself. America, America, America she is so hell bent on sending me to America. You should tell her Amit Shah or she will send you by foot to US only. C’mon you can do it.

He goes to her and gathers all his courage. She turns back suddenly. Amita, I wanted to tell you something. They are standing very close to each other. She tells him to say it fast as she has a lot of work to do. He stutters I…I….cute tune plays as they share an eye lock. He continues stuttering when his eyes hurt suddenly. She makes him sit and looks in his eyes to take the lens out. He keeps looking at her smiling throughout this whole thing. She takes it out. Amit, one shouldn’t change as much that their whole outlook changes. She leaves and he puts on his specs again. It is your outlook that has changed or you would have recognized why and for whom am I doing all this.

Ammu is chopping onions angrily. I told him so many times to change his dress sense and specs but he always told me that he wont change himself. How come all this happened now? Why is he wearing jeans? I know that it would be for that Antara only. It would be as she is his true love. She is weeping sadly. She hears some noise and quickly wipes her tears.
Nani notices her crying. Ammu signals to the onions. Nani comments that these days Amit is looking very different. He has changed a lot. It is difficult to recognize him. ammu nods. I too was late in recognizing him. ammu’s phone rings. Nani tells her to pick up but Ammu declines. Why do you want to speak to him (Amit) all alone? Ammu credits it to her dirty hands. Nani puts the phone near her ear. Amit asks her if she can come to the terrace. She asks for the reason but he insists her to come and quickly disconnects the call leaving her wondering. He smiles to himself. She tells Nani that Amit wants to say something urgent. I don’t know anything. I will go and check. She leaves while Nani wonders about the same.

The terrace is all lit up beautifully. Amit lights the candle on the dinner table. Ammu comes rushing in asking him for the reason of calling her so urgently. Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam is playing. He moves aside to show her the table and the entire decor. She notices it all and has tears in her eyes.

Ammu says when all is well then why did you call me? He is taken aback. She speaks aloud. You can either listen to me or Kumar Sanu’s voice. He switches it off. Now you say it. She comments that he has changed a lot. He becomes happy. So you know it? It is good then. She nods that she knows everything. He asks her to sit as he wants to tell her something very important. She doesn’t want to say. You could have said everything downstairs why did you have to do all this drama? He tells her that he wants to tell something very important so a different environment is necessary. She thinks you want to tell me that you are leaving me for her. All these preps are for our divorce? Great Amit Shah! He makes her sit. I went to Sanjay’s place…she cuts him off. Is that the reason that you called me here? He remarks that she is not letting him complete what he wants to say.
She gets hyper. I did? Do you have any other complaint? I talk a lot na. Ok, now I will not say anything. He again tries to complete his sentence when she again cuts him off midway. She realises and stops herself. I am behaving differently. She continues, you look lost most of the times. He is happy that she noticed. I am feeling this way because…..he fumbles as she shoots a look at him. He drinks water nervously and again tries to speak his heart out. He comes behind her and she turns to look at him. They share a long eye lock.

Fallu and Nani come there worried. They ask about their not returning from the terrace for so long. We just came to check. What’s all this? Nani stops Fallu and they both leave from there. Amit sighs relieved.

Lighting strikes. Ammu tells him to go inside as it is about to rain. She turns to leave but he calls her. I haven’t finished yet…in fact I haven’t even started yet.

Precap: Amit and Amita are enjoying in the rain dancing and laughing happily. tum se hi is playing and FINALLY AMIT KISSES AMITA ON HER FOREHEAD (yayyyyy, first kiss…and the cv’s are so thoughtful…precap on Friday that too is so amazing. How will we wait for 3 long days?)

Update Credit to: pooja

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