Amita Ka Amit 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 16th July 2013 Written Update

Amit is about to get up when someone coughs and finally when he gets up, he is about to land atop someone and holds himself somehow. (And the way he gets up is very funny 😛 ). He comes in his room looking for Amita. He looks around and finds everyone sleeping well covered till their head (for real…who sleeps covering their heads in this weather :O ). He gets super confused. Where will be Amita? he spots a lady sleeping with her hair peeking out and thinking it to be Amita tries to wake her up. The lady slaps him while sleeping. He steps back on another lady’s hand apologizing. This one curses him to burn in fire & become a bull (this was super funny 😛 ). Ammu, who was just coming in the room from outside, calls him. He goes outside with her. They both ask each other what they are

doing here. Amit fumbles I came to take my pillow but what are you doing here. She tells him she isn’t feeling sleepy. She is about to go get a pillow for him when he stops her. Actually I too wasn’t able to sleep. She smiles. Why not? He says, I felt like I was sleeping in a farmland. Everyone is snoring so much I feel some trucks are passing through (wow you are so creative 🙂 ). Shall we go out on the terrace? She declines. This isn’t the right time to go at terrace. He asks her if they should starts appointing specific hours to go to terrace like 6-9 or something (very well said 😀 ). She is scared what if anyone sees them like this then. He asks her if she is sure she wont go. She nods back in a yes. He tries confirming again but she stays put. He fakes going but in the end drags her along to the terrace (<3). On the terrace, Ammu is very happy as the weather here is very nice in comparison with inside. She compares Delhi’s cold weather with Mumbai’s weather. Once in my childhood I had gone to Delhi to attend some wedding. It was so much fun. Amit puts his arm around her suddenly and she goes all quiet. They both get lost in each other’s eyes. He asks what happened then but she is too lost to answer and keeps fumbling. All of a sudden rain starts pouring. Amit goes to stand in shade while she stands there enjoying it. He keeps calling her aside or she might fall ill. She declines. When I was alone, I used to get wet but with you I get drenched (in our love 😉 ). Amit smiles. He continues looking at her with all the love while Be Intehaan plays in the background. She is full on enjoying it. He again asks her to come aside. She denies so he pulls her along with him. She rues you ruined my fun. Earlier you too used to get drenched with me. He nods. It was different then. She shares how Jigna was right. Before marriage, jija ji used to confess his love to him so many times but after wedding he directs all his messages through his secretary. He tells her she cant get drenched here but she sweetly declines. We can. They start pouring water on each other cutely (a must watch scene). Fallu wakes up. She looks around for Amita but as she takes the quilt away she realises its only pillows underneath. She wonders where Ammu is. She checks around in the living area. Where is she at this hour? She goes upstairs and looks outside the balcony. Who has switched on this light and where is she? She is about to go when she notices Amit and Amita sleeping with her head on his chest. She goes and tries waking them up but they continue sleeping unperturbed. She smiles happily. She goes inside and comes back with a quilt. She covers them up and sweetly watches them sleeping peacefully together. She leaves from there. Ammu wakes up. She notices the quilt and wakes up with a start. Who came here? She wakes Amit too. Someone came as we were sleeping without the quilt. He smiles. That is why I was able to sleep well. Its good that we had it on or else we would have caught cold. She tells him to think well. Someone came and saw us sleeping together…close to each other. Don't you understand? He does finally. What will we do now? She says, I will apologize (I cant stop laughing 😀 ) for sleeping! But then herself says it wasn’t wrong. He agrees. This is what I am saying. If you are right then why to apologize. Ammu is all shy. She leaves from there and lies down at her respective place. Fallu says, you can switch off the lights of the balcony now. ammu is all embarrassed. Next morning, everyone is looking after Swami ji’s and his disciples (including Rohan). Fallu tells Amit about Swami ji leaving with his disciples today. amit takes the responsibility to drop them on the way to office. Ammu comes with tiffin box for them. I have packed food for your journey. One of the disciples reminds Swami ji that he wanted to ask something from Shah Family. He asks them if he could stay for another day at their place as too many people have been asking him to. Fallu nods happily. amit speaks up…but you have your tickets booked for today. Everyone looks at him with surprise. Ammu tells them that they can get another ticket for tomorrow as well. We will be very happy to have you with us. Amit bids bye to Swami ji and Fallu but makes face to Ammu. She makes apologetic faces but he leaves. -Break- Kirath is all set to leave for office. He shares with Fallu how Swami ji’s blessings have brought people close to each other. Fallu nods but adds that at times it creates distances too. He doesn't understand but she lets it be. He is getting late for office but she stops him saying I wanted to say something to you. Scene shifts to Ammu who is working in the kitchen. Her phone rings. Amit asks if he can talk with her for sometime (permission from wife…poor hubby I have seen so many examples lately 😛 ). She tells him to say if fast as she is busy cooking for Swami ji and co. He asks if they can have dinner outside. She declines. So many people have come over. How can we go out like this? It wont look good. He rues he too will have to join Swami ji and learn about sacrifices etc. She smiles. First you must come home. He wonders if only to sleep on the terrace again tonight. She makes fun of him. I will bring along umbrella and coffee in thermos. We can have a picnic. He commends her for her ideas. Get some chips and theplas along too (being sarcastic dude 3:) ). She understands his point. You knew I dint mean it for real. Plus people don't take their wives along on the terrace to have theplas. He asks what then. She tells him they do for listening to those 3 magical words. They both keep asking the other to say those words while the other keeps denying. He taunts her. You can only say it in the airport shouting amongst n no. of people. She tells him off for teasing her. Just the an employee comes in Amit’s cabin with a cheque. Amit tells Amita that the employees just said the 3 most magical words ever. She very sweetly tells him off for speaking like a true businessman in matters of love. She cuts the phone while he keeps trying to talk to her. They both say I Love You to their phones (aww sugary sweet <3 ). Amit comes home holding some flowers in his hand but quickly hides them behind him as he takes blessings from Swami ji. Kirath stops him. I told you about some investors coming over to meet us. Amit nods back. But they are in Pune right now. kirath agrees with him. I want you to go to Pune tonight so that you can have a dinner meeting with them and please them. Amit is upset but has no option but to agree. Amit turns and Kirath notices the flowers behind. He tells him to show what he has. Amit shows it to him. His dad smiles and shares with Swami ji how Amit has been a shy person always. Amit is left with no other alternative so he offers them to Swami ji. One of his disciple teases him guys shouldn’t be shy (as if…oh yeah, I remember you are done with all kinds of inklings. Excused! 😀 ). Amit comes in his room disheartened. Ammu comes asking if he is all set for tonight’s picnic. She shows him all the things (which they had spoken on phone about :O ). His mood is already off. He tells her that all this wont be required. She gets confused. Noticing him packing she asks him if they are going out somewhere. He nods but corrects her that it is he only who is going away for a conference meeting right now. she wonders why on such a short notice. He puts the responsibility on her. when I was trying to be around you then you were busy throwing tantrums and now there is no time to enjoy together even if they want to be. She points out she only threw tantrum once rest of the time it was him. he tells her not to debate over the matter. She makes a sad face. You are scolding me? (bach ke rehna…this is the most dangerous dialogue of all the times 😛 ). I thought you will get some gift for me or even flowers but you came empty handed and are scolding me. he says he did brought. She tells him to give then. Seeing his face she continues on her own. Now you will say you gave it to Swami ji. He nods. Actually I did! She understands and is about to help him with his packing when Fallu comes and takes her away despite both of them telling about Amit’a packing. Amit mutters to himself. Amit Shah do your own packing now. Precap: Amit is sitting in his car when Ammu appears from behind scaring him. He tells her how he doesn’t like all this. She makes him realise what she is doing here in the car. On his asking she tells him that she is coming along with him. they are at some resort like place and have some cute romantic moments together.

Update Credit to: pooja

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