Amita Ka Amit 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 11th December 2013 Written Update

Amita is thinking how to give Kajri’s tablet to Amit. She sees a maid going to Amit’s room. She stops her and asks her if she can do a work for her. The maid comes in. She goes to a side and drops something and then calls nurses to help her. All nurses go to help. Amita quietly gets in and puts tablet in Amit’s mouth. Doctor is coming in. Amita holds Amit’s hand and sits beside him. Doctor asks her why she came in when he said no to her. Amita says she just came to hold his hand and then leaves.

Later, doctor comes out and tells Amit’s family that this was the most weird case he got in his life. Amit’s father asks him what he means..if he can’t do Amit’s treatment. Doctor says there is no need to do any treatment. He has regained

consciousness and is getting better now. Everyone goes in and meets him. Amit then asks about Kajri. Before Amit’s family says anything, Amita sends Amit’s dad to get reports and he takes Riya and her husband with him to show the lab. Amit asks Amita if Kajri’s truth is revealed to everyone yet or no. Amita says this is not the right time. He then asks about Raunak and Amita gets lost in thoughts. Amit asks her if everything is okay. She says yes. Amit tells her to go home and rest now. Amita is happy, but also sad when she thinks about her deal with Kajri.

Amita comes home and asks about Raunak. Nani says where else he would be.. his favorite toy is Kajri. Amita quickly runs to Kajri’s room. She comes to the room and takes Raunak in her hands from Kajri. Kajri reminds her of her promise. Amita tries to put sense into Kajri how Raunak can be her son. It’s Amita who gave birth to him and it’s her son. Kajri gets angry as Amita keeps saying her son her son and threatens Amita saying she will throw Raunak on the floor if she says her son one more time. Amita controls herself and asks her to put Raunak on the bed. After Kajri does that, Amita again tries to explain to her and asks for the proof. Kajri says a famous tantrik told her and he cannot be wrong. Amita asks her how she can take someone else’s child away just by trusting a tantrik. Kajri says she is not trusting trantik.. she is trusting her heart and her heart says that Raunak is Suryansh. Kajri continues to Amita, even though you gave birth to him, he was my son in his previous life. My son died few months ago and then reborn from you. Body is Raunak’s, but soul is of my Suryansh’s. So therefore he’s my son. Amita asks how she can say that. Kajri says when she came to this house, she did what tantrik told her and thats the proof. She reminds Amita how she had found red lemons outside her room. According to tantrik, if lemons turn to red, then its Kajri’s son. Amita rubbishes it and asks her to do it again. Kajri says she doesn’t need to prove anything. Amita says she got scared, so then Kajri agrees. She brings a lemon and does what tantrik told her. This time lemon doesn’t change to red. Amita is very happy. Kajri is shocked. Amita tells her its not her fault.. tantrik trapped her. And any mother in Kajri’s place would do the same. Kajri is leaving from there. Amita asks her where she’s going. Kajri says this house is not the place for her. Amita tries to stop her, but she leaves the room. Amita turns her attention to Raunak and is very happy.

Next day, Amit gets discharged from hospital. Amita tells doctor he can’t leave Amit this early. Amit gets surprised. Amita tells doctor to do Amit’s checkups again. Doctor says they already did all checkups twice and everything is normal. Doctor takes Amit’s dad with him. Amita is very happy and hugs Amit and also tells him that Kajri is past now.. she left. Amit is very happy.

They come home and Amit is welcomed by his family. Amit asks where is Raunak. His mother says Kajri is making him asleep. Amit and Amita are shocked. Amit asks Kajri is still here? Kajri comes out (in non-maid type look) and says to Amit, how can I leave you, Amit ji?

Precap: Amit’s mother slaps Kajri. Amita cries and asks Kajri to give Raunak to her. she can’t live without him. Kajri says, if you can’t live without him, then how can I live without him? He’s my son. I am his mother. Everyone is shocked.

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