I have always loved you !!!! Episode 11

The episode starts with Adi and Pankhuri’s eyelock. They were just looking at each other forgetting about the other students around. They came back to senses with Tia’s voice.

Tia: Adi (loudly) Adi

Adi came back to sense and makes Pankhuri stand and look towards Tia.

Tia: Let’s go Adi Raj seems to be very angry. Let’s leave.

Adi nods and giving a last glance to Pankhuri he leaves with Tia.

Pankhuri sees them going with an aching heart but she ignores as there was something more important at that time. She moves towards Avni who was just standing there. She holds her hand and takes her out.


Raj angrily goes to boys locker room. He moves to and fro to control his anger but nothing happened, just scenes of Avni laughing with Karan and making him agree for a date with Himani were flashing infront of his eyes and not able to control anymore, he punches on a wall. He didnot feel any pain. He just sat on a chair and closing his eyes calms himself. He changes his clothes and goes out.

On other hand Adi and Tia were looking for him and get worried on not finding him.


In an empty classroom

Pankhuri and Avni sit together. Both were silent. Avni’s expressions showed that she was sad about something. Pankhuri notices this and finally Pankhuri asks her: What happened? Why you are sad?

Avni:(comoposes herself) Sad and I when did this happen?

Pankhuri: exaxtly when did this happen? Why that smirk changed to a sad face in hall?

Avni:huh… It’s just nothing. You are thinking very much.

Pankhuri: Achha ji and when did you start lieing? Seeing your face anyone could make out that you were sad and you are saying me, your best friend that I’m thinking very much?

Avni: huh… Ok I was sad but I myself don’t know why but when I’ll come to know I’ll tell you.

Pankhuri:huh… Ok tell me whenever you want. But what did you do? Why was Raj so angry? I never saw him this angry.

Avni:yaar I didn’t do anything he started it and I just finished it.

Pankhuri: Would you please like to explain it clearly.

Avni tells her everything from Raj praising Himani and all and how she made him agree for a date with Himani to take revenge.

Pankhuri: Huh…You are just impossible he just spoke wrong about you and you made him go on a date with someone whom he might not even know properly.

Avni: But he would know me well now and won’t dare to speak anything wrong about me. Btw just leave that are you fine that fool had hit you while going.

Pankhuri:(smiles) I’m fine.

Avni:(teases) Haan haan offcourse you’ll be fine afterall Aditya had saved you.

Pankhuri hits her playfully and to divert the topic: Ok lets go now you change and come I’ll wait for you in parking lot.
Avni:(smiles) Ok

And both left to their destinations.
In girls locker room
Avni had already changed her dress and was sitting on a chair and thinking about all that happened.

Avni:(to herself) Why I felt angry and irritated when he praised that Himani and on that day also I felt same when those girls praised him. And why when he left from there angrily I felt guilty. For first time I ‘m not feeling happy after irritating him but why. He was also irritating me and I just did tit for tat. So no need to feel guilty Avni. Be happy afterall you taught him a good lesson. He would come to know me now. Thinking this gets happy again. She just left from there.
In college ground

Raj was sitting on a bench. He was just staring at the ground as if thinking something really hard.

Raj:(thinks) What the hell she thinks of herself? How can she just make anyone go on a date with me? And what was she doing with that Karan today? I had never seen her talking and laughing with any guy since 8th standard. And why…
He was brought out of thoughts by Aditya and Tia who had come just now.

Aditya: (placing his hand over his shoulder) Are you fine?

Raj:(closes his eyes once to just shun away her thoughts and then looking up at Aditya smiles) Offcourse what will happen to me?

Adi: Then why were you angry? What did she do?

Raj tells him everything from how to irritate Avni he started praising Himani , and all and how finally she ended up making him agree for a date with Himani. Tia was shocked and angry hearing all this while Adi laughed at him.

Adi laughing says: What really? Huh…Yaar you guys fight as if you are enemies from past birth. (starts teasing) And must say yaar only Avni can do this.

Raj: Do what?

Adi:(laughing) Make you go on a date and that too with someone whom you don’t even know well. (teasing) Btw when are you going to take Himani for date and what will you tell your Sweety?
Adi winks at Raj.

Raj: Uuu and starts hitting him playfully.
Finally both broke into fits of laughter and kept on laughing loudly while Tia was just fuming in anger and all were just looking at them as if they both were some alien. After sometime they realised that people were looking at them and just moved away with Tia who was still angry.

They go to canteen and start eating.

Adi: Arrey Tia what happened? Why are you angry now?

Tia: How can you just laugh at it. That Avni has made Raj to go on a date with someone and you are laughing it off?

Adi: Com’on yaar just relax you are getting angry as if she has made ME go on a date. Just chill they both were irritating each other and finally she won so just ignore.(to Raj) But Raj btw why did you get so angry. I mean you never show your anger to anyone but today you left from there angrily.

Raj remembers Avni talking and laughing with Karan he again gets angry but composes and says: yaar leave it naa let’s just go back I’m really tired.

Tia’s face shows that she is still angry.

Screen freezes on her face.

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