Alone Vs Together – Episode 1 – Unknown Betrayal


A girl (Kriti) is shown folding clothes. She notices a lipstick mark on her husband’s shirt. She ignores it. After a few minutes, she goes outside her room.

Kriti: I’ll call him now.. enough is enough

She calls Rajveer (husband)

Rajveer: Yes kya hua??

Kriti: Veer.. how many times have you been to Jaipur after our marriage? At least 50 times. when will you come

Veer: I am with Abhay Kriti

Kriti: Come here na.. (hears a girl call Veer)

Girl on phone: Veer!! Come here na.. (it’s actually Kriti but she does not realise)

Kriti: Ve-Veer.. I thought you were with Abhay

Veer: Now I am not.. look behind you.

Kriti turns around and sees Veer there.

Kriti: Veer!!!

Veer: You said to come.. how could I ignore you?

They go to their room

Kriti: Achha ji.. why were you not coming for so many days.. now you are back, I won’t let you go

Veer gets a phone call.

Kriti: Kon hai?

Veer: w-woh (the call gets cut and Ansh is the one calling him)

Veer: Ansh..

Kriti: Oh ok.

Veer: Priya kahan hai?


Priya: Hi chachu!

Veer: Hi bacha..

Priya: You finally found time to come back na.. anyway.. how is Prakriti Masi?

Kriti is shocked.

Kriti: Prakriti?

Veer: Yeah I met her there.. Priya knows as well.


RECAP: Prakriti’s fake act. Kriti’s helplessness.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that there is lipstick mark on veer’s shirt.why kriti is not questioning him?the scene which I liked the most is was kriti’s voice.but she didn’t realize it.veer surprising kriti by arriving there was so the girl in the pic veer’s niece priya?I hope veer doesn’t cheat kriti with prakriti like we saw in the music video.plz post the next part soon.

  2. Ishika9365

    Kriti blindly trusts Veer so she didn’t question him.. yes that is his niece Priya and also Baalveer Returns actress Ananya.. also unfortunately Veer is cheating on Kriti, but he will soon realise his mistake !

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