IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 6 – Still captive.

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Chapter 6 – Still captive like a princess in the castle of her stepmother:

K.A.: Vardhan son…how are u? Im really sorry i forgot about the invitation to dinner….Anju!! screamed Kishore…Anju…look Vd and Maya are here pls bring some snaks…

Anju: Yeah sure…welcome dears

Maya: Aunty i ll come with u and help u…said Maya while looking at Vardhan with questioning look

Vd: Uncle pls tell me what is wrong? Where is Sanyu and why everyone of u have faces of funeral?

Kishore told Vardhan the whole situation and in kitchen Anju also told Maya what happen to Sanyu…Both Vd and Maya were shocked and scared coz they both love Aggarwal family as their own…Kishore and Anju were like parents for Vd and Maya coz both Maya and Vd were foster kids and when they began the collage Kishore took them under his protection and Sanyu, Vids and Ankit were like small brother and sisters for Vardhan and Maya.

At home, next morning:

Anju, Maya and Vids were preparing breakfast in kitchen.

Anju: Vidushi sweety the milk and bread are over, can u pls go till the store and get them before ur uncle wakes up coz u know he likes his coffe with milk. And also pls by some eggs too coz i want to make an omblet for my son Vardhan…u know its his favourit breakfast and i have to at least make a nice breakfast to make it up for last night dinner.

Vids: Sure aunty i ll go right now.

Maya: Aunty pls u don t have to bother..its ok

Anju: No dear i love to take care of my kids…it helps me being busy and having u all here and i ll also make ur favourite tea ok…

Maya: Ok aunty but i ll help u…and i dont wanna hear a no…

Anju: Ok dear…i wouldnt have it any other way…

Author’s pov:

Vids was walking back home when someone caught her waist before entering her car.

” Hey doll, how are you?? I missed u…what have u done to me coz i cant stop thinking of u since the first time i saw u ? ” said Parh winking at her.

” U bastard, leave me…how dare u ??? U first kiddneapted my sis and now you are behaving like nothing happen?? I would never be with someone like u…u dissgust me, leave me or i ll scream!! ”

” Hmmm i guess i have this effect on women, baby doll ” said Parth smirking at her.

” U…u idiot” said Vids while raising her hand to slap him.

” Whoo wild cat…easy or u may hurt your pretty little hands” said Parth catching her hand and pulling her into him thus cageing her waist with his hand.

” Tell me where is Sanyu” said an angry Vids.

” Be patient precious, one thing at a time” said Parth kissing her cheek and running imediatlly to save himself from Vids raising hand.

Rd’s mantion:

Sanyu’s pov:

Hmmmm i had such a nightmare last night…i was kiddnapped…said Sanyu while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

Then reality striked her…its not a dream…im kiddnapped and im still captive in this house just like a princess in her stepmother’s castle, said Sanyu to herself.

But wait how did i get in this room….coz i remember being tied up to a chair in the living room and now im on a king size bed in a very big and beautiful room, very well decorated, i must say the person who decorated it has great tastes…ok how did i get here on this bed and in this room??? a confusing Sanyu was mentally asking herself.

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