IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( SanDhir & VidArth ff – Sadda Haq ) Chapter 20 – Sealed love.

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Chapter 20 – Sealed love:

Aggarwal house:

It was almost 6 pm so Vids started to prepair herself for her date with Parth. He send her a message that he ll wait for her in the car across the street of her house so that he wont get her in trouble if someone sees her going with him.

Vids chose to wear some skinny jeans with a royal blue top, some flat shoes with matching accessories and a small purse which was completing her outfit. She put on a light makeup and her hair was up in a ponytail.

Vids had to tell Anju a small lie by saying she need permission to go out with some friends. Kishore, Ankit and Vardhan instructed Vids to take care of herself and not to be late in getting home. Maya complimented her beauty, which made Vids blush a little and the whole family smiled at her innocense.

Vids bid goodbye to everyone and got out of the house. She saw Parth waiting for her in his car across the street and she went straight to him, entering the car as fast as she could to make sure noone will see them. The moment Vids entered the car Parth was literally drooling over her.

Vids: Parth…close your mouth or u might catch a fly…said Vids teasingly

Parth: Baby…i dont care if i catch 100 flies i ll still be drooling over you big time coz you are too hot and beautiful…so i think i can take that risk…said Parth winking at her and making Vids blush a little.

Vids: Yeah yeah yeah…mister Cassanove…just drive the car and shut up !

Parth: Yes mam…but first i have something for u…said Parth while taking a big bouquet of red roses and forwarded them to Vids.

Vids: OMG Parth they are so beautiful…thank u…after all you are a true gentleman….said Vids smiling at him.

Parth: Im glad u liked them baby…for you i can buy the whole flower shop…said Parth looking sweetly at her.

Vids: Thank u Parth…i really liked them.

Parth: Hmmm…baby..thats not done…i gave u such beautiful roses and u didnt thanked me properly till now…said Parth making a sad face.

Vids: But Parth i already said thank u to u…what u want me to do besides that ? asked Vids with a little angry tone.

Parth smiled at her while making a puppy face and then pointed to his cheek…as in indicating Vids to kiss him on his cheek. Vids blushed a little a punched his shoulder lightly.

Vids: Shameless person.

Parth: Come on baby…a small kiss…look u hurted me just now by punching me so now i need my healing treatment…said Parth while making a false noise of pain.

Vids laught at his childness and bent a little so that she can kiss his cheek. The moment Vids lips touched Parth s cheek the world stopped for both of them…electric shocked run down on both their spines and they were lost in the moment. They both kept looking in each others eyes and drinking the essance of their love.
After breaking their eyelock, Parth started the car and they drove off.

Vids: Parth where are u taking me for our first date ? ask Vids teasingly.

Parth: Patience beautiful…its a surprise.

Vids frowned a little at his answer coz she really wanted to know where he was taking her. After some time Parth stopped the car and told Vids to close her eyes. She did as she was told and Parth went and opened the car door for her and helped her get out of the car while making sure she has her eyes closed. After some minutes of walking Parth told Vids to open her eyes.

The moment she opened her eyes she was felt numb….she couldnt belive her eyes…they were on a beautiful lake….the moon light was magically reflected on the lake, making it look like a fairytale…on the golden sand was arranged a table with candles and flowers along with some tray with food and a wine bottle. All was arranged perfectly. The little lake was mesmerizing in the moon light. The stars were giving a magical bright to the sand.

Vids turned to Parth with small tears in her eyes and hugged him with all her heart.

Vids: Thank u so much Parth…this is amazing…i love it.

Parth: Anything for you princess…im glad u liked it.

Vids: I loved it Parth…you did so much for me…noone ever gave me such a big surprise.

Parth: Im glad im the first one to make u so happy…and i swear i ll be the last one too…you are mine baby and noone ever will take you away from me…i ll be the one to give you this surprises for the rest of our lives…you deserve all this baby and i will always do my best to give u this kind of surprises always.

Vids was so moved by Parth s words that little tears started forming on the corner of her eyes, which were later wiped away by Parth. They kept adorring each other for some seconds and slowly Parth bent a little and kiss Vids forhead…he then moved to kissing her beautiful eyes and cupping her cheeks he placed soft kisses there too…looking in Vids eyes like he was taking her permission, Parth bent a little more and finally their lips closed in a sweet kiss, full of love…an innocent kiss and not a harsh one like their first kiss…they poured all their love in that kiss…with this kiss their love was finally sealed…

Randhir house:

Sanyu went back to kitchen to wash the plates and clean up the place after cooking the soup for Rd. She was really engrossed in her work that she didnt feel when someone entered the kitchen….she had her back at the door coz he was washing the place…suddenly she felt two pair of strong arms wrapping around her small waist….she trembled a little at the proximity but she didnt have the need to turn around…she well knew who he was….Rd place his chin on the crock of her neck inhalling her vanilla essance…he was absorbed by her beauty and inocence that he didnt even care that he wasnt fully recovered and he just got down from the bed coz he was missing her….it was barelly 10 to 15 minutes since she left his room and there he was restless coz she didnt went back to his room.

She was supposed to be only bussiness for him but now he cant stay a minute without her…he is starting to fall in love with her more and more, day by day. Randhir kept caging her in his embrasse and started placing little kisses on her neck and collar bone…Sanyu shivered with his touch and closed her eyes…he kept kissing her neck and leaving small love bites behind thus making a hickey on her milkey skin. After some time she composed herself and tried to free herself from his arms but he wouldnt let her.

Sanyu: Rd pls let me go.

Rd: No !

Sanyu: Rd pls…i want to finish cleaning the kitchen and then it will be time to give your medicines and changing your bandages so please let me go…said Sanyu by placing her hands on Rd s arm which were caging her. Sensing her touch he felt like a current run down his spin and reluctenlly let her go.

Rd: What are u doing to me Sanyu…you are driving me crazy…i never felt like this befor…said Rd while running his hand through his messy hairs..

Sanyu: Did u said something Rd ? asked Sanyu confused coz she saw him blabbering to himself.

Rd: No…no…nothing…actually my woonds started paining so i was just making some pain noises…lied Rd..

Sanyu: See Rd i told u…you arent allowed to go out of bed…pls lets go to your room now coz i have to change your bandages and give your medicines.

Sanyu took Rd to his room and gave him a glass of water and some medicines. She took a bowle with water and helped Rd in taking off his t-shirt. The atmospher was a little awkward coz everytime Sanyu dressed his woonds he was asleep so it was easy this way…now she was red like a tomato coz she was looking at his abs and he was piercing her with his intense gaze. She started removing the bandages that were by now full of blood coz the effort he made when he got out of the bed…she whipped his blood and then cleaned his woonds…he hist in pain and Sanyu started blowing air on the woond…every time her fingers touched his well-builled abs both of them were shivering with emotions…Sanyu finally dressed his woonds and bandaged them…she went to the closed and brought a new shirt for him…she helped him in wearing it and then she went to wash her hands.

Rd: Sanyu can u please help me to go to the bathroom…actually coz of the effort i made im in immense pain right now.

Sanyu: Sure Rd…i ll help you…you just support yourself on me…and have i told you lately that your kind of stupid ? said Sanyu a little mad while Rd made puppy face coz he knew she was reffering to the fact that he wasnt supposted to walk down from his bed.

Rd: Im sorry baby…i promis i wont do it again…please dont be mad…said Rd witha cute poute while Sanyu smiled at his childness.

Sanyu helped Rd in getting up from bed by supporting him with a hand on his waist while Rd placed his hand on her shoulder. Rd went inside the bathroom and after a few minutes he was out….Sanyu again supported him and when they got to the bed she tried to help him sit on it. In the process of helping Rd get on the bed their bodies were thightly pressed against each other and when Sanyu tried to make Rd sit their lips brushed against each other sending an electric shock in both their bodies…when they felt each others lips the world stopped…that simple touch was enough to make them both weak on their knees…that much effect they hold on each other…they were falling for one another faster than they would know…he was mesmerized by her hazel eyes and she was drowning in his dark orbs…their almost kiss made them lost in love…its no way back now…they are falling in love with each other.

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