All I need is you: Chapter 3

All I need is you :Chapter 3

I have all the reasons to be with you


“Zoya!! ” Aditya said in hell surprise…

“Aa.. Aditya… ” Zoya says..

Aditya couldn’t control his emotions and ran to her.. Hugging her tight… “Am so glad you are fine”.

“Nothing happened to me… “…Zoya melts in his arms..she had tears in her eyes which she closed and rubbed his back.

After a few minutes Adi breaks the hug..

“why are you crying Aditya… “…he wipes his tears off his face… And told her everything..

“Aditya… Rhea.. The girl is fine now.. She had an heart attack… Someone spread wrong news… I wasn’t me who was ill..I was sitting adjacent to her… And in that hustle and bustle… I left my bag… Oh!…My bag that you brought here!! “..Zoya told… Aditya glares at the guy who told about the girl’s death..

“I… I am sorry sir…”

“So.. Finally you are what wished to be… Captain Hooda.. ” Zoya says looking at his uniform.

“Yeah!..what are you doing?? I mean.. Away from the world… None of our batchmates is in contact with you. “..Aditya nodded

“Rajat was before he joined in for his duty… ” Adi fumes again at his name… “By the way I am a travel blogger.. Not away from the world… But into it”….

“Nice… ”

“I should get my bag and leave before the weather gets worse.. “..Zoya reminds…

“Ya…Ya…let let me get your things… “..Aditya turns to the table.

“I hope you didn’t dug into my things”

“Why would I” he says while hiding the diary into her bag and gives it to her.

Zoya’s POV

Where are u going Zoya… Idiot he is there in front of u after years… Don’t miss the chance to be with him… At least you will have more memories…

~pov ends

“aa…. “Adi was about to say…

“yah! “…”I have to fulfill my promise… ” he murmers reminiscing how he told his mom about Zoya and promised her to bring Zoya with him

“Did you say something? ”

“I… I need a place for next 3-4 days here… Will you suggest a hotel.. ” he says

“Hotel!!… Come to my house.. I live nearby ”

“That’s a great idea”…

“Come”Zoya motions towards the exit and Aditya follows dancing victoriously..

Next Scene❤

“Welcome to my little home Chiku… “…zoya says chirpily.

“Thank you… and You remember my nickname!!!! “Aditya widened his eyes before he settled his bag at a corner.

“I, never forget secrets…especially when they are other’s”…Zoya laughs… They reminisce how when Zoya got to know about his nickname and used to tease him as she was one of the only three who knew that.. Adi,  Pooja amd Zoya.

“You go and get freshen up… Our dinner must be arriving… ” she says showing him the way to the bathroom.

Aditya comes out after a shower wiping his hair when the doorbell rings.

Adi goes to open the door… It’s the pizza boy Aditya pays for the pizzas… Just then Zoya arrives after bathing. In a white crop top and pink shorts. “I’d have paid Aditya”

“It’s okay… ”


“Gentlemen never eat of a girl’s money!! ”

“hah!!… At least don’t bring male ego in between ”

“leave all that come… I’m hungry and there’s so much to talk.. 10 long years girl… Sit no! “..he pulls her to the couch while she smiles.

Aditya had a lot to talk and Zoya had a lot of patience to listen to him..probably the whole night.

Next morning ❤

Adi woke up on the couch ..

“Zoya “..Aditya calls.. While he listens to the slow music playing. Just then he notices that she was doing Yoga wearing her sports bra and tights… Also its still raining heavily outside….he was lost in her

“Good Morning “..she says folding her mat.

“Morning…Sorry… I slept while speaking  “…Adi says

“You were speaking even after you slept”

“Oh sheah!..Sorry.. ”

“Ah.. Let it be.. “..she giggled. “Sorry.. You had to sleep on the couch… I couldn’t shift you…Even I slept there.. I never realized about it.. ”

“We’re so much into our talks and laughs “…

“I’ll get something from the grocery in this building’s basement..after I bath.. “…she excuses herself. 

” I need gym…. “..

“Go if you can.. “..she giggled while she went. 

Aditya’s Pov-

I’ll make you admit what you feel for me.. By the way.. You’ve grown up to be drop-dead-gorgeous …

-pov ends..  

he smiles. 


It was supposed to be the last chapter.. But it just got extended to one more.

the next will be the last one.

I am late because after ch2 I returned home and sudden temperature change caused me stiff cold.

Sorry again.

next in 3-4 days… Pakka!!

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  1. It was very nice episode , please post soon

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  3. Hey Ani.. Why aren’t you continuing with your Fiction that had characters of your School??
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  4. I’m waiting for the next one…. I like it…

  5. I’m waiting for the next one…. I like it… N Loving it

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