All I Have Is You (Immj2 ff) ~ Character Sketch


Hello everyone! This is the character sketch of my ff and it’s genre will be romantic thriller.
Character Sketch
Riddhima: A good looking, happy go lucky, bubbly and chirpy girl who is pursuing her business management degree.
Sejal: Riddhima’s coursemate and a good friend.
Kabir: Riddhima’s boyfriend and an Inspector.
Vansh Raisinghania: A successful businessman and have a mysterious aura.
Angre: Vansh’s assistant who knows almost everything about Vansh and is very loyal to him.
Ishani Raisinghania: Vansh’s sister who is smart and at times caring.
Sia Raisinghania: Vansh’s sister who is the most loved person in the VR mansion.
Aryan Raisinghania: A greedy person who is always behind money( Vansh, Ishani and Sia’ s cousin)
Anupriya Raisinghania: Vansh’s step-mom who as of now is very loving and caring towards Vansh, Ishani and Sia.
Dadi: A religious lady who is always concerned about her family.
Chanchal: Vansh’s aunt and Aryan’s mom.
Rudra: Vansh’s uncle and Aryan’s father.
This is all that I can open in the character sketch, there will be more mystery unfolding in the coming episodes and I will try my level best to post at least one episode everyday so that you all can enjoy at the same time remember my ff. I hope you like it and please drop your opinions or good wishes(if possible) in the comment section.

  1. All the very best and good luck khusi….
    Hamesha khushi, Khushi sae Rehana aur FF sae ham sabko Khushi sae rakna

    1. ChillHouse

      Thank you so much. I will definitely try my level best to keep you all happy with my episodes!

  2. Denza

    Loved it……….Break a leg dear

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks a ton Denza for your wishes!

  3. All the best ✌✌✌👍👍👍

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks a million Sumisha!

  4. Naira U Singh

    First thing: I really want know your writing skills and i think u will have great ideas by just looking at the sketch.
    Second thing: All the best for your new journey
    Third thing: make sure u keep everyone entertained with your story, whether it’s long or short just write a fantastic one ( just an advice don’t feel bad)

    1. ChillHouse

      Sure dear! I will definitely try to keep you all entertained through my ff and you can definitely check out my writing skills and let me know how is it!🤗🤞 And lastly thank you so much for your wishes!

  5. Oh really good starting dear!! 🥰🥰
    Lots of good wishes for upcoming track!!😉
    If don’t mind don’t keep kabir in negative role, in every ff he is in this kind of role and really fed up by that!!🙁 do something opposite.
    And also no ragini please 🥺🥺
    I really want kabir to love ridhima so much even in ff i mean you know if it’s possible keep vansh in negative 👎🏻 🤔😉😂
    Just came across my thoughts so did it so please don’t mind it dear!!😊
    No handicap siya right???🤔
    Well glad to see ishani and anupriya is at something good in your track! 😂
    Well now it’s upon you to take it or not👍
    Keep entertaining us dear we’ll support you always ☺️😋
    Thanks and keep us updated soon

    1. ChillHouse

      Dear Dina,
      Glad to know that you liked some of my characters but sorry I can’t fulfill 2 of your wishes…But on a happy note there definitely is no Ragini and no handicap Siya. Do forgive me for not making Vansh negative ( I really love his character!)😔

  6. Starting is just amazing 💕😍……
    Best of luck 👍🏻
    Eagerly Waiting for episode🤩🤩

    1. ChillHouse

      Absolute pleasure that you liked the start and thanks for the wishes!

  7. Good luck…it sounds interesting…waiting for Ff

    1. ChillHouse

      Glad you found it interesting…your wait will be over soon as I have already posted the episode but the site hasn’t published it yet! Thanks for wishing me luck!

  8. Rianshfan

    good luck for the future..

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks a lot dear!

  9. Keep going…… Good luck.

    1. ChillHouse

      Thank you Shivangi!

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks a lot!

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