I am alive because of u(season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 6 and 7

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hi guys.
i am back after a 1 month break. i am very very sorry for not posting as i am in 12 th.
a good news is my school has closed a week before my actual last day of the school.
so now i am free and wanted to give a long episode as kumud asked..
please do comment without fail..

At morning.
Khushi wakes first and prepares coffee and wakes raman.
Khushi: I have a work and I am putting leave today also to hospital. I have works.
Raman:what is it.
Khushi: for ur wedding preparation only. So bye.
Raman: ok bye. I am going outing with ishita.
Khushi smiles and leaves.

Raman picks ishita…
Ishita: hi raman..
Raman: hi ishtita…
Ishita: so what is today plan mr bhalla.
Raman: u tell.
Ishita: I want to go to beach…
Raman: in delhi u want beach?
Ishita: I don’t know. I want to go. Please raman…
Raman: whats the time?
Ishita: 10 am..
Raman: we should be here at 7 pm. Ok .he stops the car and phones someone after some time.. he comes inside..
Raman: is miss ishita is interested to goa with me?
Ishita: really.
Raman nods.
Ishita hugs raman.
Ishita: thank u thank u..
Raman: wont I fulfill my girlfriend’s wish..
Ishita: I am ur biwi.
Raman: that is after marriage.
Ishita smiles.
Raman: rush up.. 45 mins we have a flight to catch..
Raman starts the car.
Ishita: if I asked my father , this is impossible ishu. He would have told me this. thank u so much raman..
Raman smiles.
They both reach airport and board the flight…

Meanwile khushi wasdriving the car she sees an call..
Khushi: hello ..
Sanskar: hi I am dr sanskar speaking , husband of swara.
Khushi: yes sir, tell me ? everything fine?
Sanskar: need an appointment today..
Khushi: sure sir. Come by 6 .00 pm. I will be there in hospital.
Sanskar: thank u..
Khushi: ur welcome..
She cuts the call..

By the time she reaches restaurant.
Khushi was waiting for a person.
Khushi: he never comes on time.
That time a person came down from a call taxi.
Khushi smiles seeing him.
That person comes towards her and hugs her.
Khushi: hi mr adarsh ..
Adarsh: hi miss beauty..
Khushi: again started ur flirting . wont u ever stop ur flirting eventhough u r engagement is over.
Adarsh: flirting with sister is not a sin .
Khushi: whatever. Why didn’t u come directly to house.
Adarsh: we both r going to arrange a party for ishita and raman. bachelors party.
Khushi: what , no way.
Adarsh: please . please. It will be jolly. That is why I didn’t come to our home directly.
Khushi: ok fine. but I wont drink or do anything. u guys can do whatever u want.
Adarsh: sure. He says smirking.
Khushi: why r u looking like that.
Adarsh: nothing. Hey here is a parcel for u.
He opens his bag and gives her a parcel.
Khushi: what is it?
Adarsh: dress for tomorrow award function.
Khushi: why for me u should give to swadhenta na.( adarsh fiancé).
Adarsh: no she is not coming. So i thought u r also free na.
Khushi: so second priority came to first right.

Adarsh smiles.
Khushi: ok I am coming.
Adarsh: really..
Khushi: no.
Adarsh: u rkidding.
Khushi: stop it.
That time in a opposite table a person is sitting for an official work.
Adarsh sees him.
Adash: arnav singh raizada.
Khushi turns and sees him.
Adarsh goes to him.
Adarsh: hey arnav..
Arnav: hey adarsh what r u doing here.
Adarsh: I came to meet my friend. How r u ?
Arnav: yeah good.
Adarsh: arnav meet this is khushi. khushi this is arnav. and khushi is my best best friend and my fiancé.
Khushi keeps the head in her hand.
Khushi: don’t know where to flirt and how to flirt idiot.
Arnav gets shocked.
Adarsh: hey she is my sister yaar and u know my fiancé is in Australia for an work.
Arnav gets relaxed hering that.
Khushi: u always r flirting adarsh. Please bandh karo na.
Adarsh: ok sorry. I wont flirt.
Khushi: but please don’t turn to sentimental. U take 2 extremes. Wont remain in middle ever.
Adarsh: would u join us arnav?
Arnav:yeah sure. I came here for an meeting and it just got over.
All the three proceeds towards a table.
Adarsh: did u like it khushi?
Khushi: wait I will open. She opens it and finds and red long frock with neeted blask designs.
Khushi: its awesome really.. thank u.
Adarsh: u will surely come na.
Arnav: where?
Adash: tomorrow awards..
Arnav: oh yes. even I should search a partner .. khushi will u come with me as partner.
Adarsh: no way. She is coming with me.
Khushi: ok arnav , I will come with u.
Adarsh: this is not fair.
Khushi: all is fair mr Sinha. She winks.
Arnav: ok then I will pick u up at 7 pm.
Khushi smiles.
Adarsh: then u should give the parcel I can give to anyother.
Khushi: I wont give as this my brother gave.
Adarsh: then who invited u?
Khushi: the flirter.
Adarsh: do u like brother or flirter?
Khushi: I like flirter as he makes me laugh and brother makes me cry. bad brother. She says poutingly.they both laugh at her expression.
Arnav seriously admires them both..
Arnav thinks she is creating a great bond with everyone. Don’t know why god made her suffer this much. but god I promise u that once we both get together I will make sure that she will receive all the happiness which she has been earning for. I promise u khushi.
Adarsh: arnav will u join us in party.
Arnav:what party.
Adarsh: we r organizing a party for khushi’s brother that is my another best friend raman so why cant u join us.
Arnav: ok I will join u , text me the address.
Adarsh: yeah sure. Now we both should leave as we both have to do shopping.
Khushi: what shopping?
Adarsh: purchase for the party . come fast.
Khushi: u r un predictable.
Adarsh: I know that . come fast.
They both leaves.
Khushi: but I have appointment at 6.
Adarsh: make it at 4 then we will leave.
Khushi: ok fine mr Sinha. Not again.

Adarsh and khushi leaves to hospital as it was already 3.30
Khushi phone raman..
Khushi: raman I want u and ishita to be in this place at sharp 7 pm.
She cuts the call..

Where raman received the phone he was in car seeing goa..
Ishita: what is it raman
Raman: she told to be at this place by 7 pm..
Ishita: why?
Raman: guess some surprise.
Ishita: now it is 2 pm.. we r going to beach and then boarding the flight again by 4 pm right.
Raman: yeah.. we reached..
They both go down and walk holding each others hand.
Ishita: raman. u know it is really a very important day of my life.
Raman: yes. do u like today’s surprise?
Ishita: I love it.
They both stand near the shore..
Ishita and raman both feel the sea waves in the leg..
Ishita playfully sprinkles water on him.
Raman too does the same..
They both get drenched.
Ishita laughs.
Ishita: dress fully got drenched.
Raman: yeah. We will go to change..
Ishita: we don’t have changing dress..
Raman: we wil go and buy.. any way I think it is a party over there. We can wear that party dress. I guess adarsh would have come.
Ishita: who is adarsh?
Raman: oh I forgot to tell. Adarsh is mine, khushi schoold friend and we both studied in same college
Ishita: oh.
Raman: he also stay with us . but heis very busy and always in trips..
Ishita: wow .. really I am very excited to meet him.
Raman: a warning , if he starts he wont stop speaking.
Ishtia: really?
Raman: no one except khushi can control him. he will listen only to khushi..
Ishita: hmm ..
Raman: so we will leaves?
Ishita smiles and they both leaves.

Khushi finishes the appointment and they both leave for shopping..
At the party .. at 7.30
Khushi weared a frock of brown color till her knees. She was looking stunning. Meanwhile adarsh was dressed in white shirt and jeans.
Khushi: this dress is irritating.
Adarsh: ur looking good in it.
Khushi: whatever. He is very perfect in timing. Why eh is late?
Adarsh: u r indirectly telling me that I don’t have time sense.
Khushi: wow I didn’t understand that my foodie is this much brilliant.
Adarsh: don’t call me that.
Khushi: y. u r foodie.
Adarsh: hey I think they come . plan on..
Khushi: yeah..
They turn the lights off.
Raman and ishita enters the hall where raman wearing a suit meanwhile ishita in a pink frock. She was also looking faboulus..
The lights get on in the centre with adarsh and khushi.
Khushi: hi welcome mere bhai or bhabi.
Adarsh: hi I am adarsh by the way bhabi. Ur husbands best friend.
Khushi: so surprise.
All the lights get on and all the friends of raman and ishita’s friends were present.
All congragulate them.
Ishita: oh my god khushi. it was awesome plan. I really loved.
At the behind. A girl in the mike.
Girl: hey nandu..
Ishita turns and gets shocked seeing that girl.
Ishita: shona.
Girl: u will forget me easily haan. No invitation for ur marriage.
Ishita runs and hugs the girl.
A boy behing that girl.
Boy: aramse ishu.
Ishita: oh jiju. Sorry. swara. i don’t need to invite u. wont come without invitation?
That girl is none other than our swara and sanskar.
Swara smiles.
Ishita: u have not changed.
Swara: even u too nandu.
Ishita: kaise hua jiju.
Sanskar: as long as I have married ur friend how can I be happy?
Swara: sanskar. she turns and pouts angrily.
Ishu: oh meri shona. cool down. U look awesome in this saree.
Swara smiles.
Ishu: raman come here.
Raman comes towards them..
Ishtia: this is swara. my best best friend and this is sanskar his husband.
Raman: hello.
Sanskar: hi.
Swara: can I call u jiju?
Raman: yes sure.
Ishu: khushi or adarsh where r they?
Raman: they. See they r both chitchatting with friends. Wait.
Raman calls them and they both come.
Sanskar and swara gets shocked to see khushi there.
Raman: this is my sister khushi and my best friend adarsh..
Khushi: dr sanskar and swara ji.
Ishita: so u both know each other already.
Khushi: yes.. I am swara’s doctor. Today also they came to my clinic.
Ishita: ok. fine.

Meanwhile a person came in with same white shirt and jeans he was none other than arnav.
Ishu gets shocked seeing arnav.
Ishu: arnav. u. wow. So u both planned and came here ah jiju?
Khushi and raman was stunned.
Khushi: what?
Ishu: arnav and sanky are brothers.
Khushi: what?she gets stunned.
Arnav also don’t know what to say..
Sanskar: hey we both r best friends and that was we are also like brothers.
Khushi: oh ok..
Arnav sighs in relief.
Adarsh : so ladies and gentleman let me invite everyone for dance. Especially raman and ishita.
Raman smiles and holds ishita’s hand. They both together.
There was a light music going on.
Sanskar and swara dance lightly as swara was not able to dance fastly.
Khushi was simply staring meanwhile adarsh came.
Adarsh: want a dance with me?
Khushi:no thanks. I am comfortable like this.
Adarsh: ok fie. U r only going to miss a dance with mr perfect.
khushi: go and search a parter my friend.
Khushi smiles winningly.
Adarsh: and I will see who is going to ask u dance.
He winks and leaves.
Khushi was sitting in the chair.
Meanwhile arnav comes.
Arnav: can u join a dance with me?
Khushi: hmm ok..
She gets up and they both dances.
Adarsh: oh my god she even got a pair. Swadeenta I really miss u yaar. why u r there in Australia. God by any chance send her na please.

Arnav: u r looking beautiful in this dress.
Khushi: thank u and u too good look.
Arnav: so what r u going to do nexct.
Khushi: I am planning to go home.
Arnav: wow very funny , I am not able to laugh..
Khushi: I am planning to do phd. Should prepare for that..
Arnav: why studies always, it is really irritating to keep on studying.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: the three things which wont leave me o any situation are studies,raman and adarsh. Rest of all them will go away from one point and I am always getting disappointed so why to leave it mr raizada.
Arnav: call me arnav..
Khushi: ok arnav. tell me. why should I leave my moral support?
Arnav: yes u r correct.
Arnav thinks she is very hurted inside but hides with a smile. What r u khushi? ur each character makes me more attached to u. I love u khushi and I will surely be ur moral support and change the idea of relationships in ur mind. I will show u people who don’t leave u khushi. its ur arnav’s promise khushi.
Khushi: hello what u r thinking?
Arnav: nothing.
Khushi: how do u know sanky?
Arnav mind voice
I think she came to the point. What shall I tell her. I will tell her the truth.
Arnav: actually he is my bua’s son. That is my bua garima aunty son.
Khushi gets shocked. she stops dancing.
Khushi:excuse me.
Arav: what happened khushi.
Khushi: I have a cofrence call to attend. Please.
She goes out.
Tears were rolling in her eyes.
Khushi: why god making my life so complicated. Why should I meet all of them?

Meanwhile adarsh notices khushi is not there.
He goes In search of khushi.
Meanwhile raman and ishita were sitting.
Raman: ishu this is the best day of my life. u know I enjoyed a lot.
Ishita: me too yaar. u know we should thank adarsh and khushi really. I didn’t expect all my friends to be here.
Raman: hey how r sanky and arnav related.
Ishu: sanskar’s brother is arnav. sanskar ‘s mom is arnav’s bua.
Raman: what?
Ishu: yes.
Raman: then sanskar is garima’s son?
Ishu: yes yaar? why what happened?
Raman: that garima is khushi’s mother.
Ishita: what?
Raman: don’t tell this to khushi. let it be silent. We shouldn’t worry her ishu. Already she not asusual.
Ishita: raman. stop worrying.
Ishita cups raman’s face.
Ishita: we will deal it together. Don’t worry. We both will sort out the issues.
Raman hugs ishita.
Raman: thanks
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: u go and see khushi. I will go and see sanky.
Raman and ishita leaves.

Ishita goes to swasan
Where sanskar went to get juice for her.
Swara was sitting. Ishu came towards her and sat.
Ishu: how is ur life shona.
Swara: yes good.
Ishu: is the baby kicking foot ball.
Swara: nandu dont know when to do comedy.
Ishu: is jiju taking good care shona?
Swara: no problem ishu. I am very superb.u know he sets the clininc in our house itself so he is not going to hospital. He is always staying with me. our new house is very good with me sanky and my baby.
Ishu: why what happened to sanskar’s ma’s house?
Swara: we came out ishu?
Ishu: what?
Swara: yes. I came out of that house. ishu I am going to tell u one thing. I don’t know how will u take.
Ishu: I know sanskar is khushi’s brother shona.
Swara gets shocked.
Swara: u know it..
Ishu: rama confirmed it.
Swara: we came out of that house for khushi.
Ishita: what?
Swara: yes. during marriage I don’t know these and all ishu. I know one thing. Sanky ahd a sister. but not about her whereabouts. Then one day I saw in store room her photos and asked sanky about it. he then told me about it everything. I became shocked and confronted them both. They told me to get out.
Ishu: what?
Swara: yes. they told me to leave sanky. They didn’t like me from first and took this as an opportunity to separate me and him. they told against me to sanskar. but he believed them. I went to my parents home.
Ishu: why u didn’t tell me these all shona?
Swara smiles: I thought why to disturb u?
Ishu: this is wrong shona. u r friend is always there for u.
Swara: I know that. u know I was very weak by that time and my parents were not there in the house as they went to a tour. I didn’t inform about this fight but just informed that I am staying here for a few days as sanky has gone abroad due to some works. so I was only staying in the house.
Hey guys I think from this part there I should add conversation to sanskar and swara..
Swara was there in badi sitting sadly . she was very weak..
Swara: why did u do this to me sanky. Why did u believe them.
Tears were falling from her eyes.
That time bell rings. She wipes her tears and go to open the door..
She opens the door and sees sanky there.
Sanskar: I am sorry shona.
Swara: don’t call me that. what u want.
Sanskar: I know they r at worng but swara I canot do anything against them.
Swara: y ? not for ur sister atleast for ur wife u can do it na.
Sanskar was numbed by her question.
Swara:u don’t know how that small girl of 8 years would have felt. U don’t know her pains sanskar. how can u be just like that. how can u forget her and be happy. u know a girl need her mother in each and every stage of ur life. what ur family did. I don’t want to be with family like them. Urr family not only illtreated her but me too. They used to taunt me that I am not in their class. I didn’t say anything to u. what is my fault sanky. What is ur sister fault? Did u ever think about her? did u ever tried to search her? did u ever thought atleast a day one time about her.
Sanskar: yes I thought about her daily and I am sincerely searching for her shona.he shouts. Swara gets startled a little. I am searching her from when I got a job swara. I am trying eveyr possible way. U don’t know that. don’t speak without knowing anything.
Swara shouts a little: then why u didn’t support ur wife? Why u didn’t speak against them?
Sanskar: because they wont understand me and u will understand me in any situation. U don’t know what situation I was in shona. I now decided swara. I would be with u. I don’t want them. We both will move to some other house
He was sayig this holding her shoulders.
Swara was not able to concentrate on what he spoke. She was feeling somewhat dizzy. Sanskar notices it.
Sanskar: swara. he tries to bring her in conscious but she faints.
He takes her to the bed and made her lie down. He sprinkles water . she gets conscious.
Swara couldn’t get up due to weakness.
Sanskar made her sit.
Sanskar cups her face.
Sanskar: what happen swara?
Swara: I don’t know sanky . I am feeling very tired for the past few days.
Sanskar: idiot wont u tell me? come we will go to doctor.
Swara: no sanky.
Sanskar: come. we will go to hospital now.
He takes her to the hospital.
Khushi was their doctor.
Khushi: hello. Please sit.
Sanky: dr this is dr sanky phycatrist . my wife is not feeling well for few days. could u please check hher.
Khushi: sure. U please wait outside mr sanskar.
She checks swara and take certain tests..
She asked sanskar to come in and informs him that she is pregnant.
Both were beyond happiness.
Khushi: take care of her . she is already weak and needs support of u especially. She is not taking her food properly so she is having these weakness. Ask her to eat. Come to check up next month and take this vitamis tablet.
Swara: thank u dr.
They both leaves.
Swarra hugs sanky excitedly.
Sanskar was beyond happiness. He couldn’t explain anything
Swara: I am very happy sanky..
Sanskar: yes even I am very happy. thank u so much swara for everything. we both will move to a new house. we both only in our world.
Sanskar kisses swara’ forehead.
Swara: I am going to become ma. I am not able to believe.
Sanskar smiles seeing her childishness.
Sanskar: we should give the baby all the happiness.
Swara: yes and we will call the baby as chotu.
Sanskar: yes madamji.
They both smile seeing happiness.
Swara: we both shifted to an house and started our ew journey.
Ishita hugs swara.
Ishita: I am very happy for u shona.
Swara: please take care of my sister In law..
Ishita: hello she is also mine sister in law.
They both smiles.
Sanskar: excuse me ladies. Swara juice.
Swara drinks obediently like a small child.
Ishita smiles and leaves.

Meanwhile outside.
Khushi was standing outside.
Adarsh sees her.
Adarsh: khushi.
Khushi wipes her tears.
Adarsh: what r u doing here?
Khushi: no just wanted some fresh air.
Adarsh: u r lying. Tell me the truth.
Khushi: kuch nahi. Keep ur imagination ltd mr Sinha.
Adarsh: how much u will hide. Why r u hiding khushi. tell me the truth.
Khushi: I came to know john.
Adarsh: what.
Khushi: this arnav is that arnav.
Adarsh gets shocked.
Khushi: he told me that sanky is that ladies son.
Tears were rolling in her eyes.
Adarsh hugs her.
Khushi: why all of them r coming infront of my eyes? Why ? to leave me and again coming in front of my eyes when I am happy in my life.
Adarsh: ok cool down. We will see everything. don’t worry.
Khushi: I don’t want to keep trust on anyone else adarsh. I don’t want to be broken again
Adarsh: ok fine. u don’t need to keep. Come. face them khushi. how much days u will hide from urself. Please yaar. don’t be like this. u r very strong na.
Khushi nods.
Adarsh: come we will go home.
Khushi: but party?
Adarsh: come na.
Meanwhile raan comes.
Raman: why u both r standing here.
Adarsh: raman. she knows who sanskar is..
Raman: now only ishu told me. don’t worry khushi. we can face everything together.
Khushi nods her head.
Raman hugs her.
Raman: don’t worry . be happy. we r there. Don’t worry about anyone focus on ur dreams khushi.
Khushi : yes.
Adarsh: I am taking her out.
Raman nods no.
Raman: she should learn adarsh. Let her be here and face everyone. One day or the other she should face . why not today. Come with me khushi.
Raman takes khushi inside.
Arnav was watching these and all…
He then comes inside. But sees khushi sad.

Meanwhile raman, adarsh and ishita notes her sadness.
They decides to cheer her up.
Meanwhile raman ,adarsh and ishita dances on tamma tamma.
They all drag her and dance around her .
Khushi smiles at last.
They smiles seeing her..

Soon the party got over..

All of them reaches home..

The next day khushi and ishu was there in khushi’s house and they both were getting ready for the function..
Khushi: u look stunning in this blue saree ishu. I am sure raman is going to be flat on u..
Ishita: tamasha bandh kar. U look the most beautiful… ur merron frock that to with netted . anyone will fall for u..
Khushi: oh me lets see.
Ishita takes a little of kajal and keeps for khushi in backside her ears.
Khushi: even I will do. she does the same.
Both of them laughs..
Khushi: chalo..
They both come out of the room and sees adarsh and raman waiting.
Adarsh: taking 4 hrs to get ready.
Adarsh and raman gets shocked to see them.
Adarsh: raman pinch me? is it our devil?
Khushi: haan its me mr Sinha.
Raman: u r looking very awesome ishu.
Ishu: thank u raman can we leave.
Khushi: excuse me mr adarsh? Who is ur pair?
Adarsh: no one is there? What can I do?
Khushi: can I say u a surprise?
Adarsh: what surprise?
Khushi: swadeenta is waiting for u in her house. go and pick her.
Adarsh: what really?
Khushi: yes that is why I said no to u. now chalo fast..
Adarsh hugs khusi in excitement.
Adarsh: thank u thank u so much. u r my god angel everything. he leaves fastly.
All of them laughs.
Raman: bagal ladka.
Khushi: u both leave , arnav told he will coe to pick me.
Raman: ok fine.
Ishita: come soon bye.
Khushi smiles.
They both leave…

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