I am alive because of u (season 2) – Prologue and Epi 1

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Hi guys. This is a new ff on arshi, ishra and swasan. Here is the prologue and characters of this ff. swasan will come after few episode their role is one of the important role to the story. This story is mainly about raman and khushi and sanskar coming as an supportive role and swara will bring the light out of the darkness in the story. Ishita being a support to raman and arnav bringing out the real khushi in her.
Story starts with
An orphanage.
It was lead by a women named meera.
There was a girl of 8 years in a room crying keeping her face hidden between her knees.
A boy came to her, he was also of 8 years.
Boy: what happen to u?
Girl: my mom and dad left me and went.
Boy: where?
Girl: they thought me as a sin….
Boy: don’t cry.
Girl: who is there for me now?
Boy: I am there for u.
Girl: even my brother also left me with them.
Boy: then I am ur brother from now on. Will u accept me as ur brother.
The girls smiles.
Boy: cant I know my sister name?
Girl: khushi…. Ur name ?
Boy: raman.
They both shake hands.
raman: hereafter don’t worry. Come lets play with the others.
Khushi: don’t u have parents.
Raman smiles.
Raman: they left me and went to god. Ok leave that come we will play.

He took khushi and they all played….

Characters….. which is after 18 years when khushi and raman are 26 years..
Khushi kumara gupta: an orphan and she hater her family who abandoded her thinking her as a sin. She is an harworker.. she is an doctor who did mbbs and ms in ortho and gyneocologist.
Raman bhalla: he is an owner of the company bhallas. He handles it very well. his one and only family is khushi. He loves her a lot like a sister no she is a sister of him.
Meera: the head of the orphanage and treats everyone like her old child.
Shashi and garima gupta: parents ok khushi.
Sanskar/john( he plays the role of khushi’s brother.): he is an physcatrist by profession.
Swara: sanskar’s wife. Cute . she don’t know about the happenings of khushi. She loves sanskar a lot.

Coming to the raizadas.
Arnav singh raizada: arrogant but have a soft corner. Loves his dadi a lot than his parents as they always stay away from him.
Raj and swashi singh raizada: parents of arnav and anjali.
Anjali: arnav’s small sister . loves her life a lot and enjoys the most.

Coming to ishita family…
Praveen and sadha singh are the parents of ishita.
Ishita singh: a very lovabale girl. she is a mba graduate and working under a company.
Aisha: a 10years girl. love khushi a lot and has a special bond with both raman and khushi.
Yadav: a 10 years loves all of them as his family .
Yadav and aisha are also like khushi and raman and the orphanage is closed as almost everyone was adopted and so aisha and Yadav lives with meera in their house. khushi and raman lives in the same house.
It is somewhat a big house with great interiors.

Epi 1.

the episode starts with a cute girl sleeping hugging her pillow tightly. She wakes up at the sound of alarm
the girl wakes up at the ring of alarm. That is none other than khushi.
She gets ready and gets ready and is driving her car.
Khushi’s phone rings.
Khushi: raman.
Raman: hey sweety how r u?
Khushi: fine now only going to hospital.. what r u doing there in US?
Raman: thinking about u only.
Khushi: hello raman don’t talk like that. may be u might have been thinking of ishita.
Raman poutingly: khushi.
Khushi: what raman. if I say truth u will feel bitter only.
Raman: leave all that. u r fine na.
Khushi: I am fine raman.
Raman: r u missing me?
Khushi: no not at all. Thankgod I escaped from ur lectures and tortures. She winks.
Raman gets angry.
Khushi: angry ya. Be angry . bye.
She cuts the call and smiles.
At the other side raman laughs.
Raman: bhagal… but she said true about ishita. I was thinking about her only. He smiles.
He remembers their first meet.
At morning 8 pm.
Khushi goes and wakes raman.
Khushi: raman wake.
Raman: what duffer? What u want?
Khushi: mister get up. today we r going to see a bride for u.
Raman: I will not marry until u marry.
Khushi: first u marry and then u and ur wife search a groom for me. deal.
Raman: deal. But if u escape?
Khushi: hey I wont. Go and bath and wear the dress I have kept for u and ma is also coming with us. They both address meera as ma.
Raman: ok meri granny.
Khushi: how dare u again call me using that. she takes a glass of water and pours it in him .
Raman: khushi.
Khushi: go and get ready. I am ready and ma is also ready. Saying that she leaves the room.

After sometime khushi, raman and meera the trio goes to ishita house.
Praveen and sadha welcomes them.
Praveen: ji Namaste.
Meera: Namaste.
The trio get seated.
Then ishita comes and gives tea to them and raman gets mesmerized seeing ishita. ishita to smiles seeing ramna.
Khushi sees this.
Khushi thinks. Raman bhalla the great person blushing for the first time.
Praveen: u are?
Khushi: I am khushi kumari gupta an doctor and sister of raman.
Praveen and sadha gets confused.
Khushi: actually. We two know each other from childhood and we both lost our parents. we lived in the same orphanage and she meera our mom is the head of the orphanage. Raman legally adopted me from orphanage as a sister. I don’t want to change my name so I didn’t.
Praveen: ok. ramanji if u want u can speak to ishita.
Raman nods.
Raman and ishita both reaches the balcony of the house.
Ishita: hi I am ishita.
Raman: hi I am raman.
Ishita: I don’t like speaking roundly. I am coming to the point. I like u. dont think as I felt pity and said like this like u r an orphan. I once saw u at the happy life ashram were u and khushi both were distubuting the necessary things to the kids there and saw the kids mingling with u. I got jealous of u seeing with khushi . I thought her to be ur girl friend.
Raman laughs.
Raman: she my girl friend? Really? She is a bhagal. She is my one and only family I have ishu. I also like u . I don’t want u to feel anything like that. she will be my sister always and u know she has suffered a lot.we both struggled together to reach this position . u should not take our relationship wrong ishita.
Ishita: call me ishu. No need ishita and u know I seriously admire ur both bond.
Raman: since we r going to get married u can call em anything . whatever u want.
Ishita: raman kumar bhalla is ur full name right?
Raman: hmm.
Ishita: ravaan kumar bhalla. She laughs.
Raman: then u r Jhansi ki rani.
Raman smiles.
They both come out and say their wish.
Praveen: even we don’t have any objections…
Sadha: we will fix the mahuraat and say u the date.
Meera, raman and khushi leaves and walks downstairs.
Khushi: raman. pinch me na.
Raman pinches khushi
Khushi: wow raman finally u r getting married.
Raman smiles.
Meera: I want u both to stay happy like this. I am very happy for u beta.
Raman smiles.
Khushi: did u get her number?
Raman: oh I forgot.
Raman goes again upstairs.
Raman rings the bell.
Ishita opens the door.
Ishita: what ?
Raman: ur number?
Ishita smiles and gives her number.
Then raman leaves.
Ishita smiles again.
Flash back endsss………
Raman smiles recalling this.

In the other side..
An office is shown.
An man was angrily shouting with the staff.
Arnav: cant u do this work also properly. Always doing faulty like this. I want the perfect presentation by 1 hr go.
The man1 leaves cursing angry.
He goes down and other employees sees him thers.
Girl1: did u get scoldings ha? cant u do it properly.
Man2: hey . he might did it in mistake. Will he scold like this.
Man1: yes . I curse him. his wife will be a devil and he will suffer from his wife. I don’t know who is going to manage his anger.
Girl2: go finish ur job instead of cursing him which will lead to reduction in ur scoldings.
Mani 1 leaves to do the work.

In his cabin.
Arnav phones his dadi
Arnav: hi dadi. Had ur tablets na?
dadi: haan chote. Don’t worry.
Arnav: watch while walking.
dadi:hello arnav. I am ur nani. U don’t command or rule me. I know who I am .
Arnav: dadi I know. I am worried about u.
dadi: I am file . u just saw me before 2 hrs chote. Not fair. Do ur work.
Arnav: ok dadi
Arnav keeps the phone…


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    Raman and Khushi are orphan that Gupta abandon Khushi and Bhalla left Raman since their young age. Love Rashi childhood story and close family. I like how Ishu get jealous see Rashi closeness but in love with Raman. Raman explain to Ishu is so amazing and very clear that what Khushi mean to him. Khushi becomes naughty to teased Raman about his missing for Ishu and can’t want for their marriage fixed.

    Please continue with this story.

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