Annika came out from her hospital room to face a dangerous man with Kanji green eyes . Next to that man was a long haired smiling creature on his right and another duffer dumbbell stupid smiling bodybuilder on his left side.
“Oh bete ki!!”- Annika used the famous words,”Security is very tight in this hospital. Three body guard for only one patient”.
“Are you alright Annika bhabhi”- The body builder came to hug her,”I was crying for these few hours after getting the unknown call from hospital about your accident”.
“Bhabhi”- The long haired creature also came to her,”You almost gave a heart attack to us. Shivaay was like a body with out soul”.
“Stop your stupid bakwas”- Annika shouted closing her own ears,”Why will Lord Shivaay be like a body with out soul because of my accident”.
“Bhabhi,Shivaay bhaiyya”- The dumbbell repeated his words,”your husband”.
“You guys are really mad I think”- Annika gave the instant reply,”I am not married still”.
“You are married bhabhi”- Om made her sit on the near by chair,” You are Shivaay’s wife”.
“Oye!! modern Tarzan..Have you ever seen your face on mirror”-Annika pierced her fiery gaze at Om,”I am so Khidkitod beautiful. I can never marry any mythological Shivaay who doesn’t wear clothes ever,wears snakes around his neck and spends his life like a hermit”.
“Not Lord Shivji”- Rudra scratch his logically tired brain,”but to modern Shivaay, bhabhi”.
“I am Annika”- She knew her name ,”I am a Salman Khan fan”.
“I know that already”- The dumbbell replied,”we used to watch his movies together”.
“This is the point Duffer. I never thought about marrying Salmanji keeping his age as a border between our love”- Annika borrowed some logic from Rudra,”How can I marry the modern Shivaay Ajay Devgonji like that?”
The long haired creature pulled his own shining hairs in a tight fist. Then looked at the Kanji eyed man.
“We know you are Annika”- Om hold Annika by her hand,” He is Shivaay,your husband”.
” He is Shivaay,no way!!”- Annika closed her own eyes tightly,”I could have believed if you have told me that he is Edward,his green eyes resembles a vampire”.
“Om, Rudra”- Shivaay finally opened his mouth,” leave Kalavathi Thakur”.
His lean finger pointed at Annika. The other two left her side and went near that lean kanji eyed man.
“Oye, Amnesia patient”- Annika too went near him,”Its Parvathi not Kalavathi”.
“Shivji is married to Parvathi maatha”- Annika went on bashing the three security guard,”you did a mistake by calling devi maatha by weird name”.
“I am calling my wife “- Shivaay also fought like a child,”my wife..I can call by any name I want ..stay away from my matter”.
“You are sounding very arrogant”- Annika looked at him with her round wide eyes,” I think they appointed you mistakenly as a security guard at this hospital. The other two are fine but you are not fit for this job. Your body is not like that of a security guard”.
“Thank you”- Shivaay looked at sky for the Almighty,” That you didn’t forgot to give some sense in her brain”.
“I am not going to say Welcome”- Annika tried to return inside her room in hospital,”You three are very irritating”.
“Bhabhi stop this and lets go home now”- Rudra blocked her way,” I am not going back home with out you”.
” Annika is my name..not bhabhi”- She took the knife from the fruit basket beside her bed,” I am not going any where”.
” Bhaiyya,O!!”- Rudra shouted,” please ask bhabhi to return home with us”.
“Bhaiyya!!.you three are brothers!”- Annika was surprised.
“Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra”- The duffer introduced.
” Again a lie”- Annika narrowed her black eyes,” The first two are the names of Ajay Devgon movie.. I don’t know if he is making any movie in the name Rudra”.
” No Annika didi”- Rudra protested “bhaiyya said these names are inspired from the various names of Shankar Bhagwanji not from Ajay Devgon movies”.
“Oh!!”- She sighed,”he kept all your name?”
“Dadi kept all our names”- Rudra introduced a new member,”We have a very sweet and loving darling Dadi”.
“She take care of you three”- Annika concluded on her own.
“That kanji eyed man is Shivaay bhaiyya and the long haired creature is Om”- Rudra introduced his brothers.
” He looks like an angry Billu and the other one very funny with his pony tail”- Annika remarked,” How came all three brother is working in a same hospital?”
” We are not hospital security”- Rudra’s protein shake consuming brain came to their rescue,” you are our friend”.
” I got a doubt as you guys are not wearing any uniform”- Annika eyed the three piece business suit of Billu then at the samurai costume of Om and back to Rudra and his sport track pant,” I am sorry for misunderstanding you guys as kidnapper at first sight”.
” I am happy Rudra”- Annika smiled,” I have three more friends other than Chanda”.
“Your bracelet is your friend”- Rudra thought to clear his doubt,” the chand bracelet”.
” Er.. no a girl who lives next door to me”- Annika said,” I am friends with living things only not with non- living”.
“Bhaiyya”- Rudra hugged Shivaay,” my head is spinning”.
” My head is spinning at a very high speed”- Om also joined head spinning club.
“Shivaay how are you feeling”- Om turned not finding him with them.
“Bhaiyya!”- They find him sitting on the ground . His hand on head with his kanji eye closed.
“Me head is spinning at a rate to beat the moving tyres of formula one car”-Shivaay whispered to his bending brothers…as they also sat on the floor beside him.
This is part-1 of my upcoming story on May.
I will continue after ending undeniable desire. Hope all your love will be with me in this journey of Ishqbaazi like before… love you my Ishquise.
– Astha Reddy

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