Alfaaz- The Unspoken Words (Part-2)

Alfaaz- The Unspoken Words :2

“‘LOVE IS BLIND’ is not a cliché, it’s a truism”



Riddhima released a deep breath and looked at Vansh, who was actually looking at her hopefully.

“If you say so, I agree.” She said and saw a wide smile on his face. He was relaxed finally hearing a ‘yes’ from her and that’s what mattered to him. Engulfing her in a hug he placed a kiss on her cheeks.

“Thank you!” He said and broke the hug. “I-I’ll inform him that you had agreed to work with him.”

She saw as he was about to leave when she stopped him. Moving closer to him, she wrapped her palm around his shirt’s collar and looked into his eyes.

“Are you sure?” He heard her and then scrunched his eyebrows at her.

“Yes, I’m” He said and then saw as she smiled at him. His mind relaxed but his heart was insecure of her leaving him.



Standing in front of the mic, was now normal for her but without Vansh. No, it was not, he was always there with her.

“Riddhima, don’t worry. Close you eyes and then sing.” She remembered his voice and took a deep breath, the first thing she could see was him only.

A smile broke out on her lips as she was now sure. Living without him and her life will be hell.  Her soft and melodious voice was now ruling over everyone’s heart. She was eager for their album to get released but even the releasing date was too far from then. So, now she was working with some other company only on Vansh’s insistence.

She looked as she sang the song with utter most calmness. Her eyes went on Vansh’s friend, Kabir who was the owner of the company and a music director. She looked at him from the glass wall as he signed her to meet him in his cabin.

Knocking on the door, she entered in and saw him sitting on the chair with a smile on his face.

“Hi” She said and saw as he signed her to sit with a smile.

“You are very good singer.” She heard him appraise her and then saw as he ordered a cup of coffee for them.

“You called me for some work?” She said as if making him release. He nodded and then passed her a file.

Opening it, she started to ruffle through the sheets reading each and every line carefully and then looked at him angrily. Getting up she threw the file on the table.

“What the hell is this?” She shouted looking as he got up.

“What? Its just a contract. See you had a contract with Vansh’s company for a year and that’s over so you can sign with our.” She heard him and opened her mouth wide.

“Why do you think I would do something like that?” She asked and looked at him.

“What’s the issue?” Before he could reason out anything more. She left the room closing the door with a loud thud.



Reaching to VR Mansion, she knocked on his door but didn’t got any response. Looking around she was just too eager to tell Vansh about that contract but he was no where to be seen. She saw as Angre entered in.

“Angre, Where’s Vansh?” She asked him flaring her nose in anger.

“He- He had went for recording. You can wai-” Before he could say she left the place angrily. “What’s wrong with her”

He asked and looked as she left the Mansion angrily.


Two days went by, since she didn’t went for her recording. Sitting in her room, she saw umpteenth call from the music director but there was few calls of Vansh.

Throwing the phone angrily on the bed, she went to the kitchen from where she heard her father’s voice.

“Don’t you have to go for recording today?” He asked and she was now confused about telling him the reason.

“Yes, I’ll go but tomorrow” She said and passed him the cup of tea.

“Why not today? Are you okay?” He asked concerned and looked at her.

“Yeah, was just having a headache.” He nodded passing her a smile.

With a broken heart, she went back to her room to think of the ways she can spend her day.



Closing her eyes, she took several turns to sleep on her bed but now the tension was make home in her mind.

“Don’t he love me? Yes, that’s why he didn’t called me even for once” She said to herself and tears came out from the side of her eyes. Her body went numb even at the thought of it, she was scared to lose him now. “Why am I assuming things? I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

She said and closed her eyes but sleep was far away from her, as if gone on a vacation. She felt a hand on her eyes and opened it, scared she immediately turned back and found Vansh on the other side of the bed.

“Hi Sweetheart.” She heard him and hugged him tightly being scared. She saw as he caressed her back trying to make her calm. Coming out of the hug, she punched him directly on his stomach. “Ouch!! What was that for?”

“For leaving me alone for two days.” She yelled and saw as he cupped her mouth.

“Uncle is sleeping, scold me slowly.” She heard him and rolled her eyes as he removed his hands from her mouth.

“You know that friend of yours, he is such an idiot.” She said sitting straight looking at him.

“What did he do?” He asked taking her hands in his.

“He- he asked me to a sign contract with him, can you believe?” He heard and saw as she continued talking with him while he was caressing her cheeks.

“Riddhima, let’s go out.” He said suddenly and looked at her.

“What? No, Papa.” She said reasoning him.

“That’s why I’m saying let’s go out. We won’t tell him.” He said and held her hand.

“No-No-NO” She yelled and saw as he sat back. “We will go some other time. First listen to me, I have to tell you so many things that happened to me in two days.”

“But listen to me first, mine is important” She heard him and shushed him up.

“No, first me and then you.” He nodded following her words.



“So, you are signing the contract?” Riddhima heard this line for the third time and now she was tired.

“You want me to sign with you or not. I guess No.” She said and was about to go when she saw him coming to her.

“I didn’t mean in that way. Sit, I’ll bring the papers.” She nodded and saw as he left. After a while, he came back reading the papers.

“So, Vansh made you agree.” She nodded hearing him and picked up the pen. Signing on the contract, she nodded. “Congratulations BTW, your album will be releasing next week.”

She passed him a smile with the pen.


Getting in the car, Riddhima recalled as Kabir asked her to go for a coffee date with him. She didn’t wanted to but when he insisted she agreed and now knowing he was not that bad, she didn’t had any reason to refuse.

Coming back from their, she came to her room and kept the bag on the bed, was about to move towards the washroom when she heard her phone ringing. Picking it up she heard Angre’s concerned voice which made her panic.



“I had told you, Vansh. YOU were the one who had asked me to sign this contract then what’s the problem now?” She asked and looked as he was sitting on the bed ruffling his long fingers through his hair.

Knowing he was frustrated she just wished to know the reason of such mood swings he was having.

“I don’t know anything, you will go for the recording with Angre and then back to home.” She opened her mouth to say when he shushed her up. “No arguments and that’s it. Just for once listen me.”

“What’s wrong with your mood? Why are you behaving like this?” She asked and then looked as he looked at her.

“I-I’m sorry.” He said and sat back. Pulling her to him, he wrapped his arms around her waist keeping his head on his stomach as she soothingly ran her hands to his hairs calming him down. “Don’t leave me please.”

“I’m not, Vansh.” She said and looked down at him.


Her hands went numb, when she heard what was told to her.

“No, Vansh can never cheat me. I know him more than you.” She said and looked at Kabir. “You are lying.”

“You only think, why would I lie to you? Do I have any reasons?” He said coming in front of her “On top of that I’m his friend, I’m telling you this cause I know him and you. You are too innocent and he is just using you for his career.”

“Stop that nonsense.” She shouted on his face. “I trust him and I know he won’t do.”

“His career was at the end. But when you joined him, he got it back. His company got the same position again. You only tell, did he told you this?” He shouted on her retreating figure. “No na, Riddhima. It’s ok, I’ll have to look after it.”

He said to himself and sat on the chair with his one leg on other.



“Vansh, I trust him. He must be lying, I know he is a bastard and he must be doing this with some intention. I’ll ask Vansh only.” She said and was about to go when someone kept his hands on her mouth and pulled her in the car.

Turning back, she looked at the person and exhaled a deep breath.

“Vansh…you scared me.” She said hugging from back.

“Why?” She heard him and smacked his arm.

“You really think if you will kidnap a person like this, he would be behaving normally with you.” She asked him keeping her hands on her waist.

“You are doing” She giggled releasing and saw him laughing.

“Vansh…” She said recalling Kabir’s words.

“No Vansh…Vansh… you are coming with me now.” She nodded and was about to say something when he kept his hands on her mouth stopping her from speaking. “Now I’ll remove my hands only when we will reach there”

She tried to remove his hold but only if he could let her. Pointing at the steering she glared at him.

“Oh I forgot, I’ll have to drive.” He said removing his hands.

“I won’t speak. Fine!?” She saw him nodding as he started driving.


“Wow, Vansh! You really have a good choice” She said looking at the view for their date night.

“That’s why I chose you.” He said smiling keeping his chin on her shoulder.

“Oh is that so?” He nodded making a cute face. Placing a kiss on his cheeks, she felt him wrapping his arms around her.

Inhaling her scent, he smiled seeing her looking at everything.

“Don’t leave me ever. I love you so much!” She heard him and kept her head on his shoulder.

“Vansh…I want to ask you something.” She hummed hearing him and looked as he came in front of her. “You love me na? You are not using me, right?”

He heard her shocked, just now he said and she was asking it in this way. “What happened to you? Did anyone say anything to you?”

“Just answer me Vansh, y-you are not using me, haina?” He heard her and looked at her questioning.

“No, why are you even thinking anything like that. I love you.” He said and wiped her tears. “Never say anything like that. Did anyone say anything to you??”

She nodded and told him everything that Kabir had told her. Closing his fists, he decided to teach him a lesson.

“Never Sweetheart, I won’t” He said placing a kiss on her crown. “In fact, I’ll marry you soon.”

A wide smile came on her lips listening to him.



“Vansh, don’t drive that fast. We can go slowly too….” She said and asked him to drive slowly.

“Fine…So you are scared with me?” He asked slowing down the car.

She shook her head at him and looked as he was glancing at her. “I know you can drive perfectly, but over here we have to drive safely. We don’t want to know those skills now, right?”

He nodded and looked straight. She turned looking straight. Crawling his hands to her, he picked up her hands. Keeping her hand on the steering, he saw as she got pulled to him.

“You are too much.” She mumbled and saw as he placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

While taking a turn, he was about to move. When a truck with a sudden force came to them smashing the car with them into several pieces.

Taking away their dreams, their memories, their unspoken words, their soul with it.


Angre looked at the album in his hands, Their last album- “ALFAAZ- The Unspoken Words”. He remembered their dead bodies to be found but it was completely burnt. Wiping his tears, he opened it.

On Opening it, he read the words written on it loudly in front of her father.

“Na alfaaz jhoote hote hain, 

Na shabdon ka andaaz jhoote hote hain

Likhi hui har ek baat mein, 

 Kuch sachhe jazbaat bhi chupe hote hain”

“The End”


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