Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal comes as saviour from Naagin

Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Akbar backing off from the lady who applied turmeric on his neck. She pushes out her tongue and repeats the lines about power. She congratulates Akbar for being her Naag and mocks Birbal who must dance in her wedding tomorrow. She vanishes.
Maharani asks if she was Naagin, why was Tara dancing like Naagin. Tara looks towards Trilokma who stares at Birbal. Birbal says Tara can’t speak, but Trilokma would tell. Trilokma looks towards Birbal cluelessly. Birbal says Tara wished to learn dancing since childhood and now learned from Trilokma. They hear someone cry in the room nearby. It was the same lady who appeared as the Naagin. She says she is a daasi Sunanda, who was hit on her head and is injured. Akbar sends the Daasi to doctor. They receive a message. Vijay reads that Akbar; it is his last chance. They must marry tomorrow else Akbar must marry death. Akbar asks Birbal about his consent. Birbal resigns, saying he cannot be enemy with a Naagin. He should marry Naagin now. Akbar was furious and tells Birbal to leave. He goes away. Akbar realizes this after a while and tells everyone to bring Birbal back.

In the room, Tara Bai tells Akbar they tried immensely but Birbal does not want to return. Birbal says Nagin herself can save Akbar now. Tara Bai tells Akbar to promise her that he will marry Naagin. His life is more important for her.

The next day in mandap, Sheikhu and Akbar stood together. Pandit ji tells Akbar to take a seat, the poisonous bride must soon be here. Akbar takes the seat. Everyone from the family was crying. Pandit ji was also tensed and murmurs consolations for himself. All at once there was smoke around. Naagin appears as the bride. She takes a seat besides Akbar and orders the terrified Pandit to begin the rituals. Pandit ji says they must only share cups of milk with each other. Maharani and Tara Bai cry together. Maharani lovingly hands the bowl of milk to Akbar. Before milk could be shared there was smoke all around. Two snakes come flying in the palace. Akbar asks Naagin if she had invited them. They turn into a couple emitting fire from their mouths. It was actually Lal Langot and Birbal. Akbar asks Naagin why she did not tell him her parents were also coming. Naagin was furious over Akbar.

Pandit asks if they are her parents. They introduce themselves as rules of Naglok, Nandu and the princess Nandita. Lal Langot as Nandita says according to rules of Naglok, no Naagin can marry a human. Naagin says they are only terrifying her, they cannot be Itchadari naag and Naagin. Naagin warns them to sting and transfer all her poison into them. Nandu boasts that Nandita has poison of 101 Naagin. Nandita was ready to attack the Naagin. Trilokma intervenes but was stung by Nandita. She falls down with white poison ooze out of mouth. Tara Bai was the next to intervene and was similarly stung. Nandita now moves towards Naagin who seemed terrified.

PRECAP: In the court, Akbar agrees with Birbal’s point of view. A man stops Akbar. Later, Birbal invites Akbar and his family to his cooked feast.

Update Credit to: Sona

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