Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal identifies his enemy

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Birbal leaves the palace with a heavy heart. He says to Lal Langot that his times are wrong, he has no house, respect and not even shoes to wear. He is an accused murderer. Lal Langot reminds Birbal he is a lion, and when a lion is injured, he becomes more dangerous. He presents Birbal with almonds. Birbal wanted to hug Lal Langot once more.
Later, Birbal could not think of a single solution to his problem. He believes that Dada Munir (the old caretaker) and Shardha are good people and even like him, then why they blame him. Lal Langot was sure Kamran was behind all this and this time he has won.
Kamran shows Akbar the face of Ravan designed by Budhidhan. He asks Budhidhan if he is upset because of Birbal leaving the palace. Budhidhan says he learned from Kamran to always be on the side of right and justice. Akbar was in no mood to discuss about this. He tells Kamran that a man named Bansi from Princhpur with his companion for Dasehra. He leaves the responsibility of preparations on Kamran and Budhidhan. Budhidhan promises that Akbar will never forget this Dasehra.
Birbal comes to meet Shardha but her son and she accuse Birbal of murder.
At night, Birbal follows Kamran in the dark of night. Kamran took a box filled with gunpowder from a man. The man says this gun powder is able to burn the whole palace. What Kamran intends to do. Birbal wonders what Kamran is upto. Kamran fixes the slabs of gunpowder in the face of Ravan.
In the restaurant, Lal Langot suggests Birbal to go and speak to Akbar. Birbal says it is not easy to accuse the uncle of Akbar; and Birbal is already not allowed in the palace. They must find where Kamran took the gunpowder. Budhidhan comes to the restaurant and says he knows, Kamran placed it in the Ravan face he designed. He saw Kamran last night. May be because he is Birbal’s friend and may be because they want to oust Birbal from the palace as well. Budhidhan offers to speak to Akbar, Birbal can show him the gun powder and win his confidence. Birbal thanks Budhidhan for his help. He will tell him in two days what they have to tell Akbar. They hug. Budhidhan makes a bad face.
Birbal comes to the palace. Kamran caught him in the corridor. Birbal apologizes Kamran for entering the palace but he needs to speak to Kamran. In Kamran’s room, Kamran strictly warns Birbal that what they are doing today is against law. Birbal says he knows, but it is about the protection of their state. He is being accused, and the mastermind of this game may harm Kamran as well. Kamran asks who this is. Birbal says its Budhidhan. Kamran says he is his friend. Birbal says he is his friend but has always been notorious and misused his skills. Kamran asks if Birbal has a proof. Birbal says Budhidhan told him that Kamran has hidden gunpowder in Ravan’s face. He recalls Budhidhan had said he didn’t even touch the gunpowder box, but when he shook his hands, he found gunpowder filled in his nails. Kamran was sceptical. Birbal says even document’s matter was brought up by Budhidhan. Budhidhan wanted to get Birbal caught. Kamran must wonder, if Birbal had killed Guriram, why he would have left Dada Munir. Baba speaks to Kamran that there have been differences between them, but this is about their State. Budhidhan has prepared an exact look alike of Kamran.
Kamran says Budhidhan seems to be more sensible than Birbal. He clutches his shoulders, laughs and them removes his mask. It was Budhidhan. Budhidhan asks Birbal if he is shocked. He has always been better than Birbal. He accepts killing Guriram and even burning the documents. Birbal questions why Budhidhan is filled with so much of hatred. He grabs Budhidhan’s neck but Budhidhan kicks Birbal. Birbal says his disability is also fake. Budhidhan laughs that within one day Birbal will be seen hanged to death. He warns Birbal he will create massive destruction on Dasehra in the palace. Birbal challenges Budhidhan he will stop him. If unsuccessful, he will present himself for hanging.
Akbar watches the Raam Leela performance practice. He thinks about Birbal and himself. Bansi comes to Akbar and asks about Birbal. Akbar says it seems they will celebrate Dasehra without Birbal.
There, Budhidhan suggests Kamran to appoint all their security for protection of Dasehra. What if Birbal creates some mess in Dasehra. Kamran agrees. Budhidhan laughs that Birbal will be killed by security of Akbar.
Birbal comes to the palace in an old man’s attire. Lal Langot follows him in the hall. They both come to the corridor and decide to keep an eye on Budhidhan. Budhidhan brings security, Lal Langot was caught but Birbal goes behind a wall.

PRECAP: Birbal wanted to tell Akbar something important. Akbar tells him to reach his room from the hidden passage. In the room, Birbal says it is Budhidhan faking looks of Birbal. Akbar wonders how can someone look exactly like other person. Birbal removes his mask, it was Budhidhan. He says like this, and attacks Akbar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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