Ajooni 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Ravindra agrees to Rajveer’s marriage with Ajooni

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Scene 1
Ajooni is sitting in her room and recalls everything that happened. She cries alone.

Subhash is crying, Kamal comes there and consoles him. That guy is not good for my daughter but I can’t do anything. Kamal says Ajooni is strong, don’t worry about anything.

Ravindra is angry and says how can Rajveer threaten me? He scolds his wife and says he needs to be stopped. His manager comes there and says I spied on that girl’s family. They are middle-class and only his father earns. I am sure they trapped Rajveer for money. Rajveer arrives at the house with a gun. Ravindra asks what’s going on? Rajveer points a gun at him. Ravindra says now my son is pointing a gun at me? Bebe asks Rajveer to stop. Rajveer points the gun at himself and asks him to say yes to his marriage. Ravindra asks him to stop it. Rajveer says there is only one bullet in the gun, he fires it but doesn’t happen. Ravindra says you can kill me but you won’t marry that girl. Bebe falls down in tension. She asks him to stop it. Rajveer says just say yes. Ravindra says okay, yes I will marry you with that girl but you have disappointed me. He leaves. Rajveer is happy and says I will get married now.

Ajooni gives her kurta to Meher and says you can keep it now. Meher hugs her and cries. Beeji says I don’t even know how we will meet you now, she gives her a family photo and says I only have this for you. Ajooni hugs her and cries.

Ravindra comes to Bebe and says my son pointed a gun at me. Bebe says just relax, who cares if Rajveer marries that girl? Ravindra says that master will stand beside me, I can’t let that happen. His manager Mangi says you can use this marriage for elections. You can that you don’t care about status and you even married your son to a normal master’s girl. You can get women’s votes by giving the ticket to that girl. Ravindra gets angry and says you want me to give an election ticket to that girl? He slaps him and asks him to get lost. Bebe says Mangi was not wrong. Ravindra says you people want me to lose all respect, you want me to bring that girl here and give her an election ticket? Bebe says you can use that girl for elections, just use her face and make her win. You will rule from behind but I will handle that girl. Just go and prepare for the marriage.

The wedding starts at Ravindra’s house, Ajooni arrives there with her family. Rajveer’s mother greets them and is shocked to see their cheap clothes. Bebe says I thought they were workers. Subhash greets her. Bebe asks who is Ajooni? Ajooni moves to the front and greets her. Bebe shouts at her that you have no manners? You are not even wearing dupatta on your head. Ajooni puts dupatta on her head. Bebe gives her jewelry and says you can wear it for the wedding but don’t try to steal anything.

Rajveer’s friend brings Ajooni’s family to a room and says you can all stay here till the wedding. Ajooni says I will get ready. Ajooni gets dressed as a bride.

PRECAP – Rajveer and Ajooni are in the mandap. Ajooni says I will not exchange garlands till Rajveer apologizes to my family in front of everyone. Rajveer says she is right, I will apologize. He touches Subhash’s feet and says I am sorry to everyone. He says anything for Ajooni. Rajveer’s family is angry seeing all that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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