Ajnabee Ya Humsafar- Ragsan (three shots by Drashti/ shot 1)

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Hi everyone.. it’s drashti here. This time I’ll write three shots on Ragsan. Hope u guys will support me:)

Ragini looked out of the window of the car ,finally she is going to meet her parents after a long time of separation…She was 16 when her parents sent her to London for her higher studies…She cried and begged them to not to send her. It’s not like she hated studies, it’s just that she hated to live alone. She can’t live without her parents or her sister, but they persuaded her and blackmail her…No option left for her so she had to go for her higher studies…

Finally after 5 years, at the age of 21 she is back to meet her parents…She is happy that she going to meet her parents and her sister “Swara”…Swara is her elder sister, coming to India is not only the reason for her happiness, she have another big reason for it…Her elder sister is going to marry soon with her Boyfriend..

Ragini got over excited when she came to know about it. She can’t believe finally her sister is going to marry that to a love marriage, she thought maybe her sister will never marry in her whole life, but may be god or her bf filled some senses in her mind to get married. Ragini giggle when she recalled her little moments of fight with her sis “Ragini always loved her sis’s clothes, her make-up, her dressing style…etc and offen secretly try to apply them…but got caught…always”. But she can’t forget those moments as these were the best memories for her.
Ragini came out of the car and ran towards the main gate of her beautiful house… a very big mansion…

Ragini ran inside the hall and stopped to see the house decorated with flowers and lights. House smell like flower and looking extremely beautiful as ever before…


Ragini took a sharp breath and closed her eyes… after so many years, finally she heard the most beautiful voice, her mother Sumi’s voice. She turned around and looks at her mother who was looking back at her with same emotions and feelings. Without any thought Ragini ran towards her mother & hugged her tight. Ragini closed her eyes in satisfaction and inhale her mother fragrance and found the peace she was craving for…
Sumi patted Ragini’s hair and looked at her beautiful daughter whose eyes were filled with tears. Sumi wiped them from her eyes and kissed her forehead.

” Maa” Ragini whispered and noticed her father watching the most heart touching moment. He came towards them and hugged his second daughter. Three of them hugged each other and try to save this moment. Ragini pulled apart and said “Ok mom no rona-dhona n tell me how are you both”…” we are fine beta, but you… you look so thin, don’t you take your meal at time” Sumi asked while putting the flick of her daughter’s hair behind her ear.

“Maa plz not…ok and now tell me where is di …wah kya baat hai dulhan dekhai nahi de rahi” listening this Sumi and Skekhar’s faces turned pale. Ragini noticed the change and again asked “dad-mom where is Swara di”

“Hmmm beta wo apne kamre mai hai…but” before Sumi could say further Ragini rush to her di’s room..,

Ragini barked in and saw her di lying over her stomach doing something in her mobile.

“Hey di” Ragini shouted and jumped over her, Swara literally got a heart attack but smiled after seeing her sister back home.

“OMG Ragini I can’t believe finally you came sweetheart” saying this both sisters hugged each other tightly.

“so di plz show me jeeju pic..I didn’t even see his face plzzz” Ragini pouted, swara rolled her eyes and showed her groom’s picture.
Ragini whistled and hugged swara “wow tumhari to nikal padi, he is soo handsome di'” Ragini jumped in happiness. “Di but what is his name?” Swara smiled and answer her.. “His name is Sanskar Maheshwari”

” WAIT… isn’t he is the best IPS Officer in Delhi…who own a big reputation n heroic charm all over… specially among girls” Ragini asked swara with a shocked face,  swara nodded.
Ragini fell back on the bed and whispered “OMG di you are indeed very lucky, I m so happy for you di” Ragini hugged Swara. She can’t believe, a few week back she was having a dream to meet such an amazing personality, she always considered him as her idol.
And all of sudden she come to know, He is going to be her di’s husband. She can’t get any happiest news… than this one.

After this Ragini ate Swara’s head to tell her there love story and…Both laugh and talk to each other like there is no tomorrow.

Next day Ragini’s sleep got disturbed, when she heard someone shouting in dining area. Slowly she got up and walk toward the dining area with small and heavy steps. With each and every step voices were getting louder and clear. Ragini slowly peeped from the door to see what was happening. She was surprised to see her mother and father shouting on her sister.

 “Swara don’t you have any sense, have you gone mad…haa tumne is shaadi ko mazak samajh rakha hai kya..? kal shaadi hai aur tum keh rahi ho ke tumhe ye shaadi nahi karni” Shekhar shouted in anger. How can his daughter do this to him?
Swara rolled her eyes and spoke “dad plz…try and understand kal hi mujhe realize hua ke mai Sanskar se pyar nahi karti…dad main apni life enjoy karna chaathi hun, shaadi karke apne charo taraf ek zimmedaari ki diwaar nahi khadi karma chati…..abhi meri age hi kiya hai, I m just blo*dy 24 dad.”

Both Sumi and Shekhar were taken aback by listening such bitter words from their daughter and that too when a day is left in her wedding.
Ragini’s eyes went wide by listening her di, how she can do this…doesn’t she have any idea what will happen if the marriage stop in any case. All knew about this marriage…everything will destroy, their family, their reputation and their life, everything….if the marriage stops….

“Shona tu aise kaise keh sakti hai, enjoy to tu shaadi ke baad bhi kar sakti hai” Sumi try to make her daughter understand who stood on her spot, having no effect.

“di plz ye aap kya kar rahi hai, aap ek baar mom-dad ka nahi atleast jeeju ke bare main sochiye, hamara jo hoga so hoga, but jeeju….di apne mujhe bataya thaa na ke wo akele hai, Di apko unka saath dena chahiye…He loves you a lot…di, Don’t destroy his life. Just give a chance to this marriage and I bet it will be the best marriage in the whole world, plz give it a chance di, Don’t spoil your life di…jeeju is very good person, although I never met him but I know, I heard about him di, plz don’t break this marriage you will regret your decision” Ragini did all her effort to get her di ready for this marriage.

Swara looked at Ragini and lower her eyes. She moved out of the hall leaving Ragini and her parents being worried…

Everything was very beautiful until Ragini come to know about her di’s decision. Ragini sat in front of the mirror and was wearing her earring, mehendi ceremony was going on. Swara din’t talk to them after their conversation in morning. So they let the topic go with the flow. It was better, if the ceremony will go smoothly…

Ragini lay on her bed after the mehendi ceremony , she is still tensed about morning incident. She don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow,” What if di try to run out of the marriage” At this thought Ragini sat straight on her bed. No she can’t let her di do this. She has to take care of each and every thing tomorrow. It’s a big day for her di and Ragini won’t let her di do anything stupidity her wedding day.

Next day Ragini  woke up and took her shower. She rubbed her hair and dry them, when her eyes landed on her hands, she saw the colour of her mehendi.
It was dark, extremely dark, Ragini smiled when she recalled any random aunty’s remark on mehendi’s color last night, “She said that when your mehendi get dark in color that mean your husband will love you like anything” Ragini blushed at this though, Why is she getting such thoughts, may be because of environment, she smiled and quickly wore her bathrobe.

Ragini kept her hand on her waist and look at the opened wardrobe, and pulled the dress out of the wardrobe It was beautiful, her mom had gifted her that dress to were in her di’s wedding. She looked at the window and saw many guest has arrived and she have to get ready quickly.

When Ragini was about to enter bathroom to change, Sumi entered in her room with a suitcase in her hand. Ragini look at her mom’s pale face. She can see a thin layer of tear on her cheek. Ragini  quickly rush towards her mom and garb her arms.

“maa what happened… why are you crying”

Sumi looked at her angel and forwarded the suitcase in front of her. Ragini looked confused and asked” what is this mom?”

“wear it Ragini” Sumi said. Ragini opened the suitcase and saw a very beautiful yet very heavy red golden lehenga inside it.

“maa I already have one, then why are you giving this to me?” Ragini asked her Sumi being confused

Sumi took a breath and said “Ragini aaj tumhari shaadi hai”

Earth snatched out of her feet. Is this some kind of a joke, Ragini’s heart stop for a moment her head started to spin, How can this happen to her…just How? Wasn’t her di going to marry today, Then why are they throwing her into this marriage.
” maa you are kidding right ?” Ragini asked in hope”

Sumi shook her head and said” Ragini, Sanskar wants to marry you. He refused to marry Swara. He said if he is going to marry anyone in this house then that’s only with you but not Swara”

This was like, an another bomb exploded on her, “what the hell, Why all of a sudden the famous IPS cop wanna marry her, when he didn’t even saw her once. How is it possible.” All these question were roaming around Ragini’s head like tornado…

Tears start to form in Ragini’s eyes. Sumi  kissed her daughter’s forehead and lead her towards the mirror to make her ready for her New life…

Marriage began…and the tension inside Ragini increased like fire. She still cannot believe, She is going to get married and that too with her future jeeju. How can god do this to her…How can he just take her life’s decision…and even her parents and her di… how can they do such injustice with her…

Hope u guys enjoyed it.. please do comments:)

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