Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Main Points
Vikram is furious over the newspapers flashing his cafe news.
Shobha and family moves into their new abode right below Vikram’s
Shobha rants about Vikram to Garu, calls him sunky, khadoos, unreasonable, horrible, khoosat, which Vikram and Naani over hear.
ViBha come face to face and Vikram taunts her Shobha fails in an attempt to explain herself
Sharada Maa visits Tarun, who rants and complains about Shobha while he incites and instigates Sharada maa against Shobha.
In the meeting, Vikram scraps the current presentation and concept and challenges Shobha to come up with a new concept and new presentation tomorrow.

Detailed Update
Mom calls Tarun to come and pick them up. Garu tries to speak to mom. Tarun rudely taunts his wife that now her tigress sister will come to live at his place. Shobha comes home, Mom says they are going to Taruns as she came to know of her lie, Shobha says they are going to stay in Usha’s flat. Garu is excited, Mom doesn’t like it.

Vikram is screaming and yelling at Mahesh as his cafe news is spread all over the newspapers and now his Just cafe is turned into Lust Cafe, Nani who is working out, says Lust cafe is awesome name and the popularity is amazing. Vikram is annoyed and asks about Shobha, Mahesh informs that she took off today as she is moving to a new apartment. Vikram tells him to give her a permanent off and hangs in frustration ,
Naani is eating pastry after yoga, Vikram remarks “who eats pastrya after yoga” , Naani says your mom’s mom eats it and shows the positive outcomes of free publicity for the cafe because of his secretary. Naani further says if this secretary continues to work with him it’s his good fortune and if she leaves it would be disastrous. Vikram thinks he would welcome a disaster than tolerate Shobha and wishes that she better stay away from him.

Packers are packing stuff at Shobha’s place, Shobha is telling story to kids, She tells them how love can make a small house into a palace, Rehaan asks if slums can also be palace with love, Shobha affirms it, She shows them the keys to their wonderland and throws them up in the air.
Naani, holds the keys and tells Vikram that they should get their store room sorted and cleaned, Vikram is scanning through 10 different newspapers, Naani chides him for being obsessive and tells that the news wouldn’t change if he keeps on reading, Vikram is furious, Naani mocks him and tells him to read it 15 times and says had he been so studious as a kid, he wouldn’t be selling coffee today. Vikram throws the newspaper in annoyance.
Shobha, kids, Garu and mom walk into their new abode, except mom, rest of them are very excited to see their new home and the colorful walls. Kids keep running around and help in unpacking.
Naani is in a very clustered store room, he tells the guy to take some of the furniture and donate it, naani hears some sounds and runs out to Vikram saying there is a bhoot in store room. Vikram says may be naani saw image Vikram says someone moved into the lower flower and may be the sounds, Naani says there might be a chudail, Vikram says when you are here how can a chudail come .. Naani says haan and realizes Vikram takes her into the store room and assures her there is no bhoot and shows her something, Naani freaks out seeing her reflection in the mirror, Vikram says may be she saw this earlier Vikram explains that the sound might be from the people who into the flat below theirs.
Garu starts a topic about Shobha’s boss, who goes on and on about him being khadoos, unreasonable, sunky, horrible obsessed with coffee and hair and wants everything PERFECT.,angry wala, twisted, adiyal, khoosat and continues that if he does so much of treatment to his hair, he will be bald in no time and he will be paagal.. Naani and Vikram could hear all these and Naani asks if that girl is referring to him, Vikram too had a doubt but shrugs it Nani says it’s none but you, Vikram says it’s not him he is the rockstar and his secretary is his fan
Vikram and Naani come out to attend the door, Shobha recognizes Naani and is glad to meet her again and says they moved into the flat below theirs, Vikram who has his back towards the door recognizes her voice and turns around, Shobha asks for hammer, Naani calls her in, Shobha and Vikram come face to face and say “TUM” “Aap”
Vikram recollects her rants about him, Shobha says hello sir, Vikram retorts she call him sunky, unreasonable, horrible ..instead of sir. Shobha says that there is some confusion, Vikram says he just heard every thing she spoke, Shobha is nervous and says that it was just slip of tongue…Vikram gets back to her saying that she said all that about him… Shobha in nervous state, chides herself and breaths in and out and says “Sir you are not horrible” you are TERRIBLE …I mean ..terrific… ” she says he is terrific, Vikram retorts if he is terrific how is he sunky and khoosat.. Shobha says that sometimes he behaves so odd. Vikram again retorts that he is ODD horrible sunky , unreasonable.. Shobha says “Yes… I mean NO..” she further tries to explain.. but Vikram says they have no hammer and if he had hammer her health would have been at risk and closes the door on her face .

Shobha runs down and tells Garu about Vikram being their neighbors upstairs and how he heard everything
Vikram is getting ready and ranting over the sunky unreasonable words Shobha used for him, he decides to show his unreasonable and sunky side to her in office. Shobha’s words are following him he refrains from carrassing his hair even touching his hair ! Naani is shocked when Vikram goes out without setting his hair
Sharda Maa (Samarth’s mom’s name is Sharda) goes to Tarun’s house, she rants and complaints about Shobha while Tarun incites her against Shobha and tells her to get Shobha from being financially independent and tells her to make sure Shobha quits her job. Ajay comes and fakes respect to Sharda Mom. Once she leaves both brothers plan to trap Sharda Maa and Garu.

@Office , Shobha makes coffee for Vikram, In the meeting, Vikram asks Mahesh since how long he has known him and does he see any difference in him. Mahesh says he has known him for 16 years and nothing different. Vikram says that he feels over the last few days he is being sunky .. khoosat.. unreasonable… everyone are confused .. Vikram asks for the ad to be played, they show an angry boss and a secretary who is telling him to change his ways and let happiness come into his life with these flowers, he rudely tells her off, the secretary retorts that instead of appreciating he is telling her off (de ja vu Shobha Vikram) . Vikram is annoyed with the concept and calls it husband wife and not boss secretary and he did not like the protagonist;s way of talking to her boss .. he scraps the concept and ad. Sandeep tries to explain that this nok jhok adds the bonding while having coffee.. the concept is very good and asks him to watch fully, Vikram says it’s not nok jhok but bakwaas.
Sandeep says this ad is about real woman and we will ask the real woman’s opinion and asks Shobha about her opinion on the female protagonists attitude. Shobha says the attitude is right as she is speaking what she feels and atleast in ads she can have the liberty to speak. Vikram is annoyed and taunts Shobha that she is master of all trades and knows everything, hence Shobha should come up with concept and present the idea tomorrow at the same time. Shobha is shocked and tries to reason, Vikram compares her with the girl in the ad. and tells that he and his manager (Mahesh) didn’t like the ad, and since she thinks he is odd unreasonable and sunky, he will not be judging it but the rest of the market team will do

Precap: Shobha tells Sandeep she wouldn’t say sorry and would take the challenge and works all night on the project, In the meeting, Vikram humiliates her saying that she is yawing away in glory which is considered as an insult not just to all of them but to her work as well and says that this reason is enough for him to fire her . Shobha is shocked.

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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