Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini fails Preeti’s Plan of Breaking Her and Prem’s Alliance

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam sees Tesjaswini’s wedding card burning video and takes whole family to a room. Preeti eagerly waits outside and thinks Dharam will break alliance. Tejaswini comes out of room and angrily looks at Preeti. She reminisces Prem asking her what is this. She tells when her papa was murdered and they were alone, no relative helped them except mamaji, so she does not want any relative. Sharda tells Dharam that she already told him that nobody wants to be related to them seeing their poor condition. Dharam says they are her relatives now and asks Sarla if theya are not a single family now. Sarla nods yes. Dharam says let us restart rituals.

Preeti thinks what Didi told Dharam’s family. Dharam comes out with family and family starts celebrations. Tejaswini and Prem are applied haldi while Arjun and other dance around. Tejaswini calls Preeti and tells Prem that she is more excited than them and changed 10 dresses since morning, asks Preeti to apply haldi. Preeti applies haldi. Tejaswini tells she told her to stay away from all this, but she did not. Preeti determines to not let this wedding happen.

Dharam’s family sits in living room sipping tea. Priyal and Sunaina says Tejaswini should not have burnt wedding cards. Anand asks who must have sent that video. Dharam says there are a lot of jealous people around. Sarla says whatever it is, Tejaswini did abshagun and she is worried. Dharam tries to calm her.

Sharda tells Tejaswini that she did a daring act which no one would do, she is proud of her. Tejaswini says she loves her and pappa a lot. Sharda asks her to have milk and sleep as she has to wake up early. Tejaswini drinks milk and sleeps. Prem comes via window, sits next to her and wiggles his finges in her hair. She wakes up and says he frightened her, she was dreaming. He says he will turn her dreams into reality. He gets romantic. She asks him to go. He says he will die if he does not see her for 2 days. She asks if he will love her like this forever. He says forever. She pushes him out while he says he will go in the morning.

Next morning, pandit does pooja and tells Sharda this pooja is good for Tejaswini. Preeti brings garland and asks pandit if he needs anything else. He says girl’s father’s photo. Sharda says if there is no other way. Pandit says photo is essential. Tejaswini comes and asks if Prem’s family is coming at 6 p.m. Sharda says yes and asks to keep papa’s photo in cupboard and lock it. Preeti thinks why aunt is hiding uncle’s photo, something is wrong.

Precap: During ceremony, Preeti gives papa’s photo frame to Tejaswini and says she will like it. Prem says let me see what saali brought. Tejaswini opens cover and is shocked seeing photo.

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  1. Teja is too smart for Preeti but still it is not a convincing explanation,,,,,,I don’t know how it was accepted by Dharamsingh,it is very odd to burn marriage invitation cards even if you don’t intend to invite friends and relatives,.Naz,we keep the left over wedding cards also for years as discarding them is considered inauspicious,I think Teja could come out of that ockward situation just because Dharamsingh is too fond of Teja not to get convinced of her explanation..But Prem’s mother and chachis have felt very bad and can understand why… excuse is good enough to do that.
    Naz ,,many of our friends are of the opinion that Prem is also pretending and playing another game to counter Teja but do you think that he is really a fake ….in this episode when Prem comes into Teja’s room at night to gift a beautiful Payal and gets romantic with her,there is this unquestionable adoring look in his eyes,…..can this be fake?
    And he always dreams of his father being attacked by a hazy figure ……can this hazy figure be Teja ,because no one else has such a strong reason to kill Dharamsingh ,and Prem might be getting these premonitions as he loves and adores his father.Naz,in the beginning there was a strong resenpmblance between this storyline and ETRETR ,but now it starts resembling KLKAH ,everyone seems to have some motive or secret,Teja ,Preeti Arjun who is dormant now ,Dharamsingh and Prem.As of now everyone seems to have a motive to be a suspect,,Let us see what the writers have in store for us.

    1. Yesterday’s last comment from Monica was short but accurate, she summed it up nicely according to the theme of the serial.. There’s passion on both sides of the fence from Prem and Teja concerning their adoration of their fathers but while Prem reformed himself through love, Teja is undoing herself through revenge and that’s a dangerous cocktail. Honestly… I think Prem’s love is genuine, he can’t fake this emotion so splendidly, I see it in his eyes, he’s a damn good newbie…i could swear that he really loves his co star..and if he’s indeed faking it, well…hes a damn good newbie anyway!! You are right about this serial having parallels with KLKAH… Teja is copying Abhimanyu as protagonist but villain as well and where Geetu was adoring of Abhimanyu, Prem is likewise…and now we don’t know whether we can trust Preeti or Arjun these days, I haven’t written off Arjun as yet, he will rear his ugly head one day just like Kavya… Lakshmi, I also don’t understand how such a petty excuse for burning those wedding cards, was so swiftly swept under the carpet by Dharam Singh.. He didn’t earn the title Don by being so soft and accommodating……something is a bit off here!! How was this excuse so readily accepted by him?? I want to really believe Prem’s affection is for real and like many of our friends think that he’s faking it…i hope this isn’t so!! I just want to reiterate an earlier point I had made, how morbid of Sharda to keep blood soaked shirt of her husband for so many years as a memento!! ….and to pass the revenge torch to her daughter, is so revolting. Sharda needs to teach her daughter the value of love, how to build relationships, teach her to forget and forgive, to learn the art of compromise and sacrifice and leave the rest to destiny….which always gives us moments to reflect on what we’ve passed through and where we’d prefer to end up as our place of solace..instead she’s giving her daughter her blessings to make a mess of her life… I really hope that Dharam Singh has not a clue to Teja’s deceit…she’d have to pay dearly for that.. Seriously though…. I want to see a ? passionate love between these two… I’m dreaming of such… I’m so tired of too much boring stuff. You remember how Abhimanyu used to look at Geetu??? Oohhhh….. So much love, even when he was playing villain!! BTW… That song from Woh Kaun Thi….gave new meaning to me and I cry when I hear it as well as the one from VeerZaara in the courtroom!!! You know…..gone but never forgotten!!! Chat soon….

  2. Line 5. ,,,,,awkward …….sorry for ty.po error

  3. To Naz and Lakshmi, I am the same viewer from ETRETR forum. So nice to meet the both of you here. After hearing Teja’s plan against Prem and his family, I really wanted Prem to be aware of her plans and play the game with her. So if the rumours are true then I’ll be happy. I think he feels betrayed and is making her feel that she is accomplishing her goals only to smash them at the last minute i do believe Teja loves him she’s just caught in the middle between her mother and Prem and his family. As for her father, i also believe he was a crooked officer, as for her mother, which mother would deliberately encourage her daughter to court danger. I’m also hoping that Arjun is not helping her. Only time will tell, as for me i can’t wait to see her expression when she finds out Prem knew all along. Both of them are two sides of the same coin, by the way, Naz, Happy Independence.

  4. Ohhh, hi Topaz!! I’m happy that it’s you and happy that you’ve joined Lakshmi and I here as well. WELCOME!!! I’ve also believed very early on that Teja’s father wasn’t too clean, let’s wait and see what writers give us, you know their unpredictability!! So please stay on with us here, this is a relatively new-ish serial so we can all have a healthy discussion here like we did on ETRETR… Happy Independence Day to you as well.. I know it’s late to say so but you understand the sentiment. …

  5. I think Prem know about all this & he will either take revenge from Tejaswini after marriage or will make her realise that she is wrong by giving his love

  6. U r right prem knows all the planning of tejaswini & he himself playing game with her .I also think so tejaswini’s father was a crook & so dharamsingh killed him.As shown in d earlier episode Dharamsingh was a don how he doesn’t know about tejaswini’s background.Don’t know whether prem also playing game with teju or not but right now m feeling pity for him

  7. Hello Topaz, I am very happy that you have joined Naz and I on this forum.What I like about this storyline is that it is a bit different from all those routine steriotypic Saas bahu serials,Ofcourse ,going by the title, Aise dewangi ,we expected it to be another ETRETR ,a romantic story right from the beginning to the ,end,but no,here Teja is being portrayed as a very strong willed girl who,if necessary ,can go to the extent of taking on a dreaded don and sacrifice her love also.As of now there is lot of confusion about who loves whom or no one loves no one …..personally I don’t believe in these revenge games ,that too a mother waiting for almost 20 years :infact she herself should have gone ahead and taken revenge when her husband was shot dead,leaving Teja out of this muck……Mamaji would have taken care of the child ….. The way she has preserved her dead husband’s blood soaked uniform…It looks as if she has been waiting for Teja to grow up and take revenge.And what sort of revenge is this,backstabbing an innocent guy?Well!let us see whether Prem is really innocent or not.Hope you had a happy Independence Day ,Sorry I missed it.

  8. Would love to see Prem is also having some plan for teja otherwise it would be very painful for prem and Moreover there are no promo or nothing update for wedding day.really doubt the marriage will happen or not and if prem knows truth how far he knows.i love the storyline of this serial.but teja is doing really bad with prem it will be only justified only prem is up to some other more thing what kind of relation teja trying to keep with prem after marriage?She is romancing with prem but if she is not in love how she is doing all this?She have shown as a very strong character from the beginning but now her character is changed.

  9. Hi , its clear now that prem is also playing game….if u have watched yesterday’s episode carefully then when he came to meet teja and teja said is it reality or dream then the way by which prem responded by saying that why u need to dream ? I’ll turn ur every dream into reality……itself showed what was going in his mind……it looked as if he was just waiting for d marriage day ….now let’s see he’ll leave teja in mandap or marry her to take revenge……we’ll also come to know that whether he ever loved teja or from d beginning only he was also playing game…..I think it has something to do wid his dream……I think he might have seen teja killing his father…..let’s wait nd watch..

  10. Happy Independence day Naz ,I know I am late in wishing you as I was not aware that Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence Day falls on 31st August and it was on this day in 1962 that your country got independence from the British. I have forgotten that like India Trinidad and Tobago had to struggle hard to get freedom from the British.I have seen on the net that you celebrate this memorable occasion in the same way as we do. I am sorry for the belated wishes my friend.

    1. Thanks so much for the greeting Lakshmi?…yes, we too got our independence from the British who were out last colonial rulers, prior to that ,there were the Dutch, French and Spanish who fought and conquered one behind the other, our twin island state but the British was the last till we gained independence. We still have so many ties to Britain ,our education system, our parliament and ties to the Privy Council as the last court of appeal are still the remnants of the British influence. It was the British who brought the Indians from India to work here and we are the descendants…. Lakshmi, if what our friends are saying is true, then Prem and Teja are in for turbulent times ahead and there should be high octane drama coming soon. Truth… I would really enjoy seeing Teja’s facial expressions if Prem turn the tables on her… She’d look for it. She is playing with fire, she should know that Prem is a wildly passionate, aggressive and intense man ????… I’m waiting,..just like you.

  11. Friends, I have to admit that I find it thrilling that Prem should turn the tables on Teja, this would be awesome…seeing her head spin 180 degrees!!! Also, just to show Sharda that she’s lived her married life with so much hatred and it got her nothing… Lakshmi, I really laughed so loudly when you said that Sharda could have taken her revenge long time back because in my mind’s eye I was remembering the serial Begusarai where the matriarch of the family, packing a loaded rifle in defense of herself,let loose some bullets on the enemies. I wish I could handle a rifle like that… ???

  12. I think that Prem loves Teja, but, if he did indeed overhear her saying that she does not love him but is using him for revenge then that’s when the tables turned. I hope that the man who is intent on ruining the wedding does not force Prem at gunpoint to marry someone else especially Preeti that would be yucky. It would be better for Prem to walk out on Teja on the mandap, that i would watch. The writers are so unpredictable that who knows what will happen, i think something unexpected because they are already at marriage and the show hasn’t reached 100 episodes as yet. I would also watch if he marries her and then reveals that he knew all along what she was planning. I just hope it’s not Preeti and Prem and Teja and Arjun who will be paired, i just don’t like Preeti. This is all speculation on my part, who knows where the show is headed but i really hope that they don’t follow ETRETR 2 which started up great but was so badly spoilt by the writers that it left me so disappointed that I wasn’t sure i wanted to watch another show.

  13. Just watched today’s episode.dont think that prem have any idea about tejaswini’s revenge plan.really feeling pity for prem.thet are portraying tejaswini’s character in such a bad way.its not a justice for her father’s death playing with someone’s emotion.what is the fault of prem’s mother in this even?They have shown tejaswini as a straightforward smart girl who always stands for truth.i don’t have any problem with revenge but the wat is too bad.only it will suit if cv’s shows that prem also playing game with teja ,the story will be justified then only.would love to see Prem changing the game.tejaswini becoming so evil in this revenge,cv’s are spoiling her character.the table should turn.waiting to see Teja’s reaction when she learns that she is trapped.dont want to see prem’s character as a crying child.hope cv’s change the game by prem.cant take this tejaswini anymore.

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