Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dharam Accepts Rajvir As His Son In Front of Reporters

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem beats Rajvir’s goons and escapes from them, thinks he has to reach home soon as pappa needs him. At home, Anand points gun at Rajvir and warns not to move. Preeti calls Mandira and asks what to do now. Mandira asks her to use her dirty brain. Preeti walks holding water glass and pushes Anand, dropping his gun. Rajvir picks gun and warns family to back off. Preeti acts that she is very bad, goes aside smirking and shows live video to Mandira.

Outside house, reporters surround Tejaswini and asks her why Dharam called them. Tejaswini says Dharam wants to talk about their new hospital project. Rajvir orders Dharam to go out and accept him as his son. Dharam walks out and tells Rajvir is his son and his blood. Prem reaches and hugging Dharam asks him not to say anything, he is his son and nobody else. He dismisses reporters.

Dharam walks in. Rajvir asks him if he accepted that he is his son and asks to accept Suman as his wife and gives her Sarla’s place. Sarla says only she is Dharam’s wife. Dharam says she is feeling guilty for betraying Suman and had hidden his feeling till now. Suman wakes up and seeing Dharam runs towards him holding knife to kill him. Dharam escapes and she thrusts knife into electric plug and gets electrocuted. She collapses. Rajvir rushes to her. She wakes up and identifies Rajvir and says she is fine now. She asks what is she doing in her enemy Dharam’s house. Tejsawini tries to speak to her and says whatever happened was wrong and she should forget Dharam.
Suman says she will destroy whole Dharam’s family. Rajvir says same and they both leave. Sarla walks to her room. Tejaswini and Prem asks Dharam not to worry, whole family is with, but everyone walk away. Drama cotninues….

Preacap: Tejaswini thinks she is sure Rajvir will do something, she sees Preeti hearing her conversation and thinks she will go and inform Rajvir. Rajvir

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Well, that was 22 minutes i won’t get back.


    Just 4 episodes too go… And i know that these 4 episodes are just going to be hush hush only… For start almost 2.5 days or 3 days they will show teju and her family helpless and try to win by truth, and on 4th day they will win in last 15-18 min and in last 5 min they will show happy ending…
    Show deserved better ending.. like end rajvir and his mother thing in next 2 days and 3rd day end preeti and bua drama and on 4th day they show good ending….

  3. Gotta love you Cathy, so true, one would have thought that with only a few episodes to go that we would see something interesting and a lot more of Prem and Teja together but no the writers still have to constantly disappoint till the end.

  4. Does anyone have any idea what’s happening with the Desitvflix site, all videos have been removed.

    1. Oh gosh….now I know why I’ve been not able to download the last episode of Ap ke aa jaane se…..I thought I’d look like I’m whining s bit so I didn’t want to ask anyone… thanks for clarifying that for me Topaz…

    2. As I deciphered writers crappy thought process yesterday of concentrating on villains and ignoring Prejaswini till the end, they continue to be dedicatedly true to their disgusting mentality. Actually, they need their last few days payments too, which incidentally will have to come from the producers, so how can they displease the makers ego by focusing of the leads who are now their arch rivals because they displayed the courage of making an issue of their mistreatment and malpractice of the production house. The disrespect and cornering of Prejaswini is actually a reaction of Pranav Jyoti’s action of putting up their papers, which , incidentally, I support wholeheartedly. But I am afraid this lovely couple will face a lot of turbulence in their careers, due to the herd mentality of the industry, and it may be a long time before they come back in any show. This is so unfortunate because they both are powerhouse performers and so talented. My best to both of them so that they tide through this rough patch smoothly and come back to us with really exciting at the soonest

    3. With all streaming sites some are more stable then others, hopefully it will be back up running soon.

    4. Topaz!! Desiflix is up and running again.

  5. The speed this serial is moving in, like it’s not gonna stop,!! Instead of slowing down and showing us the lack thereof of some promised dewangee, we have to put up with this crap!!! I’m so unhappy for the lack of emphasis placed on the main two characters, whose love story was marketed as a love story like never before, that I’m mercifully thankful that this is that I’m happy they would both move on to better projects in telly or their lives… for what’s happening now, I don’t care what writers do anymore. Somehow I believe that they get a kick writing controversy, because by doing so, lots of comments pour in and that’s what the writers thrive on…… Nothing much to comment on…

    1. naz i so agree with you…these writers they dont care about their viewers..and how their crappy and demented writing affects us…we can see that they are focus on continuing with their villians for the rest of the remaining episdoes and prejaswin getting probably 5 mins of happiness and nauseating preeti getting all the air time…
      hoping to see pranav and jyoti in a new hopefully better series hopefully the same series

  6. OMG Topaz you made my heart drop into my big toe, especially since i was still at work and realised it was true. However I am home now and all is right with the world once more as the video are back. I was really hoping for a big blow out today and then the show winding down to a nice finish with all the family resolving their issues not to mention some much needed time for Prem and Teja. But alas why the these spiteful writers are insisting on spoiling it right to the very end.

  7. hi topaz and naz i was having that same problem with desiflix today..its working now

  8. Thanks for the info Cathy and Seema, you’re welcome Naz and so sorry Allybrew I felt the same way as you I nearly freaked out when I couldn’t see any of the episodes on the site.

  9. Yep….my friends, it’s back up and running. Seema, thanks so much for your help, without you, I’d never know how I’d manage to catch up on my serials, with zeetv Caribbean terrible TV schedule.

    1. naz my friend you are so welcome

  10. The final episodes are so horrible that they look like clips from cheap B grade Bollywood movies.We should be thankful to the writers for ensuring that the viewers don’t miss anyone from this story,Every character,be it protagonist or antagonist ,they look pathetic and lost their dignity and credibility.And I particularly feel bad for the actor who played Dharamsingh,he certainly doesn’t deserve this fall from grace.Really no serial has ever ended on a such a disgraceful note.

    1. So true, when you consider the fact that DSR was killed off then they brought him back in because of the viewers displeasure of writing off a good character, I feel most badly for him.

  11. Few questions to the writers :-
    1) How old is Rajvir, he twice said his mother was wronged by DSR before 25 yrs , so is he younger to Prem ??? Because Prem’s age is given as 27 years in the show, just reminding in case the writers have forgotten that
    2) When exactly did Suman gone mad….
    3) Why Rajvir has been waiting all these years for taking revenge….may be one fine day it dawned on him that he is growing old and now is the time to avenge DSR ?
    4) Is Rajvirs obsession towards Tejaswini totally fake, then what was the purpose of that drama ?
    5) Why DSR the DON ‘s house and family never have any guards, associates, security guys or even support of police, army or law of the country ??? Why Tejaswini always has to do everything singlehandedly, to protect Rathore family ?
    6 ) When is Preeti and Mandira going to be caught and punished for the punishment we are bearing in their hands all these months ?
    7) when did Prejaswini anniversary happen and how ? Because Prem mentioned it while giving the ref bangles to Tejaswini
    8 ) Many more…..

  12. Arushi… I’m thinking of your observation that the entire team of ADDNK is acting on spiteful behavior towards Pranav and Joythi because they chose to bring to the forth, the mistreatment of themselves and who knows, there are others I’m sure going through the same thing but don’t have the guts to complain….so it sounds so logical that they are giving them minimal screen space to humiliate them, it sends a message to me that they don’t care about their viewership but more on sensationalism, that’s why Preeti gets so much importance. You know the saying that no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors in a home? This is precisely what is happening here with our beautiful couple. I could just imagine how much they dread going to work there and who knows, they probably see sourpuss faces there too… I give full respect to pranav and joythi for speaking out, I always believe in standing up for what is right and it feathers were ruffled, so be it. No worker out to be worked so hard, it’s because of workers, employers have businesses to run.. My affection goes out to both of them, though they may never read our comments, I’m still saying it, I wish them both success in their future endeavors..

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